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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I actually have a 8 frogspawn, Jedi mind trick, about a 20 head gorilla nipple Zoas, 16 head rastas, 12 head trumpet, and a 7 head Duncan, stylophora, rastas, montipora digitata and a birdsnest. It adds up to be like 13 corals in the tank and nothing started with more than 2 heads except the zoanthids. I just bought a magnesium test kit and it was down to 1080, I have gotten it up to 1120 and I am dosing a little magnesium daily. I do do a 15-20% water change weekly, however I have been using an api test kit and changing over to salifert kits and I have had a couple of
  2. Was in Adrian earlier this week, it is definitely closed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hello I live in Temperance MI so so do have a little trouble belonging to anything with buckeye in it but I will try and move beyond that! I have a 20 gallon IM nuvo that has been set up for almost 2 years and I had a 10 gallon before that few a few. I have an AI prime light and I use the desktop IM ghost skimmer the IM reactor and recently I put in the chaetomax refugium light. I have some corals in the tank that are doing ok. I am currently trying to figure out if I need to start dosing 2 part. Hopefully I will figure it out in the next few days. I only have inverts in the tank my last fish
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