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  1. That would work. Now to get it from you too me.
  2. Looking for a small frag to work with please and thank you.
  3. Is it possible to do this next weekend? I have a lot going on this weekend.
  4. I’m using a file called Chesapeake.zip and it’s high point doesn’t even go past 30w. Current corals are gsp, mixed zoa’s, Ricardia’s and regular shrooms, sinularia , and some chalice coral. All are doing very well. I try to not have to bright of light for now as I think these lights really feed algae well in this small tank.
  5. I have one slightly longer than the other. You may need to cut and adjust till you get the level you want. Also, cut the ends going into the water at and angle.
  6. So I found myself a ATO that’s works through gravity. I’ve wanted one since I set the tank up I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet until now. This little thing popped up on Amazon so I decided to try it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07RSQB1H9?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title for a small tank like mine this should work well. Can’t say I would use it on anything larger though.
  7. Ok. goto file on the facebook page. Then click on a file you want. Click on view file then you will see three dots in the top right corner. Click on that then pick open in browser. You should see an “Open in Myai”
  8. It’s hard to explain. Let me see if I can get the steps down again.
  9. Awesome choice. Are you on Facebook? There’s a group dedicated to these lights with lots of files to try.
  10. I’ve shopped The Coral Reef ever since they started in the one room building on Sylvania ave. That was 20+ years ago almost. Fish selection has always been one of the best in town. Coral selection has always leaned towards the basics of the hobby. Trilby Tropicals on Monroe has a saltwater side but it’s poorly maintained and I would not spend money on livestock there. I have bought dry goods though from them in a pinch with good results. Ive bought 2 fish from Aquarium Masterminds one jumped out of the tank and died overnight. The other just went belly up. Still cannot figure that one out. It was normal all day then died the next. I’ve also bought a couple corals off of them and they are thriving very well. The shop on Alexis in Sylvania is a dirty place. Prices seemed higher than most. Though if your looking for live rock rubble that’s the place to buy from. I’m ordering more online these days and looking here to see who has what for sale/trade. I do miss Cquarium. Hands down the best lfs this town ever had. Adam the owner had the best/most exotic corals and fish long before anyone else around here. It’s a shame he shut it down.
  11. How’s the Pocillopora doing under the stock lights? I’ve been thinking about getting a at of cats paw or birds nest to set under my Prime HD.
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