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  1. Can you get a pic or two of the white walkers and the x men zoas?
  2. Are you about an 1 1/2 from Toledo? Do you travel a certain distance to meet someone if they buy from you?
  3. Sorry, I didn’t get on yesterday to ask the mods to close this thread. The piece has been taken already. I do however have a frag plug that’s being taken over by my gsp I have still. Your more than welcome to it when it’s ready.
  4. Offering this piece if someone wants it. I have another and both are too much for my 13g. They are both touching but the top piece is up for grabs. It’s a nice show piece for sure.
  5. I think I can beat you at being the worst.
  6. Here’s a shot of the water levels in both the tank and the return chamber. The water line in the tank is about an inch from the top. That’s fine with me. The chamber side is actually a little low as I try to keep it level with the diffuser sticker on the tank. If that makes sense? The new pump certainly pushes a lot more water. I have it running full and like the current I get now. The 1.0 you got is probably overkill, have you tried turning the flow rate down? Ohh, the media baskets are great. A bit pricy probably but would recommend them.
  7. So I came to realize that the stock pump is weak at best. To Amazon I went and these came in today. The Hydor is the nano version and works quite nice and is quiet. The Syncra return pump is heads above the stock pump. Glad I ordered the smallest one and not the 1.0. There’s plenty of water movement now without the Hydor. Probably the best upgrade I could have done so far. Besides the lights. A quick vid to show just how good the return pump’s current is. This is the return only. The Hydor is turned off.
  8. Hydrometer with the arm. Refractometers were quite expensive back in the day. Now they are cheap. I might get one someday.
  9. Quick shoutout to Buk for the 2 beautiful pieces of gsp. Fully open and swaying ever so gently I the current.
  10. JeffInOhio

    Help with an ID

    Bought this mushroom frag at the expo and it now seems to have a hitchhiking coral that’s starting to grow as well. Can’t say I know what it is. Anyone out there have a clue?
  11. Your near me. You don’t have any gsp I suppose?
  12. I never tried just one diet alone. I always fed my clowns a variety of frozen and flake food. You can try feeding some nori to them as well. It can get a bit messy though.
  13. Added a Black and White clown today. Picked him up at Aquarium Masterminds. Looks healthy and already a fan favorite here at the house.
  14. Wanted a torch but couldn’t find one that I liked enough.
  15. Now that it’s over what did everyone buy? I myself bought 5 frags of zoas and a shroom. Bought a few dry goods as well. Didn’t get into the raffles sadly. But I couldn’t stay till the end.
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