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  1. Thanks! Getting close to time to start thinning it out a bit and move most of the nems to another tank.
  2. +1 to the Jebao DC pumps. Low cost and no issues to date!
  3. A lot of trial and error but it can be done. I’ve got a ton of mixed corals in my 75 that have all grown together over the years, lps, sps, softies and even anemones.
  4. If I’m out your way any time soon I’ll let you know but I’ve got a lot going on on the weekends for a little while.
  5. I have a bunch that need a new home! I’m in fostoria so the drive is longer though.
  6. I have some pulsing Xenia’s that need trimmed back a bit to keep them in check if anybody would be interested. Asking about $10 for a nice sized piece and open to trades as well.
  7. Rainbow and green bubble tips.
  8. Now I’m tempted to get one of the pink tip torches as well, running out of room!
  9. Picked up a few heads of frogspawn and highlighter torch corals from xboxxyx and not only were they healthy large frags, they had some awesome color! Has some other really nice euphyllia corals as well. If interested in adding any definitely take a look at what he’s got, you won’t be disappointed!
  10. Tools and woodworking isn’t much of an issue for me, more or less comes down to time. My projects always seem to take much longer than they need to. Lol. I think I want to take it slow with this tank though, plan things out a little better than acting on impulse....easier said than done though.
  11. Thanks, I’ll take a look. They don’t look too hard to build. Before xmas a few fish stores had some used stands for $100-200, which would be hard to pass up if I see again. As for the tank I think I have a reef ready 220 I can get but I’ve been keeping my eye on yours in case that falls through.
  12. Thinking of upgrading at tax time if everything works out and was interested in seeing if anyone had a 6 foot stand to fit either a 180-220 gallon tank that they were willing to part with. Was going to build one but thought I’d check here first and save a little time.
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