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  1. I’d love to find one to add to my tank.
  2. I need to get some pics with just the actinics. They really seem to glow.
  3. I like the sound of that! Lol
  4. I think that may be a strawberry anemone. I have a few that look like that that expand more at night and glow a little in blue lighting. Actually fed one a mysis one night by flashlight and it took the whole thing!

    Indian Sea Star

    Had a marbled one that I had to get for my son but it slowly melted away after a few months.. RIP Patrick Star! Lol
  6. Some combo here too with a few trochus into the mix. Nice variety and do a good job. Have hundreds of colonista snails that come out at night too that are supposed to get into the hard to reach spots because of their small size.

    Emerald Crab

    Mine always seem to disappear on me over time but I keep adding them back anyway. Lol
  8. That’s a lot of fish! Lol. Must have a nice large tank.
  9. I had one once that I carefully pulled at from the base until a small piece peeled up. I used a razor blade to cut it along its base where it peeled up a bit. Did an iodine dip after to disinfect and used fishing string to tie it to another rock. Healed up pretty good after a few weeks.
  10. My Duncan’s eat some pretty large things but I’m sure I would have been in awe to see that too. The more they eat the more heads start to grow. Mine was about the same size as yours about a year ago and this is it now.
  11. $85 for a yellow Fiji leather. Never fully opened for over a year and thought it was a waste of money until I upgraded my lights and upped the flow and the thing opened up to the size of a basketball. Lol.
  12. I too got one from the expo that did well for a few weeks and RTN’d almost over night. I might give it another go again though in the future.

    Pink Lava Coal

    Had a green and purple fungia coral that I loved but it didn’t compare to that red! That might be worth clearing some real estate in the sand for!!!

    Elegance Coral

    I got one a few years ago that I loved and did great for a while but brown jelly claimed it too quickly for me to save it. Maybe someday I’ll give it another go but from what I’ve heard they like more nutrient rich tank and I run an ULN. Never know what you’ll come across though in this hobby.

    fish quarentine

    I have gotten lucky so far and I’m sure my luck will run out but I haven’t QT’d anything for a long time. The only issue I’ve had was ich on my yellow tang when I got it and after a few weeks of dosing garlic Xtreme into the tank to boost its immune system it want away. Only fish illness I’ve noticed in 3 years.
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