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  1. That’s my thought exactly. Lol. If they do get eaten the eels better enjoy them and I’ll take it as lesson learned. They have wiped out most of my coraline and between them and my 2 urchins my glass and liverock have never been cleaner. I do miss having the purple on my rocks though.
  2. I have noticed Asterina Starfish in my tank from early on but am to the point now where there are thousands of them and I’m ready to try and manage them. I should have been a little more proactive when I first started seeing them but they never seemed to bother anything so I left them. There are way too many to manually remove so I’d like to get a pair of harlequin shrimp to take care of them, plus think they are awesome to watch and look amazing in a reef tank. Only problem is is that I have a large and a very small zebra eel in the tank. To date I have never seen either mess with my fire shrimp which is the only shrimp on the tank but my emerald crabs have all disappeared. What are people opinions, bite the bullet and risk getting them and hope they’ll be safe or remove the eels temporarily...if I can, and try ridding the tank of all Asterinas?
  3. My clowns enjoying their blue long tantacle anemone!

    Yellow Coris Wrasse

    I think I read somewhere other than liveaquaria that it gets along with other wrasse as long as they are peaceful. Each fish is different though so all you can do is hope for the best. I have a leopard now that I hope it will get along with when I get one.

    Yellow Coris Wrasse

    Next fish on my list, have a ton of Pyramidellid snails that are starting to irritate my corals and so far seems to be able to go with everything in my tank. Coco work may be in danger but other than that I think my tank will benefit.
  6. Have to wait and see. The water here is horrible so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the cause.
  7. So I just replaced the batteries for my tds meter on my ro/di and it was reading 7. I’m sure this is the reason for my recent dust algae outbreak on the glass and rocks but might this also be harmful to the montis? Everything else seems to be ok, tank just looks a little dirty. I have new resin on the way and should be here by mid next week. Gonna hold off on my water change till I can get some new fresh ro water made. Only high tds going in will be for my top off, hopefully all will bounce back. Tanks been up for three years and this is a first for sps issues, then again, sps is a new adventure for me and I’ve heard some horror stories that make my problem look like nothing. Lol
  8. Going to check my parameters tonight and see what they are after allowing them to naturally drop with the doser off the last 48 hrs. My phosphates were at .06 and nitrates were still in the 2-4 range so I’m hoping lowering the alkalinity a little bit and adjusting my doser to keep it in the low 8 range will help things color back up before it dies completely. The rest of my montis look off but haven’t gotten any worse, just seems to be the reverse Superman for now, hoping a water change this weekend and an adjusted alk will allow things to get back to par. Still no signs of nudis after looking with a light during lights out so that’s a plus. I know how hard they are to get rid of so not having to deal with that allows me to breathe a little easier.
  9. Don’t mind the hermit crab. LolAt the moment this is the one that’s got me most concerned, the others aren’t nearly as bad yet. Used to be a nice red with blue polyps.
  10. I will try to when I get home. The last few pics I’ve tried to post have showed error messages.
  11. I forgot to mention that I did raise my alkalinity from 7.8 to 9 but have done this over a two week span. I don’t think that’s considered a fast increase but have stopped 2 part dosing for the last 24 hours and let it drop a little naturally to the low 8 range. I’m hoping this could be the cause but never had any issue with anything like this before. I know that lower alk is recommended for lower nutrient tanks so gonna give it a try and see how things do.
  12. The lighting hasn’t changed other than about 5% lower on the whites. Thought a little drop might help with stress and acclimation after getting so many frags from the swap. I have 3 current USA wavemakers all at about 70% on different flow modes and everything seems happy. I have about 25 or so new frags, 15 of which are sps and they are all doing great, only the montis I’ve had long term seem to be affected. Have 2 confusa frags that seem to be ok though. The red went from a deep red to a light pink in about 3-4 days on my red cap and reverse superman and my Jedi mind trick went from nice green and purple to a very light green. There is very little polyp extension as well. From what I’ve read, nudis affect the Monti in patches, my entire colony is doing this which makes me think it may not be nudis, plus I can’t find any. All are encrusted on large rocks cemented together with other coral attached so removing for a dip isn’t possible.
  13. Over the last few days I have noticed all different types of my Montipora turning pale and starting to bleach. No change in my water parameters and not sure what it could be. Lighting has not changed and no parameter swings. Calcium is a little high at 460 alkalinity is at 9 magnesium is about 1280 lighting is 2 16 inch SB reef lights, blues 100% and whites at about 50-60% have never had any issue with phosphates or nitrates, but going to test tonight to see if something is off. Nitrates were 2 and phosphates were about .05 as of last week when I tested. I’ve considered it could be nudis, but I’ve looked during lights out and have yet to see anything. Only thing I’ve added over the the last few weeks that’s new is a little acropower each day, but well below the suggested amount. Hoping maybe somebody has any ideas...
  14. I believe the only difference is the overall spectrum. SB uses more “true” uv then some of the other brands and focuses its overall spectrum on growing coral. I switched from t5s and my Coral’s color has never been better and they are thriving. I use 2 of the basics over a 4 foot 75 gallon. If you have any issues with shadowing you can open them up and pull the lenses off the edges to help blend the light making it more even, they just snap off and on. If you have any questions they have a nice website and their owner can answer any questions you might have as well.
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