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  1. A pic from amazon to show what it is. Was used for 6 months and is in great shape. Has 4 ATI bulbs in it, 6 months old and the original 4 wave point bulbs that came with it never been used. Also added one diamond white and one actinic blue Current USA strip on each side able to be dimmed as a little extra color and par. Asking $175 for wave point fixture and spare bulbs or $225 for fixture, bulbs, and both LED strips. Also open to trades. Located in fostoria.
  2. No, have a lot of rock in my tank and plenty of cavernous places for an eel. Always wanted a zebra eel in my reef from the beginning. Taking all rock and corals out hopefully tomorrow to re-scape with much less rock and clutter. The big eel might feel a little exposed for a while but should be fine until I find him a bigger home.
  3. I miss my open top too but have gotten used to the mesh top, extra guard for my wrasse as well.
  4. He won’t touch shrimp for whatever reason but crabs never last more than 24 hrs. Have a fire shrimp that rides around on his head cleaning his mouth. I know your pain, added the wrong type of pistol shrimp and it disappears on me any time I attempt to catch it. Re-scaping my tank soon so gonna get him then.
  5. Still available if anyone is interested.
  6. It’s crossed my mind but end of this month and most of next month my weekends are pretty booked.
  7. I have a carbon reactor that I change out 2 cups of carbon usually bi-weekly. I think the leather was fine the last few years until reached its current size. Measured it today at 12 inches across and in a 4 foot tank it simply needs more room. Almost fragged off some of it but couldn’t bring myself to risk killing it. Heard the yellow leathers had a poorer success rate after fragging. I’m interested to see what happens to my sps once the leather is gone and I can open up more flow.
  8. Roughly 4x6 inches and grows fast. Willing to frag or sell whole if anyone is interested. $50 for the whole thing, $10 for nice size frag. There is a little bit of a dead spot in the center, due to it being shaded but hasn’t effected the colony as a whole.
  9. Looking to preferably trade for sps or maybe a gyre pump or nice powerhead. I’d also be willing to take cash if interested. It’s easily 12+ inches across. Awesome piece but wanting to go a different direction. Located in fostoria OH.
  10. My biggest fear is that the rocks will break apart while being drilled. I’ve read mixed reviews about drilling the rock wet so all I can do is try and see. It’s caribsea real reef rock so that may make a big difference too.
  11. Doing it in sections may make it safer in the long run and I’ll have to see what rocks I can pull to make the scape I’m looking for. I have 80-100lbs of live rock that are all sizes and shapes with random encrusted corals sponges and coralline so I’m going to do my best to keep them submerged or wet at all times. I expect some corals to have some die off and as long as it’s not the majority of them I am prepared. Everything is starting to grow too close and looks like a clustered mess so a happy scape minus a few coral will count as a win to me.
  12. Due to a list of reasons I have decided to try and re-aquascape my 75 gallon mixed reef sometime in the near future. 1. I’ve been wanting to go more toward an sps dominant reed and have been having a lot of issues with them just not growing so well and periods where their flesh seems to just peel off the tips. There haven’t been any changes to my water parameters and all is where I’ve wanted them. I have noticed a trend though that involves a large yellow Fiji leather. Only the sps within about a foot of it seem to be effected and even more so when it’s fully inflated with all polyps out. I now believe allelopathy to be the culprit. The leather I will soon post on livestock sales in case anyone may be interested. 2. Too much rock, just a large, cluttered pile. Beginning to get detritus build up in hard to reach areas and hair algae beginning to pop up. 3. Want a more open aquascape with arches and more options for corals. 4. It’d be a good time for me to finally catch and relocate an aggressive pistol shrimp I haven’t been able to get in years. Also have a large zebra moray ell that would be possible to catch as well during this time. My idea of procedure for this would be to: First remove rock with attached corals to one Rubbermaid tote full of tank water, and all other live rock to my sump. I plan to do this very carefully, to disturb the sand bed as least as possible. Second, put all corals and clams into my frag tank for temporary holding. Third, using a drill, masonry bit, fiberglass rods and reef epoxy, create the scape I like with my rocks. Lastly add my corals and clams back to the tank slowly to selected locations followed by a large water change. Sorry about the long write up, but any suggestions, ideas or input?
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