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  1. Pm me and we can work out a deal
  2. Have a couple new adds. Have a baby JB for $125 and a raja rampage chalice for $90. Also Willing to lower prices on some of the acros if your serious about buying. Could Trade for lights, Wave pumps, apex stuff
  3. I got a hammer frag, a few different shrooms, candy cane colony (75+ heads), trumpet colony (25+ heads)
  4. Lowered Prices and new stufff added. Really would like to get this stuff out of my tank so I can move into a bigger one. I will make an awesome deal if someone buys multiples. Old Price New Price CB The Thing Acro Mini Colony $25 WWC Slimeball Acro Mini Colony $60 Neon Green Hammer Colony 7-8 heads $85 $75 Walt Disney Large Multi Branching frag $150 $135 Ding Dang Milli 1+ inch $60 $50 Walt Disney Mini Coloniy $300 $285 Vivid Confetti Single Branch $140 $125 Vivid Confetti Double Branch $200 $175 JF Homewrecker chunky frag $215 $190 GB Goldfinger Double branch $55 $45 Wintergreen Delight Mini Colony many branches $75 Oregon Tort Large 4+ inch mini colony branching $125 RR Pink Cadiliac large multi branching $100 BC Glo Stick Large 4+ inch multie branch mini colony $75 Large Candycane Colony 75+ heads size of softball $75
  5. Of sorry North Olmsted. Can ship as welle
  6. Hit me with whatever ya got. I'm.open to most really just wanna sell these to pay for a tank build so I'm open to gear I could sell or keep. I got some more mini colonies of other sps comming up soon
  7. @Sevitz5 message me with what ya got I may possibly be interested
  8. I have to XR 15s Gen 4 Pros for sale with the hms mounts for each. One has a land date of 8/18 and the other is 1/19. Neither used over 40%. Have the original boxes $375 ea or both for $700
  9. Im open to all offers worst i can say is no
  10. Ha thanks. I have many other corals besides this as well. Im open to trades and take paypal
  11. I have some higher end acros for sale. Bought as part of a huge coral lot to stock a upcoming tank build. Would do a great deal if someone wanted to take them all. I am in north olmsted but can meet within reason. CB The Thing Acro multi branch $25.00 WWC Slimeball Acro multi branch $30.00 Ding Dang Milli $60.00 Vivid Confetti double branch $200.00 Vivid Confetti single Branch $140.00 JF Homewrecker nice size no small nub $215.00 GB Goldfinger dbl branch $55.00 Walt Disney chunky 1-1.25 inch $165.00 Walt Disney mini colony multi branch $300.00
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