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  1. Still available? Have one, would love a second
  2. What’s the downside of the Nudibranches? My local shop sells them
  3. Well, no pics yet, but another small update...... Buying a 1/4 HP Chiller to just “help” keep my water temp in check apparently after 18 months or so, just isn’t going to work out. I don’t want to crank the A/C for one nice day, then the temp drops to 50 degrees outside today! My ambient temp in my house hit 76 at the hottest point over the last few days (sitting at 68 now) and my tank hit almost 86!!!!! Alarms going off etc, and I was scrambling. Well, I immediately ordered a SECOND Chiller, so I will be running both of them, and actually moving the other so re-pl
  4. A Zebra with a Snowflake eel (14” or so) would work or not? If so, Interested in the Zebra
  5. I will try! I am house shopping and after doing an 80 gallon water change, the thought of moving the tank is overwhelming. Anyone in NE Ohio want a free 8x2 wooden aquarium stand for free? Just message, and be able to pick up from my garage
  6. How much for it and the chalice (hollywood stunner?) knowing I’ve already killed one!
  7. Where are you? I would entertain a price on , Both MP40’s, all the kessils, all the livestock.....
  8. It still has water...... carry on!
  9. How much for toad the wet sprocket? Would drive to T-Town tomorrow. I have the day off? ......
  10. I guess about $200 for all three. Would still take a single Mag, maybe a gig, or a non-green haddoni
  11. Trying this again. I have 3 Mars Aqua 300W LeDs. Great for cheap lighting over a large tank. 1 used 9-10 months, 2 were bought and used 3-4 months later so only used 6 months or so Looking for a decent sized softy colony, or torches, etc. Whatever really. A single Mag would do it too. NE Ohio
  12. Gig is still doing well. Local shop has a Mag now...... so maybe adding that soon
  13. Galactic Coral from somewhere in TX
  14. I just cleaned my tank and cut out 18” of GSP that was choking my overflow, so my tank is ANGRY. The pic of my new Gigantea is after the cleaning, but my my BTA is earlier today.
  15. Still looking for a Gig and a Mag in CLE area. This is rough.
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