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  1. Still looking for a Gig and a Mag in CLE area. This is rough.
  2. Bumparoo. So hard to find, hate shipping
  3. After a power outage...... not much else is happy. Torches went from 5-6 heads to 25+ I lost some BIG pieces though.
  4. sorry..... been MIA for awhile!
  5. I will get to it! I got a jeep, so I went back down that rabbit-hole recently and it has taken most of my free-time!
  6. LrS or Rods. whatever the store I am in carries, is what I buy.
  7. aaaaand he’s dead Just hung out in the rocks one day, dead the next. Swimming and eating every day until then. Odd
  8. Don’t let the “common” nature of this coral stop you...... I love my stunner.... easy to keep, grows fast, and it does look cool. Amazing how much mine started “curling” from flow
  9. The Naoki or whatever it is called is in hiding.
  10. They haven’t even seen each other from what I can tell
  11. I got: Purple Dottyback Electric Indigo Dottyback Orange Back Wrasse Naoko Fairy Wrasse
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