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  1. I will probably buy one online, so I can deal with throwing it in a window at midnight when I’m not at work!
  2. Vacation for 8 days out of town or so. Took off 3 weeks. I already froze 2 big quart containers of RODI and it didn’t make a dent. My apex is still in the box, no idea how to use. Need to setup ATO still. New tank never getting finished is messing up everything. About to drain Nano and go with one tank while gone. Tank hit 84.9 yesterday........ I work four 12’s in a row My spare time to deal with this isn’t easy to come by
  3. My A/C went out, and I’m trying to rectify it before vacation. At this point, I feel like going on vacation is going to be a death sentence for 2 tanks
  4. Camera camera, or phone camera?
  5. Yep. Awesome place
  6. Ok ! Long day of work, but making these water changes and tank cleaning happen edit: Come to think of it, I haven’t had to clean the glass , not even with the magnet thingy, for at least 2 weeks. Maybe I am low on nutrients. Good thing I never test anything
  7. I could give it a new home, but not until my tank is done. What’s a fair price?
  8. Was supposed to do a water change on both tanks today. Now I’m not feeling it.......
  9. My 8’ money-pit should be done SOON. 3-months next week!!!!
  10. Still looking? Mine is 20+ heads. I have no idea how to frag though
  11. It’s a Clear Water CW-200 All just chilling in a box at home right now!
  12. I have a scrubber. no idea how to use it. haha
  13. Tank got bigger than planned..... not sure if I need a skimmer upgrade: So, Bubble Magus Curve 5 Elite is on my 75, works great.... I also have a light bioload New tank will push total volume to 160g or so...... So I was looking at a used skimmer that “seems” to be a good deal...... It’s a “Your Choice Aquatics DC20” So D/C pump is already a plus.... has a tiny footprint 8.5 x 8.5 for a skimmer they claim is good for 450g They are $350 new, guy wants $150 + shipping (somewhere in Michigan) Will my current skimmer be “good enough” or would this be a wise upgrade?
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