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  1. I need three if anyone has some laying around to sell
  2. Got up at 5:30 Don’t drink anymore so I am headed to the lot to tailgate on pure adrenaline! Let’s Go Browns!!!!
  3. Cleveland swap? What Cleveland swap?!?
  4. I need something that either looks good and fits next to the stand, or something that fits under the stand. I could easily fit a 40g under next to the sump, but I would prefer next to the stand so I can refill it easier Edit. hard to tell from the picture but the brute is just a little too wide at the top to go next to the stand and the wall
  5. My current ATO RODI top-off water container until I can come up with an attractive alternative..... The TEK-5 container looks amazing and I love that I can see in it, but it needs filled at least every-other day, and that is just a pain!
  6. That’s a nice one!
  7. Jon Fishman


    I have read they are slow growers with big appetites. He certainly eats well! I will probably wait months before adding something else, as my stocking plan changes daily. Today I am on the Parrotfish/Angler/Boxfish kick
  8. Jon Fishman


    Quoyi Parrotfish. Very reef safe, and not as big as the monstrous ones people eat, but still a big fish The guy at the shop has one, and they are in 3 maintenance accounts he has. Despite all my research, it ignores the nori and goes to town on mysis, krill, and rod’s
  9. Jon Fishman


    I need to get a brighter picture. He has amazing color
  10. Jon Fishman


    Well, that same peacock mantis is still at the store........ The Parrotfish is not however..... I brought him home!
  11. Hey guys. This was a massive failure. Tried lots of Ice, powerhead etc. Took the rock out and tried to pull it out, tried to scrape at the foot by shoving turkey baster into a hole, etc. All I managed to do was kill/crush a shrimp Should I put the whole rock in a 5g bucket of ice-cold RODI and wait? If I break the rock in half with a small sledge, I think it will tear at least one of them. There are maybe 4-5 holes in this rock (man-drilled rock?) and I think 2-3 of them cross paths and these things are sharing the same hole
  12. Main, just for algae/water clarity
  13. If I only had time to sit and relax!
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