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  1. From what I’ve read, this is the time they are easily found. Other things I read say the opposite!
  2. One shop said he would have his divers get one, but it’s been a no-go for almost 2 weeks now
  3. Anyone have a shop, preferably within a couple hours of Cleveland, that has an Atlantic Pygmy Octopus in stock? Local shop sold the one when I went to pick it up! I am trying to get shops here to order one, but I don’t want online/shipped. Thanks!
  4. Have made some great pick-ups from people getting out, or upgrading/downsizing etc. But one of my new lights just kicks on, and starts smoking....... Just glad I plugged them all in to test before I started hanging stuff. Really bummed...... it’s gonna delay my light-swap significantly.....
  5. I didn’t see where to request what shipping day I wanted etc.... long story short, I emailed them several times about several things and got a quick response each time. Fish came in a large cooler, huge bag of water. would definitely order again, but I try not to order anything I can get locally.... but this fish costs way too much at my local shop.
  6. Yeah.... and to mitigate cost, I will just frag him when he gets bigger........
  7. They have more https://www.nyaquatic.com/gem-tang-3-4-zebrasoma-gemmatum/
  8. I had overhang on my 75, so I put all mushrooms on the ends
  9. I will work on a good one next time the lights are on
  10. It is out and swimming and eating this morning!
  11. He made it! Upright and in the tank now, but all lights off.
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