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  1. The left edge of both is where they broke. you can see the melty-new pink growth pretty well on the smaller one
  2. Here are pics since I am home. small piece. broke off so I have 2 Little guy
  3. Do I just physically rip the underlying redish-brown “body” off the rock?
  4. I will try to remember once it grows over the rock. I can glue some to something or just snap it off and toss it in a bag with water. they seem resilient
  5. St Mary’s and Celina are always under water
  6. These are really old, but maybe better.
  7. I have a reverse superman. It’s in 2 pieces..... currently growing them out..... once it gets extended beyond it’s island I will snap a piece off if you’re interested Sorry. I don’t take good pictures Haha. didn’t realize that picture was THAT bad!
  8. I was wondering why people were chomping at the bit for the AOI’s during the wwc live-sale, and then seeing them..... awesomeness
  9. 24-hours post-split. The other is hiding and I can only see the foot, and the occasional tentacles reaching out, so I have no idea how it is doing....... Edit: Other half is starting to come out of hiding....
  10. How much coverage do these give you? For a skinny 8’ tank think I could get away with 4 of them? I was going to go 3x 32” long 300w Mars Aqua (already have 1) but it would be cheaper for me to buy these 3 + one more perhaps Looks like I would need minimum of 5. hmmm
  11. They sell magnetic frag plugs. Haven’t looked them up yet, but overheard a guy at the store talking about it...... My anti-social self didn’t bring myself to ask him where he got it. Edit. here https://www.aquacave.com/ocean-wonders-mag-disks-6-pcs.html
  12. I want my GSP to grow on the back glass, but they are already on 2 rocks..... is there a way to encourage that growth outside of fragging? I was considering just buying a new small piece and a magnetic frag-plug
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