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  1. Don’t let the “common” nature of this coral stop you...... I love my stunner.... easy to keep, grows fast, and it does look cool. Amazing how much mine started “curling” from flow
  2. The Naoki or whatever it is called is in hiding.
  3. They haven’t even seen each other from what I can tell
  4. I got: Purple Dottyback Electric Indigo Dottyback Orange Back Wrasse Naoko Fairy Wrasse
  5. Considering an "upgrade" to the octopus tank!
  6. Guy said it’s a 45g Biocube. Is that even a thing?
  7. nice pieces. Kinda glad you’re so far away!!!
  8. I guess I didn’t keep him happy enough, but I lost a fish, and he was a big part of my bio-load..... So I’m looking to add, and I may be willing to go with many more fish for the sake of coral growth...... so.... Cow, Box, Gem, and a clown in my tank currently. I have a top now (thanks to rampant evaporation). What would you add?
  9. Wish I took better pictures. DIY sump working like a champ Need to filter-floss the crap out of this muddy water
  10. RSR Max Nano (20g) if you’re interested
  11. The land side will be filled with rocks, mulch and sand. The water side will have a ramp of brick/rock etc to it
  12. Ok. don’t make fun of my janky silicone job...... but next steps are : Cure Water test Ramp Hideaway Sump
  13. Ok. both were removed last night. I will be siliconing a piece of glass to cover the holes. I will try to cut one of the pieces myself, I have a lot if extra glass now. I didn’t remove the bottom braces and the seems all look good. My project today is researching how to cut glass, deciding on what sump to rig up, and cleaning up the inside of the tank
  14. I need some guidance here guys. So tank is inside. How should I go about removing the overflows? Cut the silicone out with a utility knife and remove it? There is bottom bracing on it too.
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