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  1. After a Brown Jelly disaster wiped out my LPS en mass, I’ve been laying low and watching my softies. Will be looking to reload at RAP Chicago next month, and figured that now was as good a time as any to upgrade lighting. I’ll be removing my current setup of a Fluval Sea v3.0 and an Orbit Current Marine, and changing to a single OR T247. Can anyone in the group recommend a solid ch1/ch2 intensity setup on these lights? I know more than a few of you still run these - what are your timer settings? I’ve read some older threads on timer settings, thought I’d ask about intensity as well. Running a Fluval M90. 36x17x16
  2. If you'll piece it out, I could be interested in your bb lights. Will pm you.
  3. Call them whatever you want - the color looks awesome on those "KMH Explosion Whatever" Palythoas!
  4. This was an awesome time! I think I'm going to need a system worthy of a 30 foot tall 4 chamber protein skimmer... goals!
  5. I'll be getting one, eventually. The only authorized Neptune dealer in Southwest Ohio is Aquarium Artisans in Deer Run... on a list with them.
  6. I thought I looked everywhere for this - even coral box didn't have it listed. My 2 lfs's were both looking for me, too... I post the thing for sale, and here you are. lol Maybe should've asked for help before giving up on it, huh? Thank you, I was able to find the tubing at reefbreeders. Will leave this for sale through the Toledo Zoo trip in case someone is interested. Otherwise, I'll just buy the tubing. Thank you, @Fishoutofwater
  7. Scott C

    32 bio cube

    I have a Biocube 29 with led upgraded lighting (additional to the stock lighting in the hood). Has the floor removed and an InTank media rack. I am only using it to cure live rock currently and wouldn't mind parting with it if you're still in the market for one. I have an inline uv to send with it as well. No stand, though. Let me know.
  8. Anyone interested in a Coral Box 4 head dosing pump? Pump is brand new, but does not come with any tubing. Standard airline tubing may work with silicone, unfortunately I've been unable to find adequate size tubing to work with it - and with vacation coming up at the end of July, I'm just going to buy a Dos and dial it in. Unit comes with a spare 5th head, advertises 6ft lift. Asking $150
  9. Scott C

    Scott C

  10. Scott C

    Fluval M90 Build

    36 gallon long tank started 1/10/19
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