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  1. This is gone. Post can be taken down. @Jesse
  2. lol... no... that's not a thing. It may be a nuvo 40, but that stand screams JBJ to me.
  3. Price is a definite factor for me, but I'm willing to pay for quality. I won't touch a suction cup rack, personally - way too much invested in the livestock to trust it to such a weak design. My favorite plugs/rack that I've purchased to date has plugs with 3 height options (2 tiered grooves) for placement options, and a rack that has 5 position possibilities per slot. It's a nice touch and gives me tons of opportunity for adjustments when adding frags. I think there's opportunity in the market to play around with height and depth options for racks that aren't "hang on rim". More rack extension into the tank at a lower height would allow for lower light LPS/softies to grow out in some space without interfering with other corals on the same rack... idk... like a "coral condo" or something. My .02
  4. Still available. Make an offer.
  5. 93g cube from my lfs. A BashSea Sump, a Bubble Magus skimmer... some liferock for the new 93. Um... ordered a Neptune ATO pump... some InTank filter floss. Saved about $600 all in. Spent... well... more than that. Merry Christmas to me! lol Now I'm poor. So, please buy my 45g cube. lol. It's posted.
  6. 45 gallon rimless cube. Comes with Finnex 24/7 Marine light, and the glass top (never assembled). Asking $250 obo, or trade for decent quality sump. Like new condition - I'm upgrading to a 93 gallon. Mfg April 2018. 24x24x18 Located in Troy, OH. Can work out delivery arrangements, no shipping offered.
  7. After a Brown Jelly disaster wiped out my LPS en mass, I’ve been laying low and watching my softies. Will be looking to reload at RAP Chicago next month, and figured that now was as good a time as any to upgrade lighting. I’ll be removing my current setup of a Fluval Sea v3.0 and an Orbit Current Marine, and changing to a single OR T247. Can anyone in the group recommend a solid ch1/ch2 intensity setup on these lights? I know more than a few of you still run these - what are your timer settings? I’ve read some older threads on timer settings, thought I’d ask about intensity as well. Running a Fluval M90. 36x17x16
  8. If you'll piece it out, I could be interested in your bb lights. Will pm you.
  9. Call them whatever you want - the color looks awesome on those "KMH Explosion Whatever" Palythoas!

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