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  1. still have a 210 that needs a home. Have new bulkheads to replace the ones that came out of it. Need it out of my way before I try to build it into my system.
  2. Worked on the tank till 3am. Then did the time warp and changed the clocks to 2.
  3. the controller for the gyres and and the only Neptune product I will have. behind the scenes/the tank. Getting some controller wiring run and surge strips hung and networking cable.
  4. That’s a lot of money that could be coral and other support equipment. Lol. But if you want it. And can find a spot for it. Lol.
  5. I start at the bottom and work up. Check the floor where you are putting the tank. Set stand there. Check top of stand. If have to shim to level stand try to use something that will not deteriorate and will handle the weight. I use a deck of cards lol. They are laminated and water proof. And I believe they are like .001 thickness if I remember right, and can stack as needed. I stack the corners to square it level then slide under any gaps I can get them to go in. Then I put aquarium on and any gap I can wedge a card in a push one in. It sounds pretty weird but they work and are cheap and last. I used just under half a deck on my new tank.
  6. I may have to look around for reflectors for my halides lol. I have an old dual 175 ballast and mogul bases and bulbs with about 4 months on them, just don’t have the reflectors. Problem is that things an antique and uses so much power.
  7. Fishoutofwater


    Actually yes. https://www.aquarium computer.com/usa/product/vortech-controller/
  8. Fishoutofwater


    Time to just make the switch from the plastic toy controller to an actual good controller. https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/usa/store/
  9. They come with a coupler that’s basically half of a union that connects to the pump. I’m assuming that thread is likely a metric thread
  10. Hoping to get it wet this week. Have to get 1 1/4” plumbing to adapt to the cor 20 pump I have. I’ll pick that up this week. But I may wait till next week for water because I will be gone next weekend for the Ohio state-Wisconsin game.
  11. each outlet is separate one Half is powered all the time the other half is switched. this is where my lights will plug in. instead of using the return bulkhead in the overflow I went over the top. The returns are now a backup/emergency drain setup. with the all black hdpe background and backsplash. Hard to get pictures because of reflection.
  12. I was looking at rolling a retirement fund I have from electrical union into a stock trading fund and dabbling in stock trading that’s about as far as I’ve went with anything remotely like that. I don’t understand the mining thing at all to be honest. Lol.
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