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  1. That was just a reaction to the food critic comment lol.
  2. If you can get it to be controlled by 0-10v. Then you can buy the s-port/L-port box for $30. And run it.
  3. Just don’t put any complaints or customer service issues on the forum. They will snap back and tell you to call service. A lot can be found there just have to look a little sometimes.
  4. Fishoutofwater

    GHL Display

    Aren’t you using Ghl touch? If you need any custom length cat6 cable for the aquabus let me know. I have the tools and Cable to make whatever length you need.
  5. I can as well. There are some floor outlets need to know where those are also.
  6. Thanks. Way to far to go for a couple mag pumps.
  7. Look up Ghl WiFi update. It’s on the download page. And watch the YouTube tutorial for it. Need WiFi firmware 7081 I had the same issue. So don’t feel bad. Once you get through the updates and get situated it’s awesome. I promise.
  8. I’m at work so the best I can do is a blued out wyze pic.
  9. He’s obviously getting air trapped in the pipe. If you look at a lot of tank drains they are cut at a 45 angle to allow air to escape. So I asked if his standpipe is cut at an angle. The same thing applies to the drain part of it. If you can cut the pipe at a 45 with the top of it right below the top of the surface it may help air escape.
  10. Try cutting it at an angle. What do your pipes look like in your overflow. Are they angle cut?
  11. I’m getting more anxious lol. And I hope the weather holds out for me. I don’t want to have to be working instead of having fun. I’m heading to the Lansing swap this Sunday as long as the weather stays away. I know many are hitting the Cincinnati one.
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