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  1. I think it’s hideous. The people that make that kind of stuff have no clue what is even in the picture. Take a random picture, cut/paste some shapes in it ta-da art…
  2. What is picture 4? That thing is massive?
  3. I think the Superman discosoma are bright red with blue spots. Can’t tell in that picture if it’s red or not. I have a ton of what may be the Superman Rhodactis. I’d have to really look at them closer. Either that or they are the ultra orange ones. They are multiplying quickly whatever they are.
  4. I can see many of the other supply companies ditching Neptune for hydros maybe GHL if they don’t carry them now. Why would you sell something to help your competitor? They are hurting their own credibility with this for sure. A ton of people live by the BRS videos for info and testing. How can you believe they are not bias with anything? Honestly they have been somewhat bias from the get go but this just puts it over that cliff. Neptune has been living on their marketing alone for awhile now.
  5. Add Neptune to the list that BRS now owns…
  6. Sorry to hear this. After my basement flooded several years ago I built in multi-step protection to stop it from ever happening again.
  7. I’m sure Bertram capital put forth enough $ to make the deal go through. I get stuff from both but I’m not a fan of losing other sources. I used to order exclusively from Drs foster smith back in the day.
  8. Home wrecker,Bill Murray, Aqua SD rainbow milli/rmf acid trip milli, and a replacement for my orange passion that I lost somehow.
  9. It’s been awhile since I participated and I remembered before full lights out lol. and I swear I have fish, they where all hiding from the cleaning magnet still.
  10. I got to make a sign today at work that made me laugh. there was an semi truck rollover into a ravine the other day in a really narrow work zone. It can’t be removed until after the holiday weekend. The phones at highway patrol and the radio room have been overwhelmed and they created the greatest sign ever made. Lol.
  11. Otis Technology Blue Nylon All Purpose Gun Cleaning Brush (10 Pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BRX4QQV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_DSH59FYVZEC3W09F3ACY
  12. Can’t find scats anywhere. They showed they had them and didn’t ship because they didn’t have them. So I ordered more Berghias. I’ve been stalking them and trying to count how many I see at night. They are not easy to see in the cracks of the rocks. This has also allowed me to see that asterina starfish have been eating my zoas and even on my sps so I’ve been hunting them every night as well. I had suspected something was up because I’d have growth and then complete reversal for no reason. This is a weeks worth of hunting. they are truly amazing how they can camouflage into the areas they are at I’ll give them that.
  13. Well the place I ordered the scats from ended up not having any after all... so I ordered more berghia’s. I’ve been stalking them at night to try and figure out how many have survived. I’m worried I have to many micro-brittle stars. I have tons and tons of them. the problem is getting them to survive what’s already in the tank. Any of the night time hunters will likely eat them. Filefish, butterflies, peppermint shrimp, wrasses.
  14. Do you have a tds meter to check your RODI water? I’m thinking it might need a membrane change. What are you testing phosphate with? You need some phosphate because zero is bad. Hanna phosphorus will read the lowest. Stop with the vibrant because it’s not working, microbacter7 would be better. I would do a big water change and focus on sucking as much of that out as I could, run some chemi clean ,then in a couple days do another big change and chemi clean again.
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