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  1. almost completely sealed. One more flip and can get the rest. Then can final coat it.
  2. My half hex acrylic aquarium had relatively narrow opening on the top. I slipped off a stool while cleaning corner bends of the front and cut my arm pretty deep and cut top of my hand on rock. Luckily my mom is a dr and is wasn’t stitch worthy, but she did have to butterfly and super glue it. It burned a lot.
  3. I had an acrylic tank for 3 years and it was lightweight. It was all scratched to hell. I wouldn’t be afraid to get one again, just wouldn’t do one as narrow or not square like I had. It was a 65 half hex and was hard to clean the bends and was only like 18” front to back at the widest part.
  4. Most I have is an atomic clock that has an outside temp meter. I have 2 windmills to tell wind direction. And a plain rain guage. So yep pretty old mannish lol.
  5. Lol mine is the opposite. My wife spent a good chunk of money on some surgeries. So, I’m not questioned on what I buy.
  6. Make sure your rock work is secure. It’s really surprising how big of a rock they can actually move when they wedge in some places. Had one put a huge deep scratch in my old acrylic tank. Deep enough that I think it would have broken a glass tank.
  7. Basically because being on a city system you are paying (per gallon/or set stages )for your water then you are paying for waste to return said water in a formula based ratio. RODI makes a lot of (waste) water that is actually good water. That is wasted clean water. It would be really optimal if you could say save all said bypassed water and use again or for other purposes that would make it (greener) per se. but the logistics of that on a mass scale are beyond doing.
  8. Apologies for any derailment. Good article @Muttley000
  9. My point was actually about the B.S. city people solely blaming farmers for the algae. Farmers don’t spread excess fertilizer to let it get washed away. It’s dumb and really expensive. But I do see lawn businesses spreading fertilizer everyday just before rain and unregulated.
  10. So what your saying is they will have 5. Lol
  11. I heard the same about the algae. I can’t figure out how it’s going to be bad. Farmers haven’t been able to get into the fields because it’s too wet, so where is all the phosphate coming from. Oh wait the city of Toledo’s sewage and all the runoff from the landfills by the lake!!! But I’m on city of Toledo water system, so I’m curious as to the RODI thing as well. The new filtration system that has been installed for Toledo and the fact they will be watching better should help some.
  12. What about waiting for the the coralvue abex xepta?
  13. Fishoutofwater

    Sump Cam

    Which one of the wyze cams did you end up using? Is it the pan or just the regular? I’m thinking about getting a few for the tank, and just the house in general.
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