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  1. Literally being talked about in the fuge/macro thread
  2. If they are still around when I get fully setup I’ll take them lol.
  3. Welcome. It is a great group.
  4. what did the mollies cost lol? Just buy half a dozen and put a couple in each tank. For around what $12-14 you have an ick indicator crew and a algae crew.
  5. I’ve read that more people have had better luck with them surviving by just dropping them in. Hope it works out for you.
  6. I’ve been working on it lol. I’ve been busy. The micro frag thing is something that irritates me to no end.
  7. Is that ato chamber acrylic? If so you may be able to sandwich the crack from each side or from the outside basically double layering it or triple layering. A good amount of weld on 4 and some clamping. But that’s if your comfortable trying such thing.
  8. I told my wife I wanted to get a bill Murray acro the other week lol. But I also told her I wanted the dan akroyd and the fruity pebbles. Some awesome choices as usual.
  9. I haven’t gotten to the point of livestock just yet. I’m close to water in the actual tank though. Lol. That being said. I like going to aqua culture. Laurie is great to deal with. And it’s pretty close for me. On hand selection could be better, but sitting on tons of living inventory and dry goods Is a very risky venture. I check out coral reef occasionally when I’m on that side of town. Haven’t bought anything from there since before they moved to that location. Haven’t had a tank. Ive checked out petco BG a couple times, hit or miss on selection at least for me. i avoid the area that aquarium mastermind is at for traffic reasons and the times I’ve been by there it’s always closed haven’t got a chance to check out the one on Alexis I believe it’s aquarium world don’t make it over that way a lot. im not sure if fishy guys/pampered pets is the old trilby tropical but that store makes me angry. That place used to be awesome when I had freshwater tanks years ago. Now it’s a sh!+hole at least the last time I was there it was. Lots of empty/broken tanks and just needed some tlc. On the fresh and saltwater sides. i honestly make the drive over to vermillion and go to salty critter because I like the selection of parts&pieces, used equipment and livestock. Dan the owner is a great guy and been very helpful. There and aqua culture are my main 2.
  10. Just putting out a friendly reminder to fellow Toledo municipal water users to keep an eye out on the water statuses. Just want everyone to be ready if can’t use water. The Algea Bloom has already shut down Maumee bay beaches and is growing. I know we can all put off water changes if needed but we may need the water for our selves. I topped off my rodi tank and filled up all water containers I had that Are clean tonight. I’m going away for the weekend so wanted the wife to have access to water if needed. I now have 62g RODI and about 90 gallons of tap in brutes and about 12 gallon jugs of water.
  11. Hope it’s solved
  12. Are you doing a 3 minute flush out before keeping water? My brs unit says if using part time to flush the unit for 3 minutes before collecting water and to flush afterwards as well. I’ve never had a tds reading with 2 different meters.
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