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  1. Lol. Really? I used to take it all the time when I lived in Virginia and North Carolina to come home for holidays and what not. Try it in a semi then you won’t like it. All the down shifting gets really annoying and wears you out.
  2. I have a $100 allowance limit. Over that I’m supposed to ask and discuss lol. So $75 would be allowed.
  3. B.C is only 2 digits. j/k @crimsonvice that’s is a bummer. Been there before myself.
  4. Happy birthday Matt. My b-day is Saturday. @crimsonvicealways seems to come across everything electronic should have him get you one. He’s like a used electronics store lol.
  5. this is what’s next for me. To get this integrated into my setup finish plumbing & electrical and get water into the tank
  6. got a lot done today. Light rack is painted and mounted back on. Also got wiring 90% done. Just need a couple things yet. I’ve even left routes for PAB cables and spots for Powerbars. Waiting on my profilux to arrive.
  7. @Muttley000 They have perfected your buddy Orville’s design and it fits more than 1 now lol.
  8. @GHL Wish I could have participated in this. I won a gift certificate through R2R that I had to use on certain sponsor sites. I did however purchase a Profilux 4 mega set.
  9. Might want to ration the Jim beam. Unless your heading to Kentucky and getting it out of the river
  10. Would love so much to get in on this. I just can’t financially right now.
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