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  1. I thought the same thing until I figured out that the programming is so simple, you get rid of power bricks, and it can be put into feed mode by the Profilux through 0-10.
  2. As I told you today lol. The wave engine or the New icecap WiFi is the way to go with the gyres. I have icecap 3k on each side and maxxspect 250’s on the back wall and still running the 4 Jebaos as of now off the wave engine. I hate,hate,hate,hate the maxxspect controller. I would recommend the Wave engine to everyone using gyres.
  3. Water and vinegar and very gently with acrylic scrubber if possible or the card at most. If could tip it to let it soak and be under the water/vinegar mix while doing it would be optimal because it should optimally kind of rub right off. My biggest hatred of acrylic tanks is the effort of trying not to scratch them. It’s why I never got another one.
  4. The last time the power went out I did nothing. So far that I’ve figured out I am prepared. Automatic standby generator, ups on router, modem, and on Profilux. Profilux has power cut monitoring and alerts to power outage. Ups only have to last about 45 seconds for generator to kick on.
  5. Fishoutofwater


    My generac standby will run my whole house as well. And it’s natural gas so no worries about keeping it fueled up. I also have gas fireplace upstairs and a gas heater in basement in same room as my tank. Just have to open a basement window if I get to the point of needing that heater. Will drop the ph to low.
  6. Fishoutofwater


    The problem is that even with a generator without house heat it’s a lost battle. No aquarium heater is going to keep a tank in the high 70’s in sub 30 temps. Then take the fact that in Texas they are having problems getting fuel also. So what do you do then? So you need to have some multiple setups/ fallbacks.
  7. No, it works perfectly so far. How did you end up with a busted KhD and what happened to the display?
  8. I was interested in the display. I have everything else.
  9. That sucks. @Mussinhad velvet take out his as well he said. You guys getting fish the same place? I never put in sand. Only little bit I have came in with my snails lol.
  10. Reef creators. They where $16.99 + $4.49 shipping on Amazon. 100 pack.
  11. I use a filter cup and a sock. Since the sock clogs after like 2 days there’s still decent flow through with the cup. I put chunks of filter pad into the cup that way it’s still catching some stuff. I turn them inside out when I take them out to gather any snails that have found their way down and put them into a bucket. When I get about 6 I will rinse them out and put them into a bucket of bleach water. After a few days I take them out and rinse them and hang to dry. I have about 12 socks to rotate.
  12. How can you give 100% guarantees? It’s just not possible. Would be great, but it’s just not.
  13. Lol. Would spend more time and effort to catch them than would gain in nutrition. They would be gone long before I got to that point in my life. I have been taught survival skills and would be eating larger things than 3” fish.
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