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  1. @ghrorick is your ph always that low? I go nuts when it drops below 7.90.
  2. I’ve been watching it since they announced it. So I’ve been following the progress of it. TaHerman who will be at the expo was one of the Initial users/testers and if he has time would be one to ask about it as well. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/q-a-with-timothy-herman-about-the-hydros-waveengine.679497/ The app is the same app that the icecap WiFi gyres uses so if, or when I can get some will be tied into same app.
  3. It has its own email/text system setup as well so if there is a power failure it will send a message. It’s tied into the cloud so if contact is lost it will still let you know. I haven’t tested that yet. But I will later today.
  4. Premium aquatics have the octo-pulse available with out the controller to direct connect now. The 4’s are $100 cheaper that way.
  5. I love it. I totally hated the control for the Maxspect gyres and that is now gone as well as it’s power brick. I’ve also connected 2 of my jebao pumps using the apex/jebao connector. That ditches a brick and 2 shitty Jebao controls. I’m considering getting another one of them to run 2 more jebaos and splitting the signals with a y connector. I still have 2 empty direct connect ports and 2 0-10v connections yet to use. The 2k icecap double controllers are sold out everywhere I believe, but I want one to try and run a set off of 1 of the 2 0-10v ports I have left and still have 1 free. I made a connector to go from profilux rj12 to a rj45 plug but I have to order another apx cable for the hydros to use that.
  6. You too could have one. If they are ever in stock. Lol
  7. Need to run an airline outside for my skimmer I think.
  8. Nothing to trade but would like to buy a head of the hammers. Grew up in Arlington lol.
  9. I still stand in the middle of the Road holding a shovel down, and Operating heavy equipment. I Occasionally fill in as Assistant Building Supervisor.
  10. Fishoutofwater

    24k torch

    Lol. $100. That’s my response for any high dollar item. If she keeps pushing and asking I respond with $100 a day for a couple days more. I have to get an ok from her for any purchase over $100. I will lead in with, so I’m buying this thing and it’s more than $100 I just want you to know. She will usually ask if she can get something as well.
  11. I lost all the photos I had of my first reef. They where on my phone that was stolen back in 2011.
  12. I’m interested in the 4 head on the right.
  13. Hell I didn’t know tropicorium still existed. Places sucked the last time I went. And that was before the legal issues arose.
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