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  1. I want the display!! They no longer make it and when the mega sets containing them are gone that’s it. I’ve been searching for awhile for one. I should have just bought the mega.
  2. The (pros) use epoxy yes. But, they are also still using super glue. The epoxy is just to give a wider base for the larger, and or branched frags. More or less it’s a formed around the base upside down frag plug. Then they glue that to a plug or a tile. I’ve split a few of them apart and that is what I’ve found. They have all had glue under the epoxy.
  3. I use super glue gel. Take the plugs and put in some sort of rack or holder outside of the aquarium. Put a blob of super glue about the size of a pea in the center of the plug. Let set up for a few minutes. Then take frag and push into the glue and give a little twist. Let sit for a couple more minutes. Then. Put into tank in low flow area for a few more minutes. Most coral will be ok out of water for a little bit with no issues. Some reefs have hours of low tide exposure. You just need enough time for a skin to form with the glue. That how I learned to do it and it works every time.
  4. I’ve been busy. And, it’s also motorcycle season.
  5. I have a pump that I use to blast the rocks off and clear any stray dead areas out under rock.
  6. Could be. I may have to join the expedition. so far it’s at a week travel time from south of Indianapolis. Lol.
  7. didn’t make it today lol.
  8. It’s nice to know the salinity at a quick glance. I still check with refractometer every few days and it’s been at the same every time. If you are using the ORP probe and see a huge swing it will alert you on a biological event. On a Profilux you can just not use the ORP probe and use it for PH probe instead. Some people use it till it needs replaced and just don’t replace it.
  9. You would need a leakage interface and a leak sensor for the leak detection. For your sump you would only need a y splitter for floats and 2 floats. And for ato a single sensor. With a Profilux4 you don’t have to buy any expansion card it has the float plugs on it for up to 4 floats. Ghl has 12v output not 24 that I know of. Not sure if could make your own way for it to run using 0-10 dimming channel. If not then ghl has the propellerbreeze that can be controlled thru the 0-10v.
  10. I do the dollar tree as well. And if there is ever the 3 pack I buy them all. I generally will pick up 5 packs of the double pack any time I’m in there anyway.
  11. A lot of people make fake urchins with a rock and glueing a bunch of toothpicks to it. The fries will use it to hide in.

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