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  1. I lost the ones from you in my QT tank. I had a filter issue that took them and some others I had gotten at a store out as well. I should be able to break off a chunk of green pocillopora, red montipora cap and not sure the name of this other one if you want. I have frogspawn and Duncan’s if you need a head off those. Not sure how depleted your tank is. I wasn’t having much luck with stability till recently I made some changes and got it stable and finally growing again. I have other stuff that is close to frag status but not quite there yet.
  2. Fishoutofwater


    Maybe. I don’t trust anyone else to make my water. I had a bad experience from it many years ago.
  3. Fishoutofwater


    Old copper plumbing usually. Are you using an older tank that possibly was freshwater before?
  4. Fishoutofwater


    Did you test for copper?
  5. Can you or have you thought of using threaded fittings closer to the bulkheads to be able to disassemble there? That’s how I did mine I have threaded bulkheads and an 8” threaded pipe that connects to a Union fitting. This puts the Union below the board of the stand. I
  6. Never been to Gerbers so can’t give a response. With the price of gas I don’t see myself going there anytime soon.
  7. I have the power cut monitor plug- and ups on my router and modem and the P4 because I heard the sms isn’t reliable and is a pain. I also get updates through my wave engine.
  8. If I could get these damn Dino’s to stop I’d hit you up in a heartbeat.
  9. I think it’s hideous. The people that make that kind of stuff have no clue what is even in the picture. Take a random picture, cut/paste some shapes in it ta-da art…
  10. What is picture 4? That thing is massive?
  11. I think the Superman discosoma are bright red with blue spots. Can’t tell in that picture if it’s red or not. I have a ton of what may be the Superman Rhodactis. I’d have to really look at them closer. Either that or they are the ultra orange ones. They are multiplying quickly whatever they are.
  12. I can see many of the other supply companies ditching Neptune for hydros maybe GHL if they don’t carry them now. Why would you sell something to help your competitor? They are hurting their own credibility with this for sure. A ton of people live by the BRS videos for info and testing. How can you believe they are not bias with anything? Honestly they have been somewhat bias from the get go but this just puts it over that cliff. Neptune has been living on their marketing alone for awhile now.
  13. Add Neptune to the list that BRS now owns…
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