Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. I love the home wrecker but since many do and I can only pick one. I pick this one. Tyree Superman Tenuis.
  2. 1. Mt. Dew 2. movie theatre butter popcorn 3. Tortilla chips 4. Long grain rice. I have a 20lb bag lol 5. snack crackers that have the cheese
  3. Yeah it’s not priced for the average person. I wouldn’t even use them if I was building a reef shop lol. It would basically have to be the last resort for me.
  4. It would be sweet. I’ve worked with it a lot and you can build whatever you want it’s almost like an adult erector set. I see the only real application being where there is no physical way to get a steel stand into the location. You could assemble this in place piece by piece, and not be potentially welding in a Extremely nice location. It would be expensive as all get out though. You could do the same with a wood stand though, assemble in place. Need to move, disassemble and go. But wood has structural limitations as in they get pretty big dimensionally to handle the same limits. You could skin it with whatever you wanted Just like a wood stand.
  5. Better off having it ordered thru petco In BG and picking it up there. They are the same company now.
  6. You have a cabbage leather? They like moderate to high light.
  7. Slimer or birdsnest. Easy and pretty cheap.
  8. No offense to Neptune. But, I don’t think that make their stuff in house like Ghl does. If they do I’ve never seen videos like Ghl does of actual production.
  9. There have been some sweet ones coming in.
  10. I would definitely buy this if it was closer. Don’t know when would be able to get it at the rate everything is going. Why can’t you be closer to Toledo. Lol

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