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  1. It will be ok, I’ve been having issues lately as well. I did a big booboo and dosed the wrong stuff and killed 3/4 or more of my sps. Just have to push through the lows. it will get better. You will have that with a lot of people unfortunately. People are under the impression that if they complain they will make you feel bad and they will get something or everything for free.
  2. People today don’t appreciate the skills and time required for such things. They seem to think you can purchase such things for cheap in department stores.
  3. Ummmm. Yeah. That is simply a gorgeous piece of work Matt. That’s like family heirloom material. Crazy good craftsmanship.
  4. I just picked up 2 coralbox pumps haven’t Hooked them up yet. They have the 0-10v port so controllable through apex or ghl. It’s a Jebao pump with a different name
  5. Even later lol. Welcome.
  6. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Doesn’t look to bad to me. I can’t get much growth, just plug encrusting for some. Starting to get aggravated. Still have some things to get hooked up. But not going to hook them up unless can get some action.
  8. I used 1.5” plumbing for both. My downside was the biggest bulkhead that would fit are 1” on the aqueon tanks. So I used the return bulkheads as emergency overflows and took the returns over the back of the tank. It’s only choke is the bulkhead but I can get pretty good flow it will use the emergency’s a little if I crank the cor20 up to max. My sump can’t handle that anyway either.
  9. I use a tank from TSC on the RODI unit. I put an auto stop float in it. But from there I use brute cans on the wheels. My ato is an old reef crystals bucket lol. I have been thinking about going to Lima to see what all they have actually in stock at US Plastics because they have some other things I want to look at as well, if they have them in stock.. problem with them is they are only open during the day during basically bank type hours M-F. I’d have to take a day off work to even go.
  10. You will likely have to fully tent it the same as if you where doing a home fumigation. And the fact it’s going to be every day? I have no clue how could be safely accomplished. I would get in and start getting as many frags as I could to save what Brood lines I could. I wish that what I’m saying wasn’t such a downer. Because that stuff they are going to be spraying is purposely meant to get into everything. At least by having some of what you have in it will save cost if/when the spray kills it. Perhaps @Joe has better thoughts. Being the Bug guy he might have some secret wisdom.
  11. I want the display!! They no longer make it and when the mega sets containing them are gone that’s it. I’ve been searching for awhile for one. I should have just bought the mega.
  12. The (pros) use epoxy yes. But, they are also still using super glue. The epoxy is just to give a wider base for the larger, and or branched frags. More or less it’s a formed around the base upside down frag plug. Then they glue that to a plug or a tile. I’ve split a few of them apart and that is what I’ve found. They have all had glue under the epoxy.
  13. I use super glue gel. Take the plugs and put in some sort of rack or holder outside of the aquarium. Put a blob of super glue about the size of a pea in the center of the plug. Let set up for a few minutes. Then take frag and push into the glue and give a little twist. Let sit for a couple more minutes. Then. Put into tank in low flow area for a few more minutes. Most coral will be ok out of water for a little bit with no issues. Some reefs have hours of low tide exposure. You just need enough time for a skin to form with the glue. That how I learned to do it and it works every time.
  14. I’ve been busy. And, it’s also motorcycle season.
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