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  1. Well the place I ordered the scats from ended up not having any after all... so I ordered more berghia’s. I’ve been stalking them at night to try and figure out how many have survived. I’m worried I have to many micro-brittle stars. I have tons and tons of them. the problem is getting them to survive what’s already in the tank. Any of the night time hunters will likely eat them. Filefish, butterflies, peppermint shrimp, wrasses.
  2. Do you have a tds meter to check your RODI water? I’m thinking it might need a membrane change. What are you testing phosphate with? You need some phosphate because zero is bad. Hanna phosphorus will read the lowest. Stop with the vibrant because it’s not working, microbacter7 would be better. I would do a big water change and focus on sucking as much of that out as I could, run some chemi clean ,then in a couple days do another big change and chemi clean again.
  3. Wow! I’m not sure what else to say. What water are you using for ato? How much are you feeding? And when is the last time you checked nitrate and phosphates? you got to get rid of as much of it as possible but without fixing what is causing it is moot. Got to vacuum out as much as you can and get some more water movement going on.
  4. We will see if Aquarium fish sale site is legit. It’s the only place I found that had silver scats. Ruby and Green scats aren’t anywhere.
  5. Reviving an old thread because I’m at a threshold with my tank. I’ve got aptasia so bad I’m not sure I can save it at this point. So in a last ditch effort I have finally found a place that has Scats. I have ordered 3 of the silver scats as well as a peppermint shrimp. If they don’t do the deed then I will be saving/fragging what coral I can and straight up nuking everything. I bought 25 Berghia awhile back and if they have survived then they just aren’t enough.
  6. I’d be interested in all of the tangs and the 4 Anthias.
  7. Ehiem feeder dumps pellets 2 times a day then I drop a pinch of flakes in the evening or a block of frozen brine or spiralina when I fill top off container. I drop some ocean magik every few days as well as some AB+ . And reef chili/reef roids about once a week. My skimmer is actually way bigger than I need for my tank and I would only run it part time if I didn’t need it for the co2 scrubber that’s hooked to it.
  8. When I lost my tank back in 2010 my Gold stripe Maroon was going on 8. New tank the oldest are my chromis and they are 2.
  9. That’s pretty sweet looking.
  10. It’s just the way RC is. I assume it’s just from the drying out process that it’s essentially the (dirt) that is in the water that is microscopic but when condensed from the drying process it comes back and sticks together as it’s rehydrated.
  11. Hanna Alkalinity, Red Sea Magnesium, Aqua forest Calcium, Hanna phosphorus, Nyos nitrate. I have the Red Sea foundation pro kit and have been trying to burn up the alkalinity, calcium just because I have them to burn up, and to see if there is difference in reading. I also have the Hanna phosphate, calcium readers. The phosphorus reads lower so I use it primarily and the calcium can be finicky to get good readings. I just went by the BRS favorite test kits and have liked them so far. If I do them in the right order I can get the timing pretty close that it doesn’t take to long. Kh
  12. I was throwing them in a bucket of water that had some bleach in it. Then cleaning them in bunches. I haven’t use one for a bit and cleaned all I had so now they are all in a dry bucket waiting for use lol.
  13. Petco having 50% off aquariums up to 75g.
  14. I clogged the filter on my Khd and luckily I ordered a spare when I bought it. I went on a quest to find a replacement that is identical and I have found one that is as close as I think I’m going to get. They are really cheap and come in bags of 12. I cut one apart next to my Ghl one I cut apart to compare and they are the same material. They are close enough for me. Thought I’d share is all. CocoMocart Universal ATV Gas Inline Fuel Filters Clear for Motorcycle Beauty Instrument 3/16" 6mm-7mm Polymer Lawn Mower Parts (12 Pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0891TK9DF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_
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