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  1. How much are you talking? A larger amount of pieces I would rinse out all the “dust and Dirt” with some RO and after a water change sink it into a container of that water for awhile before adding. A smaller piece could probably get away with the rinse with RO and then a rinse with water change water then put in. But that’s all just me. I added a decent size piece of dry rock to my tank a month ago and all I did was rinse it with the RO. But I have a 180 so that’s not as big of a change in comparison.
  2. It’s a sweet coral and wouldn’t mind having one. It’s just some of the things done with lighting to get things to pop for pictures can be irritating. My tank is blueish not super blue so it would never look like that in my tank.
  3. Wasn’t trying to humble you lol. I knew going in where they are from and was still thinking the same things. My guess is she’s just a paid commercial actor.
  4. There is a lot lost in the English conversion. Reef Factory is a Company out of Poland.
  5. I thought the same thing lol.
  6. looks pretty much the same. Finally starting to get some growth on things though. Putting what would be about 6+ months of magnesium in about 4 days does bad things.
  7. I have a 6025. I use it to stir things up every so often to clear any settling spots and clean off rocks. It always starts. I would trust it 1000 times more than a Jebao. Problem is it’s not controlled it’s on or off. That’s why it’s my extra pump.
  8. I know @bukused to always run live aquaria salt don’t know what now.
  9. My 3k’s hit 100% in sps mode everything else is like 85% max. That’s 4 gyres and 4 jebaos lol.
  10. Your killing me. It’s got me shopping for a laser cutter. Lol. I’ve been tossing around for awhile getting a 3D printer or a cnc router/laser.
  11. To you it’s like changing pants. Lol. J/k. I almost said only 2. But then I realized it’s a 90. You obviously get good flow because it looks pretty good. Are you running them at 100% ? gyre mode or in a random sps mode?
  12. There are so many different options you can do with an AR. That’s one of the things I like about them. You can fully make it your own.
  13. I have a coworker that has one and he said hadn’t used it for awhile I was thinking of seeing if he’d sell it.
  14. Welcome. I didn’t see this. Questions are always welcomed. We will help where we can or help find more info if we don’t know.
  15. Cetme. .308 caliber. Big boom. Don’t get to shoot it much. Rounds cost about $1.50/per now and rising. I have parts to start an AR. Just need to go get the rest some time.
  16. I got paid overtime to watch it rain/snow for 10 1/2hrs. And watched the Sugar bowl again to enjoy it more.
  17. Brs 75gpd with upgraded watersaver second membrane and just got a 3 stage di unit to help with ionic resin usage. My water is actually really clean from the tap though. My tds from the tap is 85.
  18. I fully understand shipping delays have been full on asinine. If it comes down to where you are upgrading and we haven’t done this I may have to just drive down.
  19. @crimsonviceif you start fragging out some stuff again let me know I’ll go through and fully evaluate what I think has survived and will buy some new. The stuff you sent me was fire, just my blunder did most in. WD is still around though. I don’t know how but it has hung on.
  20. Well I’ve been watching the tests and it’s been all over and decided I needed one more look at the sample length. Good thing I did. It’s been off the whole time. Somehow I either didn’t catch that the check mark was on cm. Either I hit it unknowingly or I just plain thought it was set right. I caught it because I did a drain down test of the sample line because I didn’t think that it was fully draining out. I was right. Drain down test came out to 42 and I couldn’t figure out why it was more than half total off.
  21. I didn’t have my khd hooked up all summer. I messed up not to long after getting frags from you and burnt up a ton of frags. Some have hung on and are slowly recovering others I’ve left go to see if maybe they will come back. A few have started to pick up some growth now. I’m just trying to get the khd locked in so I can go by it. I noticed the drain head chatter and stall as I was watching it. I don’t think I had the probe calibrated properly the first time as well. It was taking 40 minutes to test. Never had a titration error just long as hell to test. Now it’s about 9 minutes. We will see
  22. I have my khd. I just recalibrated it last night lol. I’m not good at rebuilding the ghl dosing heads I’ve figured out. My drain head started chattering and stuttering so 4 rebuild attempts and using a new rebuild and new head line I got it to work. With the Ion D they are in final at home tests is what have been told. They had parts and supply issues and used the time to in house R&D and improved to use 1 less dosing head so hence the new proof testing. Heard end of January perhaps.
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