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  1. Sounds good glad to join I'm sure I'll make a welcome post soon
  2. Looks good but I'd hate to travel that far with the nem and trade it for a nem sight unseen. I use to wholesale and sell coral and I've seen how nems do after a whole day of frag swaps lol.
  3. We will that's a pretty good hike from Cincinnati.
  4. Gauging interest in trade possibly open to sell. I have had this carpet for a little over 6 years. Recently moved to ohio and down graded from a 300 gallon system to a 60. The carpet is just to big for this tank and the route I want to go. I would be looking to trade for bubble tips. Gerber currently has these for $199 (mines bigger and much more vibrant) which is high, but I would want to trade for a fair value. I would consider multiple bta but willing to negotiate pending size and coloration. Carpet is 12in in diameter and must bigger at times (after feedings). Can provide more pictures if needed. Looks amazing under blues. Location: Cincinnati
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