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  1. looks good. gotta love the purple stylo
  2. Something fish related finally! Got the halide reflectors mounted up. It has been an adventure to say the least.
  3. Got the plywood mounted to the ceiling and all painted. Just realized I didn’t take any pictures of it mounted up. I will update next time I go downstairs
  4. Finally something fish tank related. Not a huge update but I made some progress. I but a sheet of 3/4 plywood to fit above the tank and secured it to the studs so I can anchor the lighting wherever I need to and not have to worry about finding a stud. Also I will be using it to mount the canopy to the ceiling and not have. It resting on the tank at all. Hope that makes sense this was a test fit. I have pulled it down and now it’s getting painted before going back up.
  5. Thank you! got some more work done last night. I got the FRP up on the wall. And finished the last countertop. I spent a few minutes yesterday cleaning up and finally got the bubble wrap off the tank. I also layed out the dimensions of the tank taped off on the workbench so I can start aquascaping.
  6. Got a little more done. Got the cabinets mounted and leveled. Got the mini fridge installed. And cot the last countertop poured with color. I still have to clear coat the last countertop and install the sink. But it’s getting closer to being time to set up the tank. Also got more of the FRP mounted to the walls in the fish room. I only have the one pic of the single piece mounted.
  7. I finally got the bar top poured and it turned out awesome! I’m super happy with it. I’m waiting on the last bit of epoxy to show up so I can clear coat this and keep moving forward. Sorry no real fish related updates.
  8. Haha. Yea the closed loop was the reasoning for me going with the pvc bottom. I also have not had a random leak from a bulk head. Only issues I have had with them was if I didn’t tighten it down correctly. I purchased the flooring for the fish room today. I don’t have pics yet but it’s a blue oak. Looks neat. I might get some sheets of FRP to cover the lower half of the walls to keep salt creep to a minimum or at least keep it easy to clean. Once the flooring goes down in the fish room I can hang the door and get to setting up the fish room. Also with the flooring done there I
  9. I’m thinking I will do 2 inlets and 4 outlets. I am going to talk to Jeremy at AA and get some advice from him since he has more experience with setting up closed loops.
  10. I will let you know. The reason I went this route for the closed loop was a couple reasons. First thing was reliability, I didn’t want to have to service a pump repeatedly that’s in a spot that if something breaks or leaks or cracks I would dump 300 gal of water on my floor. Second is noise. Everyone I have spoken to says that this pump is dead silent. I didn’t want to have the typical humming noise in my bar/living space. Third was the 10 year warranty. Nothing in this industry has a warranty even close to this pump. And lastly the ABYZZ name is kind of a status symbol (I got it on Bla
  11. Also this happend!! Couldn’t convince the wife to let me buy one for the return pump. This one will be used for the closed loop.
  12. Got the bar top all prepped and should be pouring the epoxy as early as tomorrow. I finally have power in the basement now. I was running an extension cord from outside through the rear door for any power needs. I have to get this bar top in place before I can build out the door for access under the tank on the bar side. I also keep looking at Home Depot and Lowe’s to try and find 100sq ft of flooring for the fish room. I can’t decide on using LVT. OR finding a big piece of linoleum. Or even doing peel and stick linoleum so I can replace as needed when stuff gets messed up in the fish room.
  13. I’m going to be doing epoxy over MDF. I think I have a picture of our trial board.
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