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  1. And we have drywall. The green drywall is mold resistant and used in the fish room and above the tank.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Basically make it like a big old LEGO project and have some base structure that will fit inside the holes and then have some “connecting” bridgework that’s separate but I can attach once in the tank itself.
  3. Finally had some time to get some pics. I got the rockwool up all around the fish room and all in the ceiling on the bar side. I still need to cut my “braces” that I’m going to put up between the studs so that whenever I need to mount something I don’t need to hunt for a stud while in the canopy. Also got the supports up for where the TVs will be mounted. And picked up the insulation for the exterior walls today. Going to make a big effort to try and get that done tomorrow. Then all I will have left is the drywall and finishing the plumbing for the bar sink and the utility tub for the fish roo
  4. well we got another puppy a month or two ago and that has really slowed the process on finishing out the basement. (the dogs are not vibe(ing) just yet. however i did get to go down yesterday and get some insulation up and have the drywall guy come and quote me on hanging and finishing the drywall. I did pick up the reflectors for the halides so i could start to build out the support for them in the canopy. also picked up one ballast so i can check that all my wiring is correct and long enough. Im thinking that the drywall can be done relatively quickly. the guy said he can squeeze in my basem
  5. That’s awesome! I have actually met you before. I bought some corals off you at the swap last year. I also think you are somehow related to a guy I went to paramedic school with. I will definitely need some help getting this thing all buttoned up. I’m making progress on the basement. Almost done with wiring all the lights and then it’s on to insulation and drywall. I’m trying to hold on to the promise I made to the wife and not buying anything else until the basement is done. I’m always up for help from other reefers. Jen took care of the ordering and making sure I got the correct tan
  6. yea the nice thing for us is that we have plenty of room upstairs to use for "life" so the basement is going to be a retreat for me after work and a place to relax. the size of the bar and tank in terms of square footage is quite large and most people do not want to allocate that much space in a basement because they "need" to make the basement space use able square footage. for me its all about having a place to relax with some friends and enjoy some of my hobbies ( fish/coral/ burbon/ home theater A/V) i cant wait to get this up and running. i got more of the can light junction boxes all wi
  7. thanks! as far as heat i drilled a hole to vent it outside the house and im using a blower motor from a "indoor grow supplier" that has a thermostat and humidistat built into the controller. i might just plug it into the apex and control it with tank temp or during the hours the lights are on. i will have to play that one by ear. As far as bulbs im a 20k guy and the radiums are the best for me. reflectors im debating on the big ones from hamilton i think they call them cozumel suns, or i might use the other ones that i cant recall the name of but they are more of a round reflector. i will get
  8. well more progress was made but nothing involving the tank. i got 90% of my electrical ran. just have to run the can lights to the switches. got a dedicated 20a service into the fish room and another 20a service dedicated to the canopy area to cover the lighting (400W halides plus whatever led's and pumps i may have to run as well.) i also ran all my speaker wire for the entertainment area. also finished up the runs of water lines. also buttoned up the rough in for the half bath. I still need to run the discharge side of the pump that is going to push water from the wet bar to the closest dra
  9. yes lots of visual space. DOWNSIDE aquascaping is miserable! im sure scaping this tank will be extremely daunting. but the more i look at it im thinking less is more in terms of rock work for this style of tank. i will keep updating as i get more done.
  10. Honestly I’m not the biggest “FISH” enthusiast. I am a coral guy. Every fish in the tank will have a job. No welfare here. I will probably do a small group of Bartlett anthias and maybe a small group of chalk bass. Then the usually tangs rabbit fish and a couple flasher wrasses. Nothing rare or special. The one fish I really like is crazy expensive and super reclusive is a ventralis anthias but they are like 300a piece and would want at least 3 so that’s out. As far as climbing in the tank. If she breaks it the water wouldn’t have had a chance. And I don’t know if u noticed the botto
  11. OK here goes nothing. im going to copy paste this from the other big forum. Well here goes nothing. Starting off my first tank (90 gallon) bought off craigslist fish a bio ball trickle filter and a marine land led strip light. That was a steep learning curve. The tank was in OK shape. Little hair algae but had a bit of nice live rock. Moved it home and set it up with the old sand rock and fish. Needless to say the reusing the sand was a horrible horrible decision. I measured nitrates with the api kit and my nitrates were beyond the scale of red. So it was learn how to do large wat
  12. do you still have the biocube? sent you a pm with my info.
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