Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  2. New powerhead for the 270 gallon and new fish.
  3. Sub Urban -cradles Saint motel - Van Horn AJR- Bang
  4. Need for speed payback if I play by myself. Resistance or warriors orochi 3 if I am playing with kids. Ps4 gets used for Disney Plus than games.
  5. Utter chaos. Blondies are a close second.
  6. My daughter helps with fragging and water testing. My wife helps me buy and sell at swaps.
  7. I always make the Buckeye swap. It's fun and close to home.
  8. My 20 gallon from 1999-2000. Top of the line skilter filter, aquasweep powerhead and 2 96 watt 50/50 powercompacts (who needs led!!!).
  9. Swaps and live sales keep me interested. I used to go to swaps alot, but with the kids sports schedules Perrysburg will be the first I have been to since Reefapalooza last October and may not go to another until Reefapalooza Chicago in October.
  10. My main system about every 4 days and it stinks worse than the cat's litterbox, which is why I refer to it as the fishy litterbox. Frag tank once a week.
  11. I had to switch probes and it dropped even though I calibrated. I checked with calcium reactor probe and Milwaukee ph probe and it is not that low. I just kinda live with it and make sure it doesn't get lower. Other probe is calcium reactor so I can make adjustments when Trident tells me to.
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