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  1. Do you like the Sb or the Orpheks better, or are they basically the same? I have the Orphek blues and uvs and like them, but had originally thought about the Sb. Also have the reefbreeder strip lights. They are ok, but I prefer the Orphek.
  2. Reef creators for frags in frag tank, ocean wonders black frag plugs if it is going in my display tank.
  3. ghrorick

    Top 10 Zoa's

    Utter chaos, rainbow rhinos, red hornets, rastas, gatorades
  4. Thank you. It is growing quickly and may end up in my 275 in another year or two.
  5. Tried an orange lens since I can't get a good pic. Makes the greens way brighter than they actually are.
  6. My sour apple birdsnest is growing close to the top, but it is the size of a volleyball snd the underneath is brown and not that great to look at. I have a couple of different torts that are reaching the top as well and are much prettier. You can see my tort is reaching up in my 120 gallon. Not out of the water yet, but on his way.
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