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  1. Ahh you beat us to it. Nope. In fact, we'll have it on-display at Reefapalooza Chicago if you want to see it in person.
  2. Sample size comes down to a matter of preference. 80ml is the standard option. If you wanted to bump the water sample up to 100ml for example, it will increase the accuracy of the test result to 0.1dkH
  3. At least 1 year from the time it was opened.
  4. As a thank you to all Buckeye Reef members for such a warm welcome, we at GHL would like to do something special for you. GHL SPECIAL OFFER FOR BUCKEYE REEF MEMBERS Starting June 17 to July 5, 2019...receive 15% off all GHL products! Offer includes: ProfiLux 4 / 4e controllers, Dosing pumps, LED lighting, KH Director, and more. Coupon code: BuckeyeGHLevent Coupon valid at the GHL USA online store Excludes: Aquarium Fans https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/usa/store/ AND...that's not all! We're also giving participants the opportunity to receive an additional coupon (up to 15% off) valid towards their next purchase from GHL USA! Who doesn't love extra discounts??? Here's how to qualify 10% off future coupon In order to qualify for this coupon, do the following: Purchase at least 1 of the following products; ProfiLux 4 controller...Any GHL Mitras LX7 LED...Any KH Director set Create a thread documenting your changeover and share it on Buckeye Reef and Reef2Reef ProfiLux: Post and share on R2R controller thread...example "My switch from --- to GHL ProfiLux controller Lighting: Post on R2R lighting thread KH Director: Post on R2R equipment thread Update your thread regularly Post plenty of photos, unboxing, close-ups documenting the change When the above is done...email the links to your threads to: info@ghlusa.com 15% off future coupon To qualify, do the following: Meet the 10% off coupon requirements Post a YouTube video showing an unboxing of the product Talk about why you made the purchase How you plan to use it on your tank Show what's included BONUS: Show snippets of you setting it up on the app Email both forum postings and YouTube video links to: info@ghlusa.com NOTE: Only 1 additional coupon will be issued to each participant who meets the requirements for either the 10% or 15% off coupon NOTE: Future coupon will be valid for 1 year from date of issue NOTE: Future coupon may only be used once
  5. The Breeze3 fans have a new mounting system, universal plugs, fan color options (black or white), and a new 2-fan option.
  6. GHL Fan sale is happening NOW! Propeller Breeze II - Now 20% off Just because the days are getting warmer doesn't mean your tank should too. Beat the summer heat this season with the GHL Propeller Breeze II. All GHL Propeller Breeze II fans are now 20% off while supplies last! Click here to shop Efficient and effective The Propeller Breeze II is made from the highest quality materials. Available in 3 - 6 fan models, these high quality fans effectively cool your aquarium water while performing quietly in the background. 1-10V controllable via ProfiLux Propeller Breeze II can be used as a standalone fan or controlled by a ProfiLux controller. When controlled via 1-10V, the fans can be programmed to automatically ramp up / down based on your desired temperature.
  7. We do that ourselves too. GHL production is fitted with all the machinery to design, print, assemble, test, and pack our products.
  8. With the recent launch of the new Mitras LX 7x04 LED, we felt it would be a good opportunity to give you a close-up look at how we build and prepare our products.In this video we show how the Mitras LX LED boards are manufactured in our production facility in Germany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJg8lDC0zbU Did you know?GHL has been manufacturing and developing its products for 2 decades!From the beginning we've held true to our core values in believing that the aquarium industry deserves nothing less than the best. That's why to this day, we continue to oversee and control all major production processes to ensure your GHL product works safely and reliably for years to come.Our inspection processEach and every finished component undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks. We test our own boards and do our own QC checks. Even down to the inspection of each LED diode, we check it all. We do it because...We want to make sure that each and every product that leaves GHL HQ is tried and tested to perform reliably. While our competition may outsource these tasks, we do it all ourselves. That way, we can improve existing products and innovate new ideas and bring them to life without waiting on others to deliver.Want to learn more about GHL?Click here to learn more about our philosophy on quality assurance and the products we offer.
  9. Umm...that's a tough question to answer. It all really depends on the bioload of your reef and how you have the skimmer set to run; wet or dry. If the skimmer is consistently pulling junk out of the water, then I don't see a false alarm being an issue because the "bubbles" are often moving up the neck, over, and into the cup. Any lingering skimmate on the switch if anything would weigh-down the switch making it even less likely for a false alarm.
  10. We're always open to new suggestions. Anything you have for us can be sent to: wishes@ghl-kl.de Using the same scenario, if a skimmer was overflowing while you're away, the ProfiLux can prevent this in a few ways, here's a couple: Temporarily change over the function of the skimmer to Always OFF until you return Install a float switch inside skimmer cup which can turn it off in case the cup is full.
  11. Turning off equipment for days at any given time of the week is outside of the intended purpose of the maintenance mode feature. As you said, unplug the skimmer when ever you add a new batch of those products.
  12. The manual override feature in the switch channels page is used for turning on/off an outlet for a brief moment. If you need to turn on/off an outlet for a period of time, use the Maintenance mode feature. That is where you get to choose the duration of the override and can trigger it at anytime.
  13. Did you know you can setup the ProfiLux 4 controller using only the GHL Connect app? Yes, it's true! Among our existing collection of YouTube how-to videos, we are now creating app-dedicated videos to show you how easy it is to get up and running using only the app. ProfiLux 4 Initial Setup (Setting up hotspot, getting connected to WiFi, and general setup) Assigning PAB-devices (Adding new PAB devices to P4) Programming for heater control Programming for non-dimmable lighting control How to setup and program for ATO control (1-sensor) Find these videos and many more on our GHL YouTube channel.
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