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  1. Umm...that's a tough question to answer. It all really depends on the bioload of your reef and how you have the skimmer set to run; wet or dry. If the skimmer is consistently pulling junk out of the water, then I don't see a false alarm being an issue because the "bubbles" are often moving up the neck, over, and into the cup. Any lingering skimmate on the switch if anything would weigh-down the switch making it even less likely for a false alarm.
  2. We're always open to new suggestions. Anything you have for us can be sent to: wishes@ghl-kl.de Using the same scenario, if a skimmer was overflowing while you're away, the ProfiLux can prevent this in a few ways, here's a couple: Temporarily change over the function of the skimmer to Always OFF until you return Install a float switch inside skimmer cup which can turn it off in case the cup is full.
  3. Turning off equipment for days at any given time of the week is outside of the intended purpose of the maintenance mode feature. As you said, unplug the skimmer when ever you add a new batch of those products.
  4. The manual override feature in the switch channels page is used for turning on/off an outlet for a brief moment. If you need to turn on/off an outlet for a period of time, use the Maintenance mode feature. That is where you get to choose the duration of the override and can trigger it at anytime.
  5. Did you know you can setup the ProfiLux 4 controller using only the GHL Connect app? Yes, it's true! Among our existing collection of YouTube how-to videos, we are now creating app-dedicated videos to show you how easy it is to get up and running using only the app. ProfiLux 4 Initial Setup (Setting up hotspot, getting connected to WiFi, and general setup) Assigning PAB-devices (Adding new PAB devices to P4) Programming for heater control Programming for non-dimmable lighting control How to setup and program for ATO control (1-sensor) Find these videos and many more on our GHL YouTube channel.
  6. Hi, As you guys mentioned, the Temp/Humidity sensor has some unique uses. Since we have universities and research facilities operating in a large space, they typically use this sensors to continuously monitor ambient air temperature and humidity. If it goes above the desired range, you can have the ProfiLux turn on a fan to get the air circulating in the room or even turn on exhaust fans. In hobbyist area, many use this sensor as a way to blow heat out of enclosed spaces such as stands, canopies, or even filtration rooms. Some people have even plugged-in their dehumidifiers to the powerbar. If the room becomes too humid, the unit turns ON and maintains the desired humidity in the room. In order to use this sensor, you do need the PLM-Humidity-Temp expansion card. Install the card onto the ProfiLux and connect the sensor.
  7. Since the master is what is controlling the second LX7, the schedule will be sent over from the master and is what you see when you connect to the primary LX7. What you see in the slave LX7 is not what is really running and is shown that way because it is the default setting. As long as it is set to slave mode and it follows the schedule you set, all is well.
  8. When you say the schedule is different on the slave LX7, what is different about it? The spectrum? The intensity? The reaction time to the master? Maintenance mode is used for those who wish to create a pre-defined spectrum that can be activated at any time. For example, if you do a water change in the evening and the lights are in their night time blue phase, you can activate a maintenance mode to temporarily turn up the whites. Likewise, if the lights are off or running the "daylight" schedule and you wanted to get a quick glimpse of the tank under blues, you can set a maintenance mode that would turn ON only the blues.
  9. @Jesse Nice update! Glad to hear things went smoothly for you. Just a heads up, the current P4 firmware is 7.21. https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/downloads/ghl-control-center-v1-1-2-6/#description All firmwares are included when you download the newest version of GHL Control Center.
  10. The max supported distance is 300 feet between devices. If you need to run a 30 foot cable from the ProfiLux to the Powerbar, that's no problem at all. The 10m PAB cable would be suitable for this distance.
  11. Normal firmware updates are done through GHL Control Center.
  12. The P4 can be setup with the GHL Connect app right out of the box, no PC required. Here's a video that shows you how to do that: Using the app, you can get the P4 added to your home network, setup the built-in hotspot, assign PAB devices, and setup your controller functions.
  13. Need help setting up your GHL product or maybe just curious about our products? We invite you to explore our GHL YouTube channel for videos relating to our Dosers, Mitras LX LED, ProfiLux 4 controller, and more. Here you'll find many how-to videos to get you started in the right direction. Click below to visit the official GHL YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOE8KkEuX_oDKMCph9GwPA/featured?view_as=subscriber Prefer to follow steps with photos? No problem! We have the guides for you! Below you'll find direct links to our Resource Guides: ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/downloads/profilux-4-resource-guide/ GHL Doser Resource Guide https://www.dropbox.com/s/pfglvp0d4ucfe00/GHL Doser Resource Guide.pdf?dl=0
  14. We are delighted to have joined the Buckeye Reef community and appreciate the warm welcome. To start us off, we'd like to give you some information about who were are and what we're all about. Click here to learn about our story and philosophy as we continue to innovate and bring you products that help take your reef to the next level! https://blog.marinedepot.com/2018/08/ghl-dosers-controllers-vinny-altamirano-interview.html
  15. We appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to providing updates on everything GHL!
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