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  1. Multiple shipments in just in time for the weekend. Stop in and check them out! Butterflies Angels Tangs Sand sifting gobies Clowns Lions Fighting Conch Wrasses Rabbits and Foxface Pistol shrimp Bright red Scooter Blenny A/c mandarins too! Anemones of all types
  2. Just in: Regal Angel! Orange colors from the Maldives. Fat and eating. Showpiece fish not often available! (stock image)
  3. Lots of great fish to see! Fill your tank for those Holiday guests! Lamark Angel Swallowtail Angel Juv. Koran Angel Blue Jaw Trigger Powder Blue Tang Tomini Tang Several Butterfly Fish Helfrich's Firefish Clown gobies Sandsifters More coming Friday 7/2! Flame Angels, Foxface, Tenneti Tang, Toadfish, Mimic Tangs, and more! 20% off corals this weekend!
  4. All Marine life 20% off 6/4, 6/5, and 6/6! All Fluval Sea products on sale as well. 1% of national sales donated for World Oceans Day!
  5. Flame angels in at Petco! Limited quantity
  6. Got a few tangs i thought were worth posting. New coral frags and sandsifter gobies in too!
  7. As well as a lot of must-sees in stock now! Radiata lion Green bird wrasse Vtail grouper Flounder Annularis Angel Koran Angel Nice yellow mimic tang bicolor Fiji foxface Rhino blenny A/C mandarin pair Sugarcane cleaner shrimp Tiger pistol shrimp Many varieties of sea stars, sand sifting gobies, and clowns. Along with plenty else I'm probably forgetting!
  8. Assorted Frags are 20% off! Multiple orders in this week! Small $14.99 sale $11.99 Medium $24.99 sale $19.99 Large $34.99 sale $27.99
  9. Many of the above still in stock! New arrivals: A/C Yashia goby Tiger pistol shrimps ready for pairing Fusiler damsels Clown trigger Engineer gobies Solar wrasse A/C Hippopus clam
  10. Blue spot jawfish in stock! Rhino blenny - for those oddball folks Princess parrot Foxface Convict Tang Fuzzy Angler! Blue jaw and Niger triggers Adorable porcupine puffer Lyretail anthias trio New clowns in plus more. Banggai and chromis always in stock
  11. More in today! Passer Angel Green Bird Wrasse Radiata Lion - already eating mysis and krill! Mimic tangs V-tail Grouper More aquacultured mandarins Huge selection still remaining!
  12. I guess my video didn't work lol
  13. So much to see i thought I'd try a video this week! PM for more info.
  14. Last day is Saturday! New selection in this week!
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