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  1. More in today! Passer Angel Green Bird Wrasse Radiata Lion - already eating mysis and krill! Mimic tangs V-tail Grouper More aquacultured mandarins Huge selection still remaining!
  2. I guess my video didn't work lol
  3. So much to see i thought I'd try a video this week! PM for more info.
  4. Last day is Saturday! New selection in this week!
  5. Got a beautiful 3-3.5" queen in! Hurry in! $89.99 Passers angel available for special order $224.99 Prices climbing as COVID-19 continues to limit collecting and wholesale shipping around the world. Get these beauties while you can!
  6. 20% off our Asst Frag skus through January 30th! Check out these eye-catching corals!
  7. Tangs are in at Petco! Clown Powder Blue Purple (sold) 2 spot bristletooth Half black mimic Lemon peel mimic Scopas Tomini A yellow goatfish along with more anthias too.
  8. Male anthias looks good. Where are his girlfriends hiding? Great layout btw. Very "shallows" like.
  9. Flakes and frozen brine. They are a little small for our pellets.
  10. Queen angel - show size! Subadult imperator angel Sailfin tang Naso tang Leopard wrasse Hoevens wrasse Yellow Coris wrasse Blue headed fairy wrasse Niger triggers Huma Huma trigger Snowflake eel Volitan lion Long nose hawk Arc eye hawk Engineer gobies Royal grammas Algae blennies fire and cleaner shrimp Aquacultured fish for your nanos: Jester gobies Banggai cardinals Mandarins Many different clowns Lots of cleanup crew too!
  11. Gold rim, powder blue, clown, yellow, two spot bristle to name a few tangs!
  12. Tennenti tang Lemon peel angel Tobacco basslet Lyretail anthias Sea hare Md/sm adult queen angel 89.99! Mimic tang Swallowtail angel Rusty angel Harlequin tusk Yellow goatfish Just to name a few!
  13. Mixed batch of salt and fresh for all your tanks today. Come check us out!
  14. Though we don't have skus for specific types of bubbles, I could give one of my vendors a call to see if they could help me get one special.
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