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  1. mrx1tuba

    Labout's Fairy Wrasse

    Regularly available. Stop in and I'll quote you a price
  2. Doing great. Eating krill like a champ.
  3. Update: upon further observation and measuring, appears to be closer to 8 inches. Thanks.
  4. Pretty regularly. Just don't often have enough space!
  5. This guy is BIG. 5" Melichthys niger at BG Petco $59.99
  6. That's great! I'm happy you're pleased with him. We're thinking of ordering more.
  7. How is this little guy doing?
  8. Vendor oops at BG Petco! We got this guy in as a lavender tang. Only $29.99!
  9. My Petco in Bowling Green. Haven't seen another one even close. Multiple shipments weekly.
  10. 30% off all marine life at Petco! June 7, 8, & 9th. Includes all fish, invertebrates, and live rock. 10% of all sales benefits World Oceans Day!
  11. Subadult is on the list. 109.99 Usually not too big but has good color
  12. 2 sizes usually on the list: juvenile and sub adult. I will have to check on the size ranges for those. Also, yes. For the most part. Availabilities change almost daily. We do utilize liveaquaria for our guests a lot. Pricing differs of course.
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