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  1. Gold rim, powder blue, clown, yellow, two spot bristle to name a few tangs!
  2. Tennenti tang Lemon peel angel Tobacco basslet Lyretail anthias Sea hare Md/sm adult queen angel 89.99! Mimic tang Swallowtail angel Rusty angel Harlequin tusk Yellow goatfish Just to name a few!
  3. Mixed batch of salt and fresh for all your tanks today. Come check us out!
  4. Though we don't have skus for specific types of bubbles, I could give one of my vendors a call to see if they could help me get one special.
  5. how about a unique sandsifter that your buddy doesn't have??? $99.99 Come check it out before it's gone. Blue spot jawfish available for order too! $119.99
  6. Aquacultured yellow tangs $69.99 Aquacultured coral beauties $49.99 More a/c mandarins in too! $49.99 Lots of other aquacultured fish to see too; eating flakes and pellets!
  7. No confirmation yet. Didn't seem to have much interest at the $749.99 price tag, same as liveaquaria.
  8. I have blotched anthias available. Anyone interested? PM for price. Mike
  9. yep. We got em. Small lined seahorses $69.99 ea.
  10. I'm sorry I missed being able to respond earlier. Our PALS program does not offer an everyday discount, however every dollar you spend gets you 1 point, and you get a coupon for $5 that can be used on ANYTHING for every 100 points you accumulate.
  11. Some shrimps, crabs, and snails. Stars seem to be hard to come by, still one or two orders left to come in this week.
  12. Yellow tangs BIG sailfin tang Kole tang Tomini Scopas Plenty of chromis Anthias, butterflies, wrasses, clowns, and aquacultured gobies! Lots of new sps frags too... Great week to stop in!
  13. Lots of ORA standard and designer clowns in today! Mocha Storm already sold!
  14. Nice size yellow tangs, naso, and orange shoulder tang(already changing). A few more little fish like grammas and dottybacks. Small clown trigger and snowflake eel. Not many inverts except a few urchins. A couple more orders due in this week still.
  15. Fish are ordered and hopefully arriving every day next week! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday! (Provided posting this doesn't jinx me a second time! Still open 10-6 every day.
  16. I believe the last time I had one it was 39 or 49
  17. I believe the last time I had one it was either 39 or 49
  18. mrx1tuba


    I have a mixed pair: frostbite female and a premium gladiator male. Couldn't find a pic yet.
  19. Might be coming to a Petco near you...
  20. Blue jaw trigger Flame hawk Swallowtail angel Two bar rabbit Magnificent foxface Asfur angel Chalk basslet Ora filefish Scissortail goby Bicolor blenny Along with some other aquaculture gobies, clowns, dottybacks, and cardinals. Also have a variety of easy corals with a varying price range. Not many inverts other than cleaner shrimp and a handful of crabs and snails.
  21. I've been off the last two days so I'll try to get look in the morning at what's left.
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