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  1. Nice shop! I'd love to put something like that together one day.
  2. I swear your Tang is in the exact same position in every picture
  3. jakesweep


    I've looked into that. There's a lot of reef related stuff that would be fun to automate or track with Pi or Arduino. Edit: That's strange. It looked like I didn't actually submit the post above when I looked at it earlier today, so I posted again. Weird. Sorry for the multiple posts...
  4. jakesweep


    I've looked into that and will eventually put something DIY together. ReefPi is pretty solid!
  5. Well, I literally installed that refugium last week. I did clean my sump out a few weeks ago though, so it's pretty spiffy
  6. Well, so far it's only in my refugium. I shut down the flow to the fuge just to try and keep it out. If I can keep it from spreading and only lose a little chaeto, I'm ok with that. Of course I'm leaving town for vacation at the end of the week. Hopefully it doesn't go crazy while I'm gone.
  7. Interesting. I'll look into that too. I just started running GFO in the same reactor as the carbon last week too.
  8. That's good to know. I've been reading up a bit on it and realized too that I just cleaned my powerheads and return pump by soaking them in a 50/50 vinegar/RODI solution. I feel like they were rinsed fairly well, but that could be weighing into this a bit.
  9. I am definitely using activated carbon. And I just changed that out a few days ago. I'll shut down the #1 reactor for now and look into that.
  10. Anyone have any idea what this is? I've poked around, but my Google-fu is coming up short. It's only in my fuge. Here are my current params: Nitrate, Phosphate, Nitrite, Ammonia - undetectable dKh - 8.9, Calcium - 440 Recent changes: There have been a lot. New fuge. New Chaeto. I've been feeding live Phyto. I added pods to the fuge and I don't see any in there anymore. I also dosed 2-part for the first time the other day.
  11. Not much of an update this week. I'm heading to Canada in a week, so I'm prepping to leave the tank in the care of my kids and inlaws. Really though, I feel like my daughter can handle things just fine. There shouldn't be much to do besides feed the fish and scrape the glass. I'll be leaving a daily checklist and having someone knowledgeable on call for emergencies. I'll have the RODI tank full and a fresh batch of saltwater mixing before I head out. Having a Apex helps too. Today I did pump and powerhead maintenance. This is the first time I've pulled the return pump and serviced it. There was a fair bit of gunk in there to clean out. The whole process went smoothly and the Varios 6 was super easy to dismantle and reassemble. Here's everything soaking in a 50/50 RODI + Vinegar bath: The Vortech MP10s are super easy to maintain as well. They got the same treatment although I've been tearing them down every month or so. I'll probably service the return pump every 3 months. The tank is doing great though! I've been scrubbing hair algae off of the rocks and paired with a big water change last week, I dare say I was able to get it under control before it got bad. Fingers crossed. I'm running a bit of GFO and with the new refugium setup, I feel like nutrients will be easier to keep under control Here are a couple of FTS from this week: Daytime Nighttime
  12. Man. Stuff like this makes me want to jump off the Apex train and go all aboard with GHL. But money...
  13. I'll be down in downtown Columbus this coming Friday (the 11th). If you still have some frags, will you be available early afternoon? I'll have a tight schedule, but it would be sweet to work something out!
  14. Ooh nice! I've been thinking about selling my Noopsyches and have heard great things about those lights.
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