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  1. Sorry. Didn't get the notification for these replies. I did reply to your DM though.
  2. I'll stick around for sure! Not sure how soon I'll be building out a new tank, but I'll definitely share when I do. Thanks!
  3. Hey all. We'll be moving back west this summer and I spent my Saturday tearing down this tank. Selling it all! I can ship pretty much everything but the tank at your expense. You can read about this tank in the build thread: IM Nuvo 25 Lagoon Tank - $300 (pickup only near Wadsworth, OH) Upgraded Return Pumps: 2x Sicce 0.5 Includes Heaters: 2x Eheim 50W Includes Bastardized Tunze 9001 Skimmer Includes unused stock MightyJet pump I'd consider selling the table/stand it sits on if interested AI Prime HD Light - $150 Includes mount Ha
  4. Well, unfortunately had to tear this tank down this weekend as we are moving back to Colorado in a few months. I'll be listing the tank along with a bunch of other goodies over the next few days.
  5. Ok. Was able to sell them to the local store. This post can be locked.
  6. Ok. It's crunch time. These guys need to go ASAP. Whoever can come pick them up can have them for free!
  7. Yeah. Going to just sell it all and rebuild in the future when things are a bit more stable as far as knowing where we are going to live.
  8. A couple of beauties. They are still young enough to have the orange coloration in their faces. They are a matched pair bought from Live Aquaria Diver's Den. I was going to start a new tank, but now we're in talks about moving again, so I'm going to put the brakes on building out this new tank. This is literally the only livestock I have right now. Just paid $100 + shipping for the pair. Willing to let them go for $80. I'll be listing all my equipment as soon as these guys find a home. Pickup in Wadsworth, OH only.
  9. Are you available next weekend at all? I'm a couple hours from you, but would potentially take a lot off your hands. Need to actually start stocking this tank that I set up forever ago....
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