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  1. Our house is being listed next week, so I really need to find a home for this tank! $200 takes it and I'll throw in the Tunze ATO
  2. Apex, DOS, and misc stuff sold! Willing to make a deal on what's remaining. I'm willing to ship everything but the tank. If you need a RO system, this is everything you need and then some!
  3. Sorry. Didn't get the notification for these replies. I did reply to your DM though.
  4. I'll stick around for sure! Not sure how soon I'll be building out a new tank, but I'll definitely share when I do. Thanks!
  5. Hey all. We'll be moving back west this summer and I spent my Saturday tearing down this tank. Selling it all! I can ship pretty much everything but the tank at your expense. You can read about this tank in the build thread: IM Nuvo 25 Lagoon Tank - $300 (pickup only near Wadsworth, OH) Upgraded Return Pumps: 2x Sicce 0.5 Includes Heaters: 2x Eheim 50W Includes Bastardized Tunze 9001 Skimmer Includes unused stock MightyJet pump I'd consider selling the table/stand it sits on if interested AI Prime HD Light - $150 Includes mount Have original box Apex 2016 System - $575 This is the exact package: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/apex-controller-system-neptune-systems.html Probes stored wet Works perfectly Apex DOS - $220 Practically unused Have original box (2x) Vortech MP10QD - $150/each All cleaned up and ready to go Still whisper quiet Tunze 3155 ATO - $125 Pump is a little noisy but has never let me down. You can easily get a replacement pump for around $25. Price reflects this. Have original box 5 gallon RO container Marine Depot KleanWater 4-Stage Economy RO/DI System - 100 GPD - $100 RO Buddy System - $120 Brute Trash Cans (20g and 32g I think) - $40 These are drilled with 1/2" PVC bulkheads and some plumbing Reef Octopus Classic 150-INT - $100 Everything Else - $80 Pellets and frozen food Cleaning tools and supplies Carbon 2-part Test kits Hanna dKH tester Refractometer Misc pumps and powerheads Heaters (for mixing, etc.) Filter floss Lots of other stuff Must take it all
  6. Well, unfortunately had to tear this tank down this weekend as we are moving back to Colorado in a few months. I'll be listing the tank along with a bunch of other goodies over the next few days.
  7. Ok. Was able to sell them to the local store. This post can be locked.
  8. Ok. It's crunch time. These guys need to go ASAP. Whoever can come pick them up can have them for free!
  9. Yeah. Going to just sell it all and rebuild in the future when things are a bit more stable as far as knowing where we are going to live.
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