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  1. Nice. I just moved here from Colorado last year. I miss it out there for sure! Grand Lake is great. If you head north into the park, you have a pretty good chance of seeing some moose.
  2. Camera camera. Canon 6D with a 24-70 2.8L II lens. I do real estate photography as a side gig which gives me an excuse to play with some sweet gear. I need to get a macro lens for tank shots though!
  3. A couple more fishies joined the fray yesterday! A pair of Bangai Cardinals acclimated just fine and promptly went to try to hide in the same corner as the clownfish. The clownfish both freaked out and went to hide. Then the cardinals went and found another spot to hide. They are starting to poke their heads out a little bit now. I had a Bangai in my old tank and it was one of my favorites. Happy to have a pair in here!
  4. A couple of new fish appeared in my tank yesterday! One decided to poke his head out.
  5. Crazy. I just read an article the other day on Cyanobacteria and how it's pretty much responsible for life on earth.
  6. Finally got a good one after coaxing them out of hiding with food! Meet Sprinkles and Neo. They seem to be doing great and eating well. Starting to become adventurous getting out of the cave every now and then.
  7. I just got back from vacation. It was great. Went to Massachusetts to a music festival put on by the band Wilco. In the year I've been here, I haven't met one person in OH that knows Wilco. I guess I haven't met many people. I don't get out much LOL. But I just won this thread. So I've got that going for me....which is nice.
  8. Thanks! Stole the idea somewhere from the internet
  9. Oh man. Yeah that's a lot of little bodies to feed. I just got back from Triton Aquaculture up in Macedonia and ended up with 6 hermits (3 Blue-legged and 3 Red-legged) and 6 snails (3 Nerite and 3 Trochus). Also ended up with two beautiful Mai Tai clowns. Hopefully it's not too early for them, but they're here. I'll be keeping an eye on things and am prepped for water changes if need be.
  10. I got the lid from Clearview. Unfortunately it was completely out of square. They screwed up a measurement when cutting out the hole for the overflow and it threw everything else off. Their customer service has been great though. They promptly sent me a return label and are going to expedite getting it fixed and back to me. We all make mistakes, but they owned it and are making it right which is great in my book. Some good news though: I do believe my tank is cycled! I've been consistently testing Ammonia and Nitrites @ 0. I've got a slight diatom bloom, but nothing crazy. I think we're good to go!
  11. Update on the MP10: EcoTech is sending a new wet side and it will be here tomorrow. Looking forward to getting rid of that rattle! Cycle-wise, things are coming along. Starting to see a hint at some brown spots on the rock and sand. Looks like we're getting a bit of a diatom bloom. I'm just happy to see some life in the tank! Aaaaand I got an awesome email today...after a bit over a month of waiting...
  12. I've spent way too freakin' much money lately, so it will be awhile, but I'm looking at the Canon 100mm. I used to have the Tamron 90mm and it was a great lens too.
  13. A macro lens for my camera and maybe some supplemental T5 lighting (which will help with photos).
  14. Not much to update. The tank is still cycling. I've been ghost feeding and taking some measurements here and there to make sure the cycle doesn't stall. I am however having an issue with one of my MP10s where it is making a really obnoxious rattling sound. After talking with EcoTech support, it seems like I have a bad wet-side on one of the powerheads. Looks like I'll be RMA-ing it next week, so we'll see how that goes. Here's a video of the rattle if you're curious:
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