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  1. Yeah. Going to just sell it all and rebuild in the future when things are a bit more stable as far as knowing where we are going to live.
  2. A couple of beauties. They are still young enough to have the orange coloration in their faces. They are a matched pair bought from Live Aquaria Diver's Den. I was going to start a new tank, but now we're in talks about moving again, so I'm going to put the brakes on building out this new tank. This is literally the only livestock I have right now. Just paid $100 + shipping for the pair. Willing to let them go for $80. I'll be listing all my equipment as soon as these guys find a home. Pickup in Wadsworth, OH only.
  3. Are you available next weekend at all? I'm a couple hours from you, but would potentially take a lot off your hands. Need to actually start stocking this tank that I set up forever ago....
  4. Sorry for leaving y'all hanging! For some reasons my notifications were going to spam. Tank actually cycled a few weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to add anything, so everything looks the same. I'll have to say, the tank did cycle way faster than my last one did. I should be able to make some time to start adding inhabitants this weekend though. Still not 100% what kind of fish we'll want.
  5. Alright. The time has come. Final price drop on this. $0. Yep. Free. Someone please come pick this thing up out of my garage.
  6. Ok y'all. This needs to go away soon. Price dropped to $100!
  7. Installed the ATO and moved the Apex behind the tank. Trying to keep down wire clutter is tough on this open stand. Added ammonium chloride and brought the ammonia level up to ~3ppm. Once everything was stable (temp ~83F, salinity 16ppt) I added the Dr. Tim's bacteria. I'll be keeping a close eye on this cycle for science.
  8. Lights and pending and Varios sold. Skimmer is still available.
  9. After a 72hr leak test and countless hours waffling over the aquascape, the tank is wet! Don't mind the wires. They won't be like that for long. I think I'm going to need to move the Apex power bar behind the tank.
  10. Lights look cool! You could either try to DIY cut notches for the mount in the acrylic, or I think you can order new side pieces from ClearView lids.
  11. I used One and Only in my last tank and it worked. I didn't lower the salinity and push up the temps though. Gonna try it out in this new build.
  12. Glad to see it coming together, and looking forward to seeing it up and running! You could potentially raise the fuge up and stick some sort of ATO container underneath? Or maybe scoot the fuge all the way back which might give you enough room for a skinny container up front? I had thought about trying those things at one point.
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