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  1. Anyone have any aqua illumination lights available?
  2. Need a black ai prime preferably an hd.
  3. Looking for a decent refugium sump for a 125.
  4. Decent refugium sump for a 125.
  5. Ok if it does and you decide to part out id be interested in the tank.
  6. Located in the Columbus area. Need a black AI Prime.
  7. Ryan345

    AI Prime

    Need another prime preferable a black one.
  8. Where are you? I’d do a meet halfway deal.
  9. Looking to sell my nuvo 40 gallon AIO. Bought new in Feb upgraded to a larger tank. Comes with the APS aluminum stand. Also have some extras like a UV sterilizer, custom caddy media basket that I was using as a fuge a protein skimmer, spin stream nozzle. Also have the IM mesh screen lid as well.
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