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  1. yeah I dont have any plans on taking it down
  2. Lewis Center, just North of Columbus
  3. I have a few items for sale: AI Prime Fuge light w/mount -175 3x Viparspectra 165w $75 ea or 3 for 175 72" current usa IC pro with mounts - 250 fluval M60 AIO with stand, light, skimmer, pump -400 Rainbow BTA - 40 zoas - punk rockers, petroglyphs, nirvana's, mind blowing palys, several others, prices vary Kenya trees - several different sizes prices vary will consider all reasonable offers
  4. top down video after feeding...couldnt upload the video https://m.facebook.com/groups/248208925355315?view=permalink&id=1625559110953616
  5. I have a permanent spot at the Yogi Bear at Dogwood Valley, and it's awesome there. they have a daily activity calendar for the kids, and about a 6-8 acre lake with inflatables and water slides on one side and peddle boats and fishing on the other. I would highly recommend it if you can find an opening
  6. welll....I went a little auction crazy during this COVID house arrest. PSA, if you havent checked out Cheezy Corals ( Cheezy Frags N Stuff on Facebook) they have auctions every weekend and can get some awesome deals. just be careful because sometimes everything you bid on you actually win and then you have to explain to you wife what this paypal transaction is....again...But anyways, my 55(-5 for nanoreef13) frags came in today, yes 55 frags, and couldnt be happier with the livestock, everything is healthy and opened up, and once it all settled and I get it in place my tank should be pretty
  7. I have 3 Viparspectra 165w available. used approximately 1yr. $75 ea or all 3 for $200. New on amazon for $129.99 each Product description Welcome to the VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series Dimmable V165 165W LED Aquarium Light, with full spectrum layout, built in timer, dimmable ability and advanced heat dissipation system, specially designed to provide perfect lighting environment for all your precious water creatures. Design: Full spectrum that mimic natural light to help corals/fish achieve the best balance.
  8. I got the EL module, so the PH and temp probe, I have the flow monitor and ATO for now, any recommendations on things you would do without? the tangs have all been great, bad aggression only lasted about a week really
  9. Well, I decided between my kids' education and the reef tank today...and the tank won. Decided to move into the big leagues with the Apex and Radion Gen 5s for the tank tank today. I got the lights installed today, but the apex will have to wait until the morning. I am going to redue my plumbing (going to try to do it right this time) so if anyone is experienced with this and would like to help I do have plenty of beer, sure I plan on doing it in the morning but I wont judge if you dont. pictures of everything to come........but seriously if you dont have anything going on tomorrow and lo
  10. I have several frags of each available. below is the link to the post's from Facebook for the puctures shoot me an offer. Mind Blowing Paly Petroglyphs Nuclear Death Purple Monsters Punk Rockers large drags of Kenya Trees https://www.facebook.com/groups/248208925355315/permalink/1569196583256536/
  11. I started with one yellow, then got the other yellow, kole, and foxface at the same time. they old yellow picked on the the new one for a couple days, but he kinda had the foxface backing him up. the latest was the addition of the sailfin and was pretty worried about him the first week or so, both yellows and the foxface kept picking on him. I'm a few weeks in now and they arent best friends by any means, but are tolerating each other. the 2 yellows and foxface dont bother each other anymore, and the kole has always just did his own thing
  12. I've been part of this group for a little more than a year when I first set up my tank, but i haven't got around to posting anything about it. So, a little backstory with it. I had bought my house about 10 yrs ago and had an unfinished basement, shortly after my aunt was tearing down her freshwater tank and gave it to me for free. Its a 125, so takes up quite a bit of space. So i kinda built my basement around where i wanted the tank, and put it in the wall separating the main area of the basement and the guest room. Got the basement finished and the tank in the wall and it sat...and s
  13. I might have to look into that. I'm using the Triton supplements and they are supposed to have the required nutrients to grow chaeto in it though
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