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  1. how much for a cor20, an apex module, and the skimmer?
  2. if you find one I have a current usa 72" with 2 lights, 2 'L' brackets and the loop module I would let go for $250
  3. where are you located? I am interested in several fish and coral
  4. where are you located? I would be interested in all of the livestock
  5. I'll buy them, where are you located?
  6. I have the 2 light 72" current USA LED with 2 L brackets for sale/trade. asking $400
  7. RangerSharp


    Does anyone near Columbus have any fish they are trying to re-home? I'm looking for a blue hippo tang, but am also open to others. if you have anything your are wanting to sell shoot me a message, 931-801-7087 (located near polaris)
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