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  1. Two large rocks with coral for sale. 13”x6” rock covered in Xenia-$40 note the toadstool was removed and is not included, but I do have plenty of frags for sale for $5. 8”x9” rock covered in gsp-$30
  2. Prices dropped- 90 gallon-$750Ro/di- $75Biocube-$150
  3. Located in Westerville Ohio. Wanting to try to sell the whole 90 gal together, RO/DI together, or 29 gal together
  4. 90 gallon rimmed marine land tank with corner overflow. Black stand, has a few scuff marks that just need painted over. $800 40 lbs live sand maybe 30 lbs live rock everything to plumb the tank, nice colored fittings and pipe from BRS for hurbie style or regular white for durso 2 125w Eheim Jager heaters Trigger systems ruby 36 sump Return pump rated around 700 gph(will have to check brand) 1 mars aqua 165w black box led light jebao gyre crossflow jebao wavemaker 10 gallon quarantine setup with hob filter, heater, air stone, some pvc to hide in, a fake plant, and some unused coppersafe Livestock included: misbar snowflake ocellaris clown firefish black cardinalfish small bubble tip pom Pom crab large brittle star (9 years old now-huge) lots of snails tons of Xenia over most of the rocks green star polyps over most rocks green toadstool that keeps dropping babies all over (maybe 10 frags from it reproducing like this) some zoa frags favia frag encrusting pink soft coral that looks like gsp Unknown hard coral frag I was upgrading tanks and switching this over. After I thought I had my plumbing good there was a leak from my plumbing, so parts of the plumbing need redone. The tank is not currently running water down to the sump, just circulating through the 90 gallon. I have all of the parts to fix the plumbing issue. Also have 4 stag RO/DI unit $100 Also have 29 gallon rimmed bio cube and stand, return pump, heater, reef octopus hob skimmer $200 also have tons of other random supplies you can look at and see if you want anything

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