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  1. They’re basically just comments on Dino threads talking about when adding Chaeto to a Dino out break they begin to grow on the Chaeto. I’ll try to find some to link, but haven’t found any threads completely dedicated to the topic. The outbreak was contained to the frag rack that I just introduced to the tank, which I’m guessing is due to it having nothing competing for the space prior. Once I pulled that out last night, dipped the corals on it, and then blasted them with tank water for a minute I got them all glued down. Haven’t seen any today so I’m hoping that was why they showed up. Think I’m going to wait it out a few weeks on Chaeto and try to dirty up the tank a bit.
  2. Thanks @muttley000, but after some further reading I heard Chaeto is a Dino magnet. I think I’m seeing a small outbreak in my tank so I’m going to shy away from it for a little while. Thanks again.
  3. Anyone have any Chaeto available? Don’t need much just enough to fit in my in tank media basket. In Toledo area but willing to travel a little ways. Thanks.
  4. Here’s some more of the order: Utter Chaos: Rasberry Limes: God of Wars:
  5. Added 7 zoas to my frag rack from the cherry corals live sale. Going to get some pictures of all of them, but these Latin Lovers are by far my favorite... CB Latin Lovers Zoa:
  6. Picked up 4 today. I was planning on getting 5, but the wholesale price didn’t work out so I’m a little bummed ($19 a piece so if that discourages you I understand and I’m sorry). Anyways after tearing my tank apart for the past hour to get rid of the peppermint shrimp they’re in the tank in their container. I’ll update once they’ve gotten out. Again, I’m really sorry the price got changed. I’m not sure if it was a mistake on reeftown not covering shipping or what happened there, but I was told that with shipping and tax they came out to that price.
  7. Pics from around the tank... Clownfish (going to be getting him a mate pretty soon most likely): ORA Pearlberry that I can’t figure out how to take pictures of/get the colors right: Hammer corals now up to 10 or 11 heads:
  8. @Muttley000 i was going to say the same thing as @Fishoutofwater. I’ll feel bad about you missing out, let me know if you’re interested.
  9. @Muttley000 @RockyProndoa update to save you guys the trip, they will be coming in next week (sorry about that, I lost her number and couldn’t stop in until today). Really excited to get these in my tank and a little relieved I have more time to catch my shrimp lol.
  10. Stopping in at 4 today, hopefully they came in! I’ll let you guys know
  11. Just got done talking with Laurie, she’ll be ordering between 14-16 for us and more on top of that for her shop. We’ll be getting the wholesale cost for our portion for helping cover the shipping cost. If she orders tonight/tomorrow like we talked about they should be in next Thursday. She might start carrying them if they sell well so others that didn’t get in on this can get some too. I’ll keep you guys updated, now I just have to get this peppermint shrimp out of my tank. @Muttley000 @RockyProndoa
  12. The more the better. Any chance you know about how many you’d need so I can give the owners some numbers while I’m there?
  13. Had some stuff pop up last week and didn't get around to getting ahold of Laurie. I'm heading there on Thursday for water and going to do a little sales pitch on these guys (have a pretty good relationship with the owners). I can let her know that we would be buying 9-10 between the two of us and see if they can order, hold and distribute them for us and order more on top to cover shipping/sell to their customers and make a little money. I'm going to see if they'll keep the Reeftown pricing for us since we'll be helping to cover shipping and I'm sure they'll sell fast, @Muttley000 are you still interested?
  14. I think they look good in your tank. In my opinion they’re faster growers and about the same hardiness as ricordea Florida. Ricordea Florida were real slow growers for me in the past though. I did read that once they’re settled in they don’t like to be moved much, but I haven’t messed with mine or moved it since adding.
  15. Thank you all very much. It’s starting to come together a lot more. Some pics after a water change last night under the blues:
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