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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I feel the same way about not seeing anything worth the money when I could put that towards something like coral or fish. I feel that a lot of the clothes currently on the market are usually purchased as niche gifts for that family member or friend you know owns a reef tank, rather someone genuinely wanting to own it. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that some brands have had really good merchandise that I’m sure many hobbyists enjoy. However, it seems like those are few and far between.
  2. In advance, I’m sorry for the bit of a pitch/rant you’re about to read if you’re seeing this... For anyone that I haven’t met yet, my name is Bear and I’m a college student at the University of Toledo. It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on here, turns out a global pandemic and finishing out school don’t really go together very well. Throughout this past year, however, I’ve had time to start thinking about a big problem I’ve seen in the reefing industry that’s been bugging me since I started reefing in 2011: shirts, apparel, etc. seeming too quirky, bland, and specific for my taste (
  3. Looking to buy one turbo snail. Trying not to travel too far. Thanks!
  4. Definitely should have a good amount left over, I think I counted around 40 the other day. I’ll check again when my morning lights start coming on and let you know.
  5. @Sevitz5 yeah I could meet in Beaverdam. Any day work best for you?
  6. I could meet in Findlay if that works for you, if needed I could drive out to Lima. I don’t trust myself to ship these, especially with how backed up mail is right now.
  7. *Putting 6-10 in DBTC if @Jesse approves* My tank’s aptasia is almost completely cleared up after 3 months and I’d like to sell some of the bhergia to make a bit of the money I put into them back. The ones that I’m selling will be larger than the ones posted in DBTC. Will be including instructions on how to acclimate to tank. Pricing (Should add no less than 3 to a tank as they hunt in packs): 1/2 inch bhergia 3-pack: $15 1/2 inch bhergia 5-pack: $20 1/2 inch bhergia 10-pack: $35 For reference on pricing, I bought 8 online for $100 when they were on sale and 6 when
  8. Thanks guys, was a bit of a struggle with the aptasia outbreak but I’m glad it’s getting back to where I want it! We can definitely work something out, I’ll be in Toledo until the end of the month and I hope the aptasia will be cleared by then. I’ll definitely let you know the less I see in the tank.
  9. Hope everyone’s doing well during all the craziness! Been awhile since I’ve been on here. So here’s a little update. Bhergia have reproduced a ton and almost cleared up the aptasia and after that’s done I’ll be looking to get them to someone else.
  10. They’re basically just comments on Dino threads talking about when adding Chaeto to a Dino out break they begin to grow on the Chaeto. I’ll try to find some to link, but haven’t found any threads completely dedicated to the topic. The outbreak was contained to the frag rack that I just introduced to the tank, which I’m guessing is due to it having nothing competing for the space prior. Once I pulled that out last night, dipped the corals on it, and then blasted them with tank water for a minute I got them all glued down. Haven’t seen any today so I’m hoping that was why they showed up. Think I
  11. Thanks @muttley000, but after some further reading I heard Chaeto is a Dino magnet. I think I’m seeing a small outbreak in my tank so I’m going to shy away from it for a little while. Thanks again.
  12. Anyone have any Chaeto available? Don’t need much just enough to fit in my in tank media basket. In Toledo area but willing to travel a little ways. Thanks.
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