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  1. @Muttley000 Here’s a bad quality phone pic, I’m not thinking they are rastas either. I was thinking sunny ds for sure. They’re a lot brighter in person (the last picture looks more true to color). The bottom right of the mat is starting to bunch up get lighter like a new polyp is forming, not that it shows in the pic lol.
  2. Thanks! The zoa and Yuma you gave me are doing great. Hoping the zoa is ready to frag in a month or two for dbtc.
  3. New FTS, looking to add some more Zoanthids to the zoa garden pretty soon. Also thinking about getting a small clownfish to pair the black ice with.
  4. Thank you @crimsonvice! I’m really debating on making this an all zoa tank right now lol.
  5. Picked these up from @DonDon1 a couple weeks ago. Playboy bunnies and nebula people eaters. Not sure if I’m going to add any more zoas to the garden or just let it grow for the next 6 months or so.
  6. Any more zoas available? @DonDon1
  7. Had a great time meeting @Muttley000 this weekend, he’s a real stand up guy and was great to talk with. Got the Rasta from dbtc as well as a really nice ricordea Yuma and piece of monti cap. I also picked up an acan lord frag from salty critter in vermilion this morning. New Fts: Zoa garden is starting to fill in (need a few more colors still): DBTC zoa (hermit ripped it off the plug): Yuma:
  8. I’d probably go half on one with you in about 5 months lol
  9. Thank you @Jon Fishman!
  10. @surjer Thank you! In all honesty it’s probably one of the best purchases you can make for a nano. Between the controllability and growth you get with it, it’s well worth the price.
  11. @Muttley000 #1 reason to become a supporter!
  12. Finally got these glued down after 47 attempts...
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