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  1. I’d probably go half on one with you in about 5 months lol
  2. @surjer Thank you! In all honesty it’s probably one of the best purchases you can make for a nano. Between the controllability and growth you get with it, it’s well worth the price.
  3. @Muttley000 #1 reason to become a supporter!
  4. Finally got these glued down after 47 attempts...
  5. @Muttley000 That would be amazing if you could do that! I’ve always wanted to try Monti cap, do you have any tips on placement in a nano to make sure it doesn’t shade out the entire tank eventually?
  6. @Muttley000 Thanks! The goal right now is to fill in the zoa garden before the scrambled eggs take over the whole rock (I’d like to add rastas, playboy bunnies, and tubbs blues). Then I’d like to add a pink or red Monti cap somewhere mid level in the tank where it won’t do too much shading. And finally add some sps once I think the tanks ready and my job settles down to part time for school (hopefully around August/September).
  7. And here are some pictures documenting some of the coral growth so far... Hammer growth from April 29th to now: Scrambled Egg Zoanthids April 20th to now:
  8. Hey everyone, I figured I'd start a build thread on here to keep up with the progress of my tank that I started March 22 of this year. Thanks for looking! Equipment: IM Nuvo 10 gallon AI Prime HD (with mount) Sicce Silent 1.0 Return Eheim Jager 50 Watt heater Maintenance: Hella water changes Every other day scrape glass Fish: Black Ice Clownfish Corals: Zoanthids- Goblins on Fire Scrambled Eggs Soft Corals- Neon Green Toadstool Leather LPS- Green Branching Hammer Inverts: 6 blue-legged hermits March 22, 2019: April 22, 2019: May 22, 2019: Current FTS:
  9. Thank you fishoutofwater! Thanks!
  10. Thank you very much. How’s getting back into it going for you? I honestly forgot how much time I put into it until I got started again lol. Excited to be here! Thank you Travis! Thank you! Haven’t ran into anyone with a tank out here yet so that’s good to hear. Everyone on this forum seems super friendly!
  11. Hey everyone, I got out of the hobby in 2016 because I moved to Toledo to attend college. I finally had the time and funds to start a new tank in March of this year. I was really glad that this forum popped up when I searched “Ohio reef groups” on google. Excited to check out everyone’s tanks and hopefully share the hobby with others! Here’s some pics and info about my current tank: IM Nuvo Fusion 10 gallon tank with an AI Prime HD Light.
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