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  1. Ya mostly pretty similar. Seems like some things dont scale up especially well though. For example, I'm pretty much out of luck if I meeded to do a 50% or larger water change. Just nowhere to put that much water to mix. A lot of various filtration products don't quite work either (ex. Some of the filter pads that absorb variois things. I'd need a giant stack to make it work). Otherwise, ya it's the same just more. Funny thing is the new skimmer is actually likely to be less imposing than my DIY. It's a Deltec SC 2561 that's coming over from the UK, so something like 12" diameter and 24" t
  2. I'm still working on getting that sorted. The tank has pretty much always had any high nitrates and phosphates are elevated too so nutrient export has been a major challenge. Been doing relatively small water changes (44g ish) weekly trying to work my nutrient levels down. I'd do more but there's only so much room for barrels of water in the house. Running a refugium and trying carbon dosing to help reduce my need for constant water changes. Usually gravel vac an area whenever I do a water change too. I do have some plans for am auto water change setup that runs off the Apex but havent ha
  3. Ask and ye shall receive: FTS 650g and 75g (lines on 650 are aquascaping planning related) Other side and some QT: Fish! more to come... Site suddenly started having issues on me
  4. Hello all! I'm not actually in Ohio, but have always lived pretty close by and have spent plenty of time across the state line. Also noticed a lot of presence in the Toledo and Cincy areas, which are both highly accessible for me. To be completely honest, found this place while looking for people selling rock and equipment fairly locally. Tanks: 650g FOwLR - mostly predator (with sharks!). Zetlight lighting, DIY skimmer, homebuilt sump w/refugium (not my work though), working on new aquascape with a lot more rock. 75g "grow up" tank for those guys that need to grow out of the sh
  5. Hi Dustin! Nice store you have started there. The Buckeye reef account setup went smoothly for me. Couple quick comments though: 1. The corals all look sideways. seems like they should be rotated clockwise 90 degrees. Minor thing really. 2. The food only goes into the cart in 32 oz increments (8x 4oz and 4x 8oz). Also not clear on the format of the food (pellets, flakes, powder, etc.), though I see from a post on here that it's a frozen food (kinda important thing to know with online orders). I would be very interested in giving it a try, but not sure I'd want to commit to 2lbs
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