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  1. I have 50 gallons of rodi in my basement i can mix it to salt and heat and stir it just let me know im in Bedford
  2. I saw you had a seam bust do you need rodi water or anything
  3. Spent too much but pretty happy with my purchases
  4. What did you pick up for your tank for black friday?
  5. Hello I am nick have been gathering supplies to start my 90 gallon mixes reef this will be my 2nd tank my last crashed while out of town (tank sitter neglected tank) several years ago the current specs I have are 90 gallon reef ready with corner Emerald 34 sump Varios 6 Tunze ato 60 lbs of reef sand special grade Plumbing with 2 manifolds for future use 100lbs of reef saver currently being cycled in brute tank And as soon as I get my flooring installed it might actually get wet
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