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  1. Saltwatter master test kit Reef master test kit Went a different route with test kits if you want them you can have then Toledo area. Amazon destroyed the comtainers they are in but everything is there and only used a few times
  2. Cant wait to see the results
  3. In the next year i will be upgrading lights how do you like the mitras
  4. What have you done with your GHL control system?
  5. I have been buying products that have a good track record and reputation generaly staying away from brand new tech lol
  6. I bought the profilux 4 mega set and 2 float switches so when the maxi dose is back in stock i can pick one up. So far i think its pretty cool i couldn't hook up my powerbar yet ( cord missing) but so far im enjoying the monitoring and will play around with programing once i get the cord ! Would recommend
  7. Sorry The display is on my first floor and the quarantine would be in the basement
  8. I am looking at setting up a coral quarantine/frag tank in my basement under my display tank and setting up an awc to empty the old tank water into the frag tank then that will overflow down the drain. Has anyone had success doing this? Or thoughts ?
  9. Will there be another group buy im looking at getting the maxi doser (awc) and controller set ?
  10. Nickn


    Does anyone have captive bred trochus or cerith snails available in the toledo area.
  11. I have 50 gallons of rodi in my basement i can mix it to salt and heat and stir it just let me know im in Bedford
  12. I saw you had a seam bust do you need rodi water or anything

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