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  1. Okay just message me if you are going to be in the toledo area. Im just north of sylvania
  2. Just let me know and we can figure something
  3. Next time you are up in the Toledo area let me know the day before so i can grab them off the glass at night.
  4. Not sure both the striped ones and the brown ones are reproducing
  5. My stomatella snails are always getting busy if you need some for your tank i can start you with a small culture of of young ones let start with 5 for now. Toledo area
  6. Oh what a great day.....so much for a nem protect the foot is still intact we will see what happens
  7. My bta decide to hide last night
  8. My bta decide to hide last night
  9. Nickn

    GHL maxi

    Looking to buy a ghl maxi doser
  10. And what are the times im trying to figure out as as i work that night
  11. Nickn

    Wwc annual sale

    Yeah my order is getting delivered on the 6th bought the 9 random frags, some bob marleys, and a rainbow orange mushroom
  12. Nickn

    Wwc annual sale

    Did you participate in the wwc coral sale of so what did you score?
  13. Nickn


    I ended up just buying a black box light off Amazon
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