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  1. Nickn

    Wwc annual sale

    Yeah my order is getting delivered on the 6th bought the 9 random frags, some bob marleys, and a rainbow orange mushroom
  2. Nickn

    Wwc annual sale

    Did you participate in the wwc coral sale of so what did you score?
  3. Nickn


    I ended up just buying a black box light off Amazon
  4. Nickn


    Cobalt c ray over a 90
  5. Nickn


    Im not good for asking for help but here it goes My current light for my tank had a fan go out so i have to send it in to have it repaired. Is there anyone in the toledo area that i could borrow a light just to keep my corals alive till the light comes back
  6. Nickn

    Banggai cardinalfish

    Well i saw the smaller one snacking today on brine shrimp with garlic! Imassuming the karger one will figure it out from the smaller one
  7. Nickn

    Banggai cardinalfish

    I purchased a pair of cardinal fish on friday and they are in quarantine i havent seen them eat i have tried pellets, mysis, roe any other suggestion? They are active not seeming stressed no aggression between them and the tang. What are your experience with them?
  8. Hey im setting up my quarantine tank what is petcos salintiy ?
  9. It you need supplies to get but i can help out also
  10. I have one piece that just shipped out today i know alot of stuff was stuck in Germany
  11. Saltwatter master test kit Reef master test kit Went a different route with test kits if you want them you can have then Toledo area. Amazon destroyed the comtainers they are in but everything is there and only used a few times
  12. Cant wait to see the results
  13. In the next year i will be upgrading lights how do you like the mitras

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