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  1. Should get pretty even par distribution with that setup!
  2. Been neglecting my tank and projects to work on others but I’m going to get my new dosing containers up and running this weekend. CO2 reactor is running and the 1/2” lines really helped with proper airflow to the skimmer. The frag tank is finally thinned out after the cinci show so I can focus on some higher end pieces to grow out.
  3. Was nice to meet everyone at the show. Hopefully there will be more this year
  4. I will be. I still have a decent amount left on RT if anyone wants to make a deal.
  5. Yeah I will add you down and get them cut out tonight.
  6. $12 a piece. I can make more by the end of the week.
  7. Scrubber is in action. This design was worked out over the last 2 weeks with someone interested in one to match their sump. I’m doing a quick week test before the shipment if there’s so I’ll be able to track pH movement. The John guest fittings are oversized at 1/2” to run with a 3/8” or 1/2” line. My skimmer would struggle to pull the air through 2 BRS reactors and but right away it went back to running at optimal air flow with just a 3/8” line. This is set up recirculating with a 1/4” shut off valve which will control fresh air flow into the skimmer intake. Keeps pH between 8.2-8.4
  8. Frag cups are also ready for those who reserved on RT. While they may be basic they at least have a locking rubber gasket layer to keep the frags safe during transit
  9. Yes that’s me. I’ve been getting weekly shipments of acrylic as needed.
  10. Thank you. This one was definitely a challenge. A second on in orange/white is being made this coming week.
  11. This was a custom design for someone. CO2 scrubber to hold 2.5lbs of media.
  12. Tried to rush this one too fast but turned out decent: Matte black with removal trays and magnetic bar to hold onto the glass
  13. It’s worth it for sure. But get one larger than what you think you need. I’m waiting an order for a larger one now. Ill have some neat projects wrapped up this weekend. Went all out with a custom CO2 scrubber. New lid design with locking lids will be integrated into the designs.
  14. Busy day of frag plugs. Over 300 going out this week. Photo box made from matte black acrylic coming tomorrow. Bonus is a magnetic mount with it for easy moving.
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