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  1. Looks great! What’s supporting that frag tank in the air?
  2. Amazing ceiling ! Can’t wait to see the progress on this build.
  3. Good to see there some other people around ! Here’s some natural sunlight pictures of my tank . Finally getting around to this control board today. The stand is being extended on the side to allow for the board to better sit as well future additions. Also did some 2am BRS shopping last night and picked up a WiFi dongle for the kessil lights.
  4. The bioload isn’t large enough for the skimmer to produce some thick skimmate but it’s finally getting dialed in. This skimmer produces some serious foam so the water level needs to be pretty low in the body until I can adjust the air intake with a valve.
  5. Added 4 shave brushes tonight. Dragons breath is going well and the orange tips are coming in better since I got them a few weeks ago.
  6. So I like having the vortechs on the back wall and I’m currently running them at 55% on reef crest. The tank is 36x24x24. Should I try to keep on ramping them up?
  7. Awesome! I’ll keep that in mind since I don’t have any fancy phone lens this is the best I can do a tank shot
  8. Not too impressed with their pods. I ended up ordering 2000 from aquarium depot that will be here Friday. Also started adding in he clean up crew. 80 blue leg hermits, and 120 snails
  9. This is the boring stage with little updates but a current full tank shot. Few frags to test the waters with.
  10. Tank is still rolling pretty good. Ordered some pods from algae barn. Macro algae and snails from addictive reef keeping will be here next week.
  11. To the right of the tank behind the wall the thermostats on. I ran all the wires and hoses through a modified outlet cover.
  12. very interesting ! I was going to order one but it’s such an expensive tool to be used just a handful of times
  13. live aquaria divers den gets bonded pairs pretty often. They are a very personable fish to have in the tank
  14. Little update. Stand is still a work in progress to get the control board back in.
  15. I’ll have plenty Later today! Tank is finally coming together. I bought some pods from the algae barn and have some macro algae coming this week for the fuge.
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