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  1. I’ll get some pictures tonight after I clean some dirty glass.
  2. Excited to see this build ! What’s your plans for the tank ?
  3. AndrewSPS

    Dyno Algae

    I raised my nutrients levels, added a UV sterilizer, and dosed bacteria to compete with it. Seemed to work. Slowly died off over 2-3 weeks
  4. He’s been eating frozen foods very well. I’m going to let him acclimate for a week prior to dosing with copper and prazipro.
  5. Looks good ! Exited to see this get filled up
  6. Picked up this guy at Gerbers today. He was already eating there and right after acclimation into the QT tank he ate PE mysis right away. Hoping for the best but he will reside in the 65 Frag tank once through his treatment.
  7. Tank is doing 50xs better. Added some cured Florida keys liverock to the sump and frag tank along with 15 lbs of miracle mud. Been dosing zeobak, microbacter, and eco balance for the past few weeks. Largest charge occurred when the fish returned to the tank. It’s an ecosystem that defiantly can not take much change. Been running nutrients higher and the corals seem happier. The skimmer only runs for 6 hours a day at night. Phosphates are 0.10 and nitrate is 25 The wild pair of Red Sea bicinctus clowns are doing awesome and don’t bother the other clowns at all
  8. Little update. After doing some research about starting tanks with only dry rock I feel like I’m missing some beneficial bacteria. Mike Paletta and some others noted similar situations of their tanks only started with dry rock. Mike ordered in some liverock from and cured it for a week before placing into the tank. He noticed great improvements after a month. I went on ahead and ordered some Florida keys liverock 15lbs and I have some Walt smith Fiji liverock (not the man made stuff) that should be here middle of June. Im also dosing various brands of bacteria including zeovit that I’m hoping will improve the tank. Until my tank gets back stable there won’t be any new additions. Fish will return in July which will help with the nutrient levels so I don’t have to dose in nitrates.
  9. AndrewSPS

    Yellow or Purple Tang?

    Cant beat the bright coloration of a yellow tang
  10. Not worth it. I got mine from the divers den for around $600 but it at least come with a 2 week
  11. Yes I have. It’s easy to mold to rock rubble to get finicky eaters to eat. It’s just very pricey. A small container is $20
  12. Dollar tree super glue here. Sometimes you get lucky and get the 3 packs for $1

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