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  1. I will start one shortly to show progress. Especially once the tank arrives and I get the stand built
  2. Still collecting all the needed supplies. Ordered the last of the plumping supplies and got the Sump put together. Ordered an eBay triton kit which was pretty nice quality for $100. Quarantine tank is now set up and ready to fill. Got the RODI unit running as well. A simple 100gpd unit under the bathroom sink that will run to a 40 gallon vertical holding tank.
  3. Sorry SCAquariums. They make starfire rimless tanks at a decent price. Not the highest grade starfire but they are pretty low iron.
  4. still working on collecting everything needed for this build. I’ve been going back and forth with Steve from SCA on what he has in stock and it looks like I’m going with a 80 gallon (32x24x24) and making my own stand. Tank should be here shortly. Made a few changes to my original plan and making my own sump/Fuge from a 20L and an eBay baffle kit. This way I can run 2x 4” filter socks or upgrade to a clarisea roller mat in the future. Also swapped out the Nyos 120 I bought for a bubble king mini 180. Hoping to have it filled and running by the end of the month. The QT tank will be up and going as soon as my RODI is hooked up. Getting a 40 gallon vertical storage tank from US plastics first. Once I get started I’ll update a thread with pictures to show the progress
  5. I always would QT any new fish for 4-6 weeks. Normally treat with copper and praziquantel. Never failed me in the past. I will definitely start a build thread once everything gets here and it’s starts to get filled.
  6. I’m hoping to be filling with water in the next 3 weeks. Placed another order last night to finish off my list. Also purchased a 20L that will be used for fish Quarantine. Also working on finding a side cabinet or stand to house all the controllers and dosing pumps to keep them out of the sump around.
  7. Getting back into the hobby after a 7 year break. Old setup was a 75 mixed reef seen below. Back at it again with a rimless starfire tank. Hope to be at the Cleveland swap in October and to learn a few things since a lot has changed since my last tank. Received a large BRS order yesterday to get me started with the setup.
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