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  1. Its all about the yard stripes here. Gotta be even and bold
  2. AndrewSPS

    Indo Acropora

    They were dipped upon arrival just like aqua cultured corals. The bases are cut off to prevent unwanted pest.
  3. AndrewSPS

    Indo Acropora

    Summit City in Fort Wayne gets them in. Some of these came from AquaSD These are sold as mariculture colonies. Most were around $100. The yellow acro was $140 but extremely worth it. I already have 4 nice frags I took off that are encrusting nicely
  4. Thanks! The regal angel is doing amazing in the display. I did leave some zoas in there to see if he messes with them but he’s been picking at the rock constantly and the corals haven’t been bothered. I also picked up some RedSea AB+ to give it a shot.
  5. More macros JF homewrecker, SBB Heizenberg, Tyree Superman
  6. Buy a frag off Tim H. 100% worth it. My favorite as well
  7. New macro phone lens comes in handy
  8. The regal angel went into the display today. I haven’t noticed him eating in the QT tank and seemed a little stressed. No signs of additional treatment needed so I’m rolling the dice with this one. He’s already cruising the tank and picking at the rock and eating all the pineapple sponges so let’s hope for the best. Once I get the glas cleaned up I’ll do a video or some pictures of the tank now that I don’t have 20 frag plugs on the sand bed Indo Acropora SC orange passion
  9. Looking good ! Kill them as soon as you see them. Don’t want your tank covered in them
  10. Summit city corals in ft. Wayne and Aqua SD online.
  11. Tanks are currently running and sharing a sump. I’m using a cor-20 return pump and it’s only running at 20% pushing water 14 feet and I’m still getting over 250-300 gph. The UV is on hold until I get another 1/2” ball valve. It’s not sealing up correctly and has a slight drip. A third black box is on order but amazon has it expected to arrive late April.
  12. AndrewSPS

    Indo Acropora

    They defiantly change under LEDS for sure. I already have some frags that broke off after a fall so I’ll pass them around once they grow and heal.

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