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  1. Been a little side tracked with another project making acrylic boxes for a “living” periodic table but I did come up with some racks for my frag tank to hold 1” or 3” tiles along with 3/8” plugs. Might get the legs on and have them in the tank by end of next week.
  2. Few things for sale I’m not using anymore . Cant trade for corals just yet tunze wavebox 6208. $200. Purchased may last year Sk- 5000 Rollermat $175 Pickup in Lima or ship on your dime
  3. LRS a few times a week and an auto feeder dumps in pellets twice a day.
  4. Been far behind with getting things done but a weekend off finally let me make some progress on the dozen things I have going right now Project in the works. Magnetic auto feeder mount. A clear acrylic chimney will be attached to the inside magnet.
  5. I’ll be posting up some frag racks soon on eBay but have been swamped with work and life right now. More to come
  6. Recent frag rack that is being shipped out. Holds strong up to 1/2” glass. Epoxy coated magnets encased in acrylic. Bottom can be swapped out for any color with a few screws.
  7. Be prepared before it happens. I have everything on a battery ups backup. The apex will alert me of a power outage and turns off non critical equipment giving me 30-40 minutes of run time to get home. Dedicated generator in the garage that can run the tank for 12 hours on a tank of gas. key is to test your backups before you need to use them. I’ve ran mine through simulated power outages to ensure nothing will overflow and everything stays running smoothly. I have since made changes such as running back up heaters on separate ups backups that kick on when the main ones die or fail. Another change was putting the Wifi router on a backup to make sure I always get alerts from the apex.
  8. No more fish. Velvet killed off most of them and the rest are in QT again. Removed the sandbed, redid the rock to a NSA style aquascape. It’s filled back up now and flowing again but so far so good.
  9. Thursday I drained down my entire tank if that counts as anything.
  10. Black Ocean wonder plugs. I buy their bulk 100 count bags. Around $27 shipped I wanna say
  11. Doing some dosing containers for someone local this week but made this one to match a reefers sump: Acrylic price plugs have been keeping me busy alone. Selling large bulk orders to stores and frag operations.
  12. Cleaned the Tunze wave box and doing a 20 gallon water change to remove some detritus in the frag tank.
  13. Orange milli. Don’t think it’s anything fancy with a name.
  14. Also an accidental fragging of my homewrecker last night. Cut a few other pieces and ended up hitting this one with the end of the bone snips. Ended up being a pretty nice frag that’s already branching.
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