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  1. Here’s a link: https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=121920&catid=871
  2. How far are you from Lima ? US plastics stocks tanks and you would avoid shipping. I got my 40 gallon tank there for around $100.
  3. Thanks! The Male is still picking on the female but they are staying on their own sides for now. Hoping they pair up
  4. A few of the new additions this week
  5. Thanks! Slowly getting better at using the phone for pictures. Tank seems to be doing well and everything is looking good
  6. FTS added a few new pieces from Andy S. and hopefully a few more after the cinci swap.
  7. AndrewSPS

    Vendor Suggestions

    I got my gem tang from the divers den. He arrived in perfect shape. I believed they only have a 2 week observation period before being posted online.
  8. The wyze cams are amazing. I picked up a few for the tank the other week. Just the extra security to figure out alarms or tank issues when away.
  9. I bought a Neptune par meter and it’s done it’s job already. I don’t mess with my lights so the par won’t ever change. It was good to have the short 2 hours I messed around with it but now it just sits in the tank.
  10. Thanks ! I haven’t got around to glue any of my frag rocks onto my actual rock so I look some up close shots. tank levels: nitrate- 10 nitrite- 0.1 ammonia- 0 alk- 8.53 ca- 477 mg- 1301 p04- 0.18 ph- 8.06
  11. I’m making the trip to try and pick up a few “rare” aka expensive sps that I normally wouldn’t come across
  12. FTS. Depending going zeovit route and LNS.
  13. Anyone making the trip to that state up north?
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