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  1. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    Tried to do more true-color photos.
  2. https://www.tidalgardens.com/ 3440 Copley Rd, Copley OH 44321 Going to see them is appointment-only or you can place an order online and do in-person pick-up to look around. I think that piece is $350, but I think there's a wait-list on it. They have an incredible collection, imo. They also make some neat videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/tidalgardens
  3. Tidal gardens has a few if you go look in-person. I don't believe they're all listed online as available.
  4. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    Sorry for the terrible photos. I hope to figure the photography thing out at some point. Between an iphone, the AI spectrum, and a polyplab lens any tips for better coloration and minimum discoball is appreciated.
  5. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    A few update photos! I've been bad at this whole cataloging progress idea. Current fish: 2x Mocha Clownfish 1x Purple Firefish 1x Yasha Goby w/ Candycane Pistol 1x Pajama Cardinal 1x Royal Gramma 1x Diamond Goby 1x Lawnmower Blenny Current Inverts: Maxima Clam Red Fromia Star Usual clean up crew of blue leg hermits, astraea, star-astraea, trochus, nassarius, ceriths Cleaner shrimp 3x Rock flower anemones 1x tiniest of mini-maxi anemones Current corals: Green trachyphylia Elegance coral Duncans 7 or so kinds of zoas A poorly looking Leptrastrea that I bleached with light at one point. A poorly looking favia that i bleached with light also. Hammer coral Torch coral Green acan Birdsnest Purple Sylophora Green Stylophora Yuma mushrooms Hairy mushroom Teal caulastrea Purple/green caulastrea Green Blasto Some green coral I can't identify and forget the name. The one on the rocks to left. A porites of some kind maybe? Started as $10 frag. And I think that's about it! A few thoughts: Despite the number of fish I haven't had much luck growing Chaeto with the AI prime fuge. I did a pretty long ramp up with it since getting it as it originally killed off the chaeto rather quickly. I'll get some par readings with it. I have some frag racks coming in to clean things up. Side note, the Reefing Art company on amazon does some surprisingly good acrylic work for the price. I needed a skimmer stand and theirs is pretty fantastic quality, and cheap too. Overall just debating on placement and how I want things to look. I plan to epoxy rocks to add width to the top of the arch for better coral placement. Once I have some par readings I'll get to doing more regarding the placement and scape. I'm also tempted to either add some T5's, but I don't know how to do it cleanly, or go for a third AI prime even though the discoball drives me nuts. The easy answer is aquaticlife hybrids, but installing them after-the-fact is harder being unable to move the tank. Are there any "nice" looking retrofit kits with black reflectors? I'll add a few daytime photos but my phone with the filter takes terrible photos. I've no idea how you guys get good cellphone photos.
  6. Steve and crew at Aquatica in Valley City do custom acrylic fabrication. In my experience they can copy some of the usual mainstream sump styles for less, albeit less flashy, but you can still have a custom say in it and do your tweaks. If you want flashy they do that too. Regarding sump lids I had some section lids made out of ABS, but again they’ll customize it entirely as you see fit. I like my equipment hidden so I focused on plain looks and functionality.
  7. I would cut it shorter, just below the water level, and try tweaking your siphon valve to see if the bubbles are handled. If it doesn’t work you can always cut some more or just add an elbow like was mentioned. Do you want to post your drain set up, and do you know which drain is causing the bubbles? If your full-siphon is doing it tweaking your valve open more might fix it. If your trickle/durso is doing it you might have to tweak that somehow regarding air-intake. I dealt with this some and ultimately worked to prevent the bubbles rather than make them disperse. The salt creep quickly became annoying imo.
  8. Before setting mine up I had read you're supposed to keep it only a few inches below the water level as it prevents gurgling and splashing. Worked for me.
  9. I use teflon paste. I've read PVC-junkies throwing fights over tape being meant for metal fittings and paste is for non-metal, but I personally just found the paste more convenient.
  10. I've been meaning to pick up some coral dip (or even a mixture of varieties if necessary) and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I know Bayer was popular, but with the relabeling to Bioadvanced I'm hesitant to try it if someone else hasn't already had success with it. So far I've mostly stuck to using the CoralRx sample packs and general mindfulness with new additions/purchases.
  11. This was a pretty good lead as they do ship to store for free and there are a few local enough to me, too. Those norwesco tanks were out of stock or unavailable at some of the other places I looked at, but they're pricey. RKO was one that had these listed as unavailable or Out of Stock last I checked! The Kentucky Tank is fantastic but definitely a hike for me. Ideally I'd hope to find something in-state just like this place. In an ideal scenario it'd be for some of the actually rectangular tanks like this as it is a great foot footprint to put more than one together with. My biggest gripe is seeing 55+ gallon tanks at near $200, like at tractor supply here and here but for instance plastic-mart and Kentucy Tank has sizes that are the same or bigger for half the price(here and here)! I actually tried contacting some of the barrel places once to see what they run (even the recycling setups in cleveland) and they wanted ~$130 a barrel for 55 gallon open-top drums. More mainstream easy-to-find places like Grainger are similar if not worse. I'm okay spending a $100 or so a tank for something more compact than the used food grade syrup/vinegar food-grade drums and the brute trashcans, but the $200+ tanks seem nuts for little to no gain in capacity. Even if I were to scale up to a bigger size the price doesn't really get anymore reasonable per gallon. The jump from a brute at ~$50 to a 55 actual water container at $200 seems silly, but if it's all there is I'll bite the bullet. I figure there must be somewhere in Ohio that has the kind of price/selection of somewhere like Kentucky Tank... right?
  12. Anywhere a reliable source of actual water tanks without shipping? I'm looking to step up from the usual brute or 55 gallon food-grade drums to one of the more space efficient designs. Shipping tends to double the price and it'd be nice to just pick it up.
  13. Is there any reason you want sand? Wrasses, gobies, the look, etc? That is what would really determine the depth you want. Yes, do this or else there's a chance the rocks will settle either on their own or when something digs under them and that could cause them to topple. You can prop the rock up with with PVC, acrylic rods, those driveway markers, acrylic cubes, etc if you want your rock above the sand for whatever reason. If you use something like PVC for this be sure to drill holes and such.
  14. Pending locally @ $150
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