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  1. This was a pretty good lead as they do ship to store for free and there are a few local enough to me, too. Those norwesco tanks were out of stock or unavailable at some of the other places I looked at, but they're pricey. RKO was one that had these listed as unavailable or Out of Stock last I checked! The Kentucky Tank is fantastic but definitely a hike for me. Ideally I'd hope to find something in-state just like this place. In an ideal scenario it'd be for some of the actually rectangular tanks like this as it is a great foot footprint to put more than one together with. My biggest gripe is seeing 55+ gallon tanks at near $200, like at tractor supply here and here but for instance plastic-mart and Kentucy Tank has sizes that are the same or bigger for half the price(here and here)! I actually tried contacting some of the barrel places once to see what they run (even the recycling setups in cleveland) and they wanted ~$130 a barrel for 55 gallon open-top drums. More mainstream easy-to-find places like Grainger are similar if not worse. I'm okay spending a $100 or so a tank for something more compact than the used food grade syrup/vinegar food-grade drums and the brute trashcans, but the $200+ tanks seem nuts for little to no gain in capacity. Even if I were to scale up to a bigger size the price doesn't really get anymore reasonable per gallon. The jump from a brute at ~$50 to a 55 actual water container at $200 seems silly, but if it's all there is I'll bite the bullet. I figure there must be somewhere in Ohio that has the kind of price/selection of somewhere like Kentucky Tank... right?
  2. Anywhere a reliable source of actual water tanks without shipping? I'm looking to step up from the usual brute or 55 gallon food-grade drums to one of the more space efficient designs. Shipping tends to double the price and it'd be nice to just pick it up.
  3. Is there any reason you want sand? Wrasses, gobies, the look, etc? That is what would really determine the depth you want. Yes, do this or else there's a chance the rocks will settle either on their own or when something digs under them and that could cause them to topple. You can prop the rock up with with PVC, acrylic rods, those driveway markers, acrylic cubes, etc if you want your rock above the sand for whatever reason. If you use something like PVC for this be sure to drill holes and such.
  4. Pending locally @ $150
  5. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    I've got a few frags moved in but if you plan to go to the swap in middleburg heights on the 26th I'd have quite a few more!...
  6. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    Not too sure. Lots of ideas bouncing around from THIS to smaller wrasses like fairies to a bunch of symbiotic pairs (sexy shrimp, clowns, pistol/gobies). Real focus is coral and keeping it as easy going with maintenance, and hopefully minimum water changes. It'll be a mixed reef for sure, but lighter on SPS, and I plan to get a clam. I'm currently eyeing where to lay some rock flower anemones I have as I'd like to get to work on having a small garden of them in the sand at one of the corners. My sump is practically the same size as the display, with a refugium that measures right around 8 gallons so 20% of the display. I hope between emptying the skimmer cup, changing socks, and culling chaeto I can keep some more sensitive things without being chained to much more in weekly maintenance.
  7. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    Here was the plumbing: I plan to get a low profile strainer and a slip 90 elbow from BRS to quiet the trickle drain with a U-tube or whatever they're called. I originally picked up most of the plumbing from Savko plastics. This was a nice one stop shop and they had all the clear PVC solvents. I like to buy saw-cut shelf rocks and add a few acrylic cubes to raise the rock off the bottom of the tank. I also drilled a few holes and epoxied an arch structure together from another tank. A few photos showing what I mean by that: I managed to finally build the scape and add the live sand: You'll notice I had to put a piece of acrylic on the overflow to adjust the weir as it originally kept the water level below the rim. I started to regret buying this overflow as I was really eyeing the shadow overflows, but it'll work just fine. I was originally going to have one custom made but it never happened.
  8. Fisher

    40BR Reef

    Equipment: Lighting: 2x Ai Prime HD Refugium lighting: Ai Prime Fuge Skimmer: Reef Octopus EsSence S-130 Overflow: Eshopps Eclipse L Tank: Marineland 40BR, drilled, plasti-dipped the back. Sump: Custom made acrylic sump thanks to Aquatica Stand: Cheap aqueon pine stand. I reinforced the corners and made the center brace removable to fit the sump. I would've rather made something but I've been stuck with this from another tank for a while now and never have much free time with these projects. I'll post things as replies to keep the thread a little cleaner to manage. Shoutout to the few places I always like to make use of: Triton Marine Aquaculture - Macedonia, OH Tidal Gardens - Copley, OH Aquatica - Valley City, OH Savko Plastics - Columbus, OH
  9. Fluval Spec and Evo 5 Media Basket - $35 Product: https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-spec-and-evo-5-media-basket/ Photos: https://imgur.com/a/r0Ef3Or Fluval Flex 15 Chamber ONE Media Basket - $45 Product: https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-flex-15-chamber-one-media-basket/ Photos: https://imgur.com/a/BKT63LC Fluval Flex 15 CHAMBER TWO Media Basket - $30 Product: https://intankaquatics.com/fluval-flex-15-chamber-two-media-basket/ Photos: https://imgur.com/a/JSxHSkQ Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer - $70 Product: https://www.marinedepot.com/reef-glass-nano-protein-skimmer Photos: https://imgur.com/a/1fYtsgo\ AquaMaxx HOB-1.5 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer w/ Bubble Stopper - $200 Skimmer: https://www.marinedepot.com/aquamaxx-hob-1-5-hang-on-back-protein-skimmer Bubble stopper: https://www.marinedepot.com/aquamaxx-bubble-stopper-for-hob-1-and-hob-1-5-protein-skimmers Both: https://www.marinedepot.com/aquamaxx-hob-1-5-hang-on-back-protein-skimmer-w-bubble-stopper Photos: Coming
  10. Yeah, all the electronics work and it holds water. No cracked glass or anything sketchy like that. If you wanted it filled up with water to test it or anything I could probably make a video or have it done whenever you're interested in seeing it. Just as an FYI I have no idea how well the skimmer/light actually work on a stocked tank. I swapped them for an ai prime and a aquamaxx hob 1.5 when I set it up. I actually bought the setup because I liked the tank/stand and essentially replaced everything else. I wouldn't think the led would grow SPS that great, and the skimmer is probably pretty subpar on any heavy stocking as it's not all that big.
  11. I hate AIO's in general. I had all the little fluval ones, freshwater too, and I just grew to really hate dealing with them. I've been selling them off, along with a few bigger freshwater tanks, to go the usual drilled tank + sump route.
  12. I don't see it going all that fast, tanks are always a chore to sell. I never took too many photos of it as I was always busy but it's a nice little tank once setup.
  13. My clowns have done this before hosting the anemone. I'd consider it good news. I think if you do a little googling you'll find talk of it being how they build up a tolerance to the sting. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6430985/ "A resistance against sea anemone cytolytic toxins was effectively observed in some clownfish species (Mebs 1994), suggesting that this resistance may be mediated through specific mechanisms such as immune response.. "
  14. Fisher

    Fuge/Macro light?

    I had just gotten one of these for a newer setup. I won’t have anything to compare it with, but I’ll try to snap a few weekly photos of growth with it. I bought it over the kessils as I found one unopened from someone online for a discount, plus I already had other Ai Primes and extra mounts.
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