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  1. Looking Good! I feel like I just saw a listing in the for sale section that had all those pieces... Haha. Great pick up!
  2. Great pictures! Everything is look very nice!
  3. Tank filling day... Wish me luck! Fingers crossed for no leaks haha
  4. aap15

    Indo Acropora

    @AndrewSPS if you don't mind me asking, where are you getting these pieces from? Im assuming an online source?
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Definitely turning out better than I imagined. Glad I took it slow and didn't rush things
  6. I always like the look of sand...but after switching to BB I wouldn't go back. Maintenance is just easier without, one less thing to worry about
  7. Checking out the new lights. 2x Gen5 xr15 PROs AB+ @ 65%
  8. Made some more progress the last couple days. Got the lights mounted and the cable management and power all situated.
  9. Thanks! I'm really happy with how the aquascape turned out. I left it sit in the tank for a couple weeks to just look at it and see how I really felt after some time...and still wouldn't change it.
  10. So here's where I'm at with cable management. I have the power supply for the vectra, two Radions, the hydros, and the under lighting all hidden in the 3"x3" cable runner. I am going to end up mounting the other section I have on the board above to house the third Radion power supply and run the other cords I'll have for my ink bird controller, ATO, and dosing pumps. Will also probably move a couple power supplies up to the additional rack so things don't get too hot.
  11. Pulled the trigger on some Gen5 xr15 pros. I'll add my current gen 3 xr15 to the mix when I move everything over and run a total of 3. Might swap the gen3 out later if I'm not happy with it amongst the gen5's. At least this will keep me busy while stuck in the house this weekend.
  12. aap15

    PS4 Players

    I play on Xbox...last I had PlayStations in the past, (OG to PS3) but but always ended up playing Xbox more because I had more friends playing over on Xbox live. At least now they are trying to make more cross play which is nice for playing with friends that are on PS4. Personally, I like the new Call of Duty, it's what I play mostly. The warzone BR has been fun so far, and nice that's it free for those who dont want the full game.
  13. Honestly that a big reason I picked one up plus after @Fishoutofwater show some of the feature along with it, may mind was made up.
  14. This is also something I am trying to work out. I mounted a 1x4 on the back of the stand that will have a piece a cable track from a server rack. It's 3"x3" and will be able to house power packs as well. I am going to mount an additional 1x4 above the existing to mount my power strips on the front side for access. On the left side I have two boards installed for controller mounts with holes to run the cables behind the boards and over to the cable track and power strips. Hoping once I get it all together it will work out like I'm planning. This is the only picture I have of it right now

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