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  1. Hey everyone! I am currently working on getting things put together for my tank upgrade (80g shallow). I just wanted to put this out there to see what equipment people may have or be selling in the near future. Some of the items I will be needing are as follows: Lighting - my current tank is lit with one xr15pro G3 that i will most likely be moving over to the new tank but could use an additional one (or 2). Not opposed to other lighting options, just needs to be something suitable for a 48" x 24" x 16" tank and strong enough for SPS at all levels Flow/power heads - just looking for options people may have. Currently leaning in direction of MP40's or Gyre xf330's Skimmer - foot print requirements need to be less than 11.5" x 13.5" to find in my sump compartment Return Pump - preferably DC options. I do not need anything crazy head pressure wise, just running an under tank sump estimating 5-6ft head pressure If you have anything thing let me know or even if anyone has any suggestions/recommendations on good skimmers or other equipment please let me know. Thanks!
  2. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    Just wanted to share some update pictures, nothing new or changed. Just crowded haha.
  3. Yeah i like them. At least for my intended purpose of keeping the nems out the rocks until i get the new tank setup. But for on a small tank like i have them on now they really take up alot of space on the front glass where i have them which blocks view
  4. Yes they are...I just got these off Amazon. Like $8 for a two pack.
  5. It's so crowded. One of my bta split, now I have three total. Thank fully the cups help keep them out of the rocks (but clutter the front glass) for now until I can get them placed in the new tank...whenever that maybe. May need to re-home one maybe two...
  6. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    @Muttley000 does this count for enough of an update? Haha. Only picture I took during the framing process.
  7. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    Thanks guys! No worries...once I get going with the start of this upgrade I'll start something. If things go as planned I'll be starting the stand this week and picking up the tank next week since I didn't have time over the weekend due to holiday travels. Stay tuned!
  8. Post water change...5 minutes ago. Preparation for 8 days away on auto pilot
  9. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    Not really much going on...things continue to look going and do well. Anemones continue to get big. Actually got one removed from the rock work and into a glass cup I have on the glass to free up some space. Tank has turned into more of a holding tank now that I have plans underway and started for a new setup. Updates on that soon. Most recent pic of the tank I have
  10. I was back in the Pittsburgh area visiting family and had a chance to stop by The Reef Gallery for there Black Friday sale. The had a ton of great frags, even high end acros like RR Orange Passion, TCK Pikachu, JF Crazy Fox and Raja Rampage Chalice and more...all at $5. Unfortunately i was #16 to get my chance at the frag tank and it was picked over pretty well but i was able to get my hands on a the crazy fox, raja rampage, a nice piece of vivids rainbow delight, bubblegum digi, miami hurricane chalice, and an acro i cant remember the name of. Something Funky Table Acro is what i was told.
  11. Question for the group on what a respectable price is to ask for an Indo Green Torch per head. I know their are crazy prices out there from retailers but I'm talking respectable hobbyist pricing. I have a colony of Indo Green that about 9 heads total (some haven't finished splitting). It's getting pretty large and the though of frag off some heads has crossed my mind...just not sure what a respectable asking would be. Pictures of colony for reference
  12. @Dr.Fraggenstien Unfortunately my tank is only a 25gal so a yellow Tang is out for me. @euphylin me I did consider a lawnmower blenny. As for feeding...I'm pretty light now, every other day, since two clowns are my only fish. Then once a week i feed a small amount of LRS mixed with reef roids about an hour or two before a water change. The algae isnt really growing or spreading, just remains when it took hold. I manually remove a good amount
  13. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any concerns with adding them? Ive read that they are worth trying to help with bryopsis and hair algae. I have some bryopsis that is lingering around and was want to maybe try these before going some of the other routes. Appreciate any feedback
  14. No plans to really change much. My focus is just dialing in stability and letting things grow out the next few months and fill in.
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