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  1. I will say that yeah...sometimes I look an think stores are more expensive. Then as @Waffen06said, you consider their over head, etc. Versus online retailers who sell much more volume. Also, supply and demand definitely play a part and whatever has the hype (torches, goni, shrooms, etc) will end up with a price that reflects its. Still I think its good to support local when/where you can but online just adds convenience. When it comes to live stock at stores, I always ask myself "can I order this coral(s) online for less? Sure but then you factor in shipping and having to be available to
  2. PM sent. Hoping you still have some available.
  3. Thanks. I am happy with how things are coming along. Everything is pretty stable but running low on nutrients so I slowly working to try and get that up to where my nitrates are detectable. Everything seems happy so thats a good thing. At the point of monitoring and enjoying. as things grow out.
  4. Those frag racks look really nice!
  5. Have you tried emailing to see if they have an eta of when they may restock the site? I ordered a refugium pack from them a month a go and emailed them some questions and they were very quick to respond. Might be worth a try
  6. Received a shipment from Mr. Tim Herman this weekend. Always great quality pieces. Ordered 5 and received 2 bonuses. From left to right: Poletta Yellow Tip (bonus), BC Awarewolf, BC Thermans Rainbow, BC Bleeding Tree v2 (bonus), ARC Fireworks, GH Aqua Delight, RMF Tigers Blood
  7. Thanks. Things seem to finally be settling in and looking happy. Colors have all come back to the majority of corals that went pale. Even my RMF Last Dragon echinata that I thought was a lost cause has come back completely and is growing out.
  8. Finally a relaxing Sunday spent enjoying the tank so....took some pictures
  9. Mid week water change excitement...
  10. I live local to both those shops as well. Like @Flounder said, Matt's Corals is best to visit during their sales and i have purchase some nice pieces at a good price at those times. Rivers to Reefs...went in there once, have never been back. Just felt it wasn't kept up well. Reef systems is my go to LFS in the area and has been since I got into this hobby. Even when I moved away for a few years, if I was back in town for work I'd stop in to check things out. Now I've moved back and live 5 minutes its nice to have a solid go to shop close.
  11. I really enjoyed my 25 lagoon. Cant wait to see this come together
  12. I have added some fish as well over the last couple months as well. Clowns needed some company after all these years. So we added: 1 Solorensis wrasse 1 ORA Orchid Dottyback 2x ORA Transparent Cave Gobies The cave gobies are a cool addition for sure. They scoot around the bottom and perch up on the rocks.
  13. @Waffen06 I purchased the tank through my LFS (Reef Systems Coral Farm). Its and 80g tank, 48x24x16. Todd at Reef Systems drilled the tank we set it up with a. Eshopps Eclipse overflow @Birdman is correct, it is labeled as a frag tank if you purchase the reef ready setup
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