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  1. @Dr.Fraggenstien Unfortunately my tank is only a 25gal so a yellow Tang is out for me. @euphylin me I did consider a lawnmower blenny. As for feeding...I'm pretty light now, every other day, since two clowns are my only fish. Then once a week i feed a small amount of LRS mixed with reef roids about an hour or two before a water change. The algae isnt really growing or spreading, just remains when it took hold. I manually remove a good amount
  2. Does anyone have any experience with these? Any concerns with adding them? Ive read that they are worth trying to help with bryopsis and hair algae. I have some bryopsis that is lingering around and was want to maybe try these before going some of the other routes. Appreciate any feedback
  3. No plans to really change much. My focus is just dialing in stability and letting things grow out the next few months and fill in.
  4. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    @Dr.Fraggenstien nice meeting you too! Sorry I didn't know that was you i got those pieces from. Both are looking good so far. I'll definitely update. Got a little outta of hand last night during my water change. Moved one rock to try and remove some algae... pulled another out to remove some Xenia...next think I know, rescaped the entire tank. Hopefully things stay happy.
  5. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    Think I'm a little over loaded on frags after the frag swap this weekend...and my WWC Coral Club subscription. Shoutout to @crimsonvice for the awesome Gatorade and twizzler zoas...and the PC rainbow and forest fire digi frags. Nice meeting you and thanks for taking the time to chat a bit. Also was able to grab a few other nice pieces, some nice size rasta, alpha Omega, and utter chaos, jack-o'-lantern lepto, and two big pieces of wwc yellow tips and miyagi tort
  6. aap15

    IM 25g Lagoon

    Thank everyone! Excited to be able to focus on things more and go more sps
  7. Cleaned and made space tonight for any corals I pick up at the swap tommorow
  8. I agree with the other replys here. I have been in your situation. I traveled for work quite a bit and was moving around so I moved my tank and had it setup at my parents. My mom took care of feeding and keeping the ato filled but definitely over fed which led to excess nutrient issues and algae. If you're able to portion out food that'll be best. Do a water change and you should be good. That was my problem, I wasn't able to get home enough to do regular water changes to keep things in check
  9. Liking the looks of this! Can't wait to see it all come together
  10. @surjer great looking torch @crimsonvice looks awesome! Very nice. Planning on snaggin some of those frags Saturday haha
  11. Just trying to get some thoughts on what you guys think. Last month I signed up for the World Wide Corals coral club, just the basic silver club. Curiosity got the best of me. I received 5 great frags. One of them being labeled as WWC Rainbow Rose Acro. I know there are a lot of names out there these days for different corals, curious if anyone has heard of this or if it looks like something else. I couldn't find it on their site or mentioned anywhere else However, I did see this. The WWC category 3 acro https://worldwidecorals.com/collections/acropora/products/wwc-category-3-acropora-25552. To me, the piece I received looks very similar to this. I apologise, these arent the best pictures. Just taken on a Note9, no orange/yellow filter lens.
  12. Some great looking corals! Does Tidal Gardens have regular hours now? I feel like I remember them only being appointment only years back. I'd love to stop by there some time to check it out
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