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  1. I'm in tiffin and have 2 plants that you can dig up and have.
  2. I'm clearing out some overgrown calupera to make room for some other macros. Anyone want it before I pitch it? Have around 1/2gallon bag. Located in tiffin
  3. I have an rbta that split a few weeks ago I could let go of. Pics of mother nems. Baby is probably 1-2in+ now Located in tiffin.
  4. If you're ever near tiffin I can help as well.
  5. Is the dcs pump and wp40 still available? What brand black box lights do you have available?
  6. Green and blue. Still pretty small
  7. Currently I have 2 rbta, alvepora, mushrooms, birds nest, blasto, and a few other frags I got from a friend. Cant really say I have a definite plan for coral. Kinda want to keep it simple for awhile, nothing to challenging. I'm trying to avoid having to dose to much
  8. Thank you. I'll have to check it out
  9. I work in Findlay and am in toledo pretty often. I haven't heard of Toledo Aquaculture I'll have to check it out. I used to go to Labo's in Bryan but it's to closer to drive to cbus now.
  10. I've been there a few times. Blue seas tropics in Sandusky is the other one I go to.
  11. Any suggestions on stocking ideas. I'm honestly at a loss as where to start.
  12. Been stalking around for a few months now and finally worked up the courage to post my 1st salt tank. I've been running about 4 months now and just recently upgraded from a 20g to a 90g with 30g sump. Running pretty basic equipment nothing over the top and everything seems to be stable and happy for the time being. Im slowly acquiring some corals but stocking is stumping me. Currently have 2 clowns a lawnmower blenny, and a tailspot. I was fully stocked in the 20 but now and am at a loss. Looking forward to learning and growing with you all.
  13. Let me know if any become available I'll take 1-2
  14. If this is still available I'll take it. I'll be in cbus tomorrow and can stop by in the afternoon if your available
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