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  1. Mike A


    I have an algae question. My tank is about 16 months old and I just can't get algae to stop growing. It is a brownish red color and develops on the glass, powerheads etc. I also have a turf algae the same brownish red color that just won't stop growing. It gets very thick. I have been dosing Vibrant for about 3 months or so with really no improvement. I have turned the lights off for longer periods, I have blacked it out for a few days with really no improvement. My nitrates usually read around 5 and phosphates have always been 0. Temp 78-79 degrees, alk-9.5, calcium-450, mag-1350, PH-8.2, Salinity 1.024. I have heard that my nitrate reading may be off due to the algae. (Salifert test kit.) I took a couple hours 2 weeks ago and picked all of the turf algae off of the rock. It comes off pretty hard. The algae on glass comes right off with a magnet cleaner. The turf algae is starting to grow back. I have a RO system with DI resin. I have well water but my TDS meter reads 0. I am just not sure what else to do. I am wondering if I go to a 3 stage DI resin if that would help maybe remove something in my water that is causing my algae issue. I am at my wits end and not sure what to do next. I really enjoy the hobby but don't know what to do next. I have 2 tangs and a One spot foxface, plenty of clean up crew (mostly snails and hermit crabs). The fish don't seem to touch the algae. I also have a few soft corals and a few other fish. I have a skimmer that works really well. If there is anything you can think of to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  2. Mike A


    Does anyone have any experience with echo tech mp40 pumps. First of all, are they worth the money? Second, could I get away with just one on a 36x21x20 tank? I have a mixed reef of softies and LPS and fish. I have been using 2 of the USA Current brand and they don't last 6 months. Any other brands you would recommend? Thanks.
  3. Mike A

    Brown algae

    Thanks for the info. I’ve done a little more investigating on this. So the brown algae is kind of like a dust i would say. Not slimy or snotty as i have heard Dino described. If i turn off the lights all of the brown disappears completely after a few hours. If i turn on the lights within five minutes i can see the brown coming back on the sand. Also notice the water gets cloudier the longer the lights are on and gets crystal clear after lights are off for a while. Trying to get a correct diagnosis and a cure. As i said before my nitrates are like 0-2 and phosphates 0. Trying to raise those numbers but no luck yet. Thanks.
  4. Mike A

    Brown algae

    Hello, In the last couple of days I have had an outbreak of some kind of brown algae in my tank. It covers the bottom sand and starts to grow on glass and on power heads etc. I clean it all out and the next day It is right back. My nitrates are around 2 and phosphates are zero. Not sure what this is or what to do to cure it. I have turned lights off for today and hope to figure out some answers. From what I read, dino likes phosphates and nitrates, so kind of confusing as to what this could be. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Mike A


    Taking the GFO off line didn't help my phosphates at all. Still at zero and nitrates at around 2. Thinking of maybe dosing. What ya think?
  6. Mike A


    Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it. I have taken my GFO off line. I will see if this helps. Thanks again!!
  7. Mike A


    I have just two colonies of zoanthids and neither one of them seem to grow or open up much at all. I have 0 phosphates and 0-2 nitrates, alk 8.3, calcium 430. Not sure why. I recently purchased an eagle eye zoa and it hardly opens up at all and has zero color. I have a Maxspect LED light set for softies and LPS. Zoas are 4-6" from the bottom. My LPS and other softies are doing fine. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Mike A


    Thanks for the help!!
  9. Mike A


    Thanks. I hate to keep asking questions, but I've never done this before. When will I know it's cycled? Will nitrates go down some on there own or not? Thanks again!
  10. Mike A


    Ok. So I am three weeks into my cycle using the shrimp method. Ammonia=0, Nitrites=.25 +/-, Nitrates 100. Next steps? Wait, water change?
  11. Thanks Muttley! I still have a piece of shrimp in filter sock. Should I remove at this point?
  12. Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated! As of today my ammonia is less than .15, nitrites are at .25 and nitrates are crazy high (like 100). Should I do a water change to get nitrates down or just let the cycle continue to play out? Thanks.
  13. I've been cycling my 65 gallon for about a week and a half using the shrimp method. My ammonia is at 1.5, nitrites at 2, and nitrates at about 50. Is this normal? I thought I would see an ammonia spike. Maybe it's still coming. First time cycling a tank. Any advice/thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Mike A


    Yeah that's what I am going to do now. Get cycled. I have read and watched so much crap I don't know what's right and what's wrong.
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