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  1. Rdballard

    Banggai cardinalfish

    Mine is a picky pita... He doesn't like pellets but will always eat freeze dried brine and sometimes flakes... Definitely worth it though haha.
  2. I would love the pink streak wrasse, starry Blenny, and toad stool. Where are you located?
  3. Stylophora, pocilpora, montis of all types to add onto the two above that I definitely agree with lol. I have all and they're doing awesome, even my acros are happy and I'm a noob so you definitely got this. Good luck!
  4. Maybe I'll just get a 200g and get it over with already [emoji23]
  5. Added a bunch more coral, thank you@j2b for the hookup! Added another arch on the left and plan on adding another one to the right that's just sitting in the sump.
  6. I'll take some sinularia and orange Monti if you don't mind sending them with Jake next weekend
  7. Rdballard

    Royal gramma

    Yeah... I just paid $40 for mine lol
  8. If you have any left, where are you located?
  9. Rdballard

    USPS fail

    It's definitely the least I can do lol
  10. I would love one myself!
  11. That's on the list next time Jake makes it down here [emoji6]
  12. So it's been a hot minute since I've updated but the nuvo somehow grew into a 46g with a 20g sump??? Crazy! Fish list: green chromis (Dasher) 2 ocellaris clowns (Finley and Gilbert) Banggai cardinal (Marty) Coral list: GSP and BSP Frogspawn Duncan Acan Monti Cap Cabbage Candy Cane Hammer Toadstool Blastos Future additions: Royal Gramma Tailspot Blenny Yellow Watchman Goby Red-lined Wrasse Purple Tree Gorgonian Pink Devil's Hand Green Sinularia Hollywood Stunner Other misc softies/LPS I come along Chaeto Loving all the room for activities in this new tank and the 2 black boxes provide plenty of light even turned way down low like they currently are. Huge shoutouts to[mention=2485]AspiringLobophyllia[/mention][mention=2435]jeff70[/mention][mention=1326]crimsonvice[/mention] and everyone else who has helped me along the way.

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