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  1. crimsonvice not many as of yet, been is regular communication with an owner in Cordova Tennessee named Rob and he has been giving me excellent feedback and last time we talked a couple weeks ago he was considering loaning it to his local Saltwater aquarium store for them to experience. I informed him they were for sale, he bought it before our conversation was even over on the phone. So he has been running it for about 7 weeks. He just can't say enough great things about it. I'm in Washington, the whole state is shut down so... Cancelled video shoots, cancelled demonstrations in local stores for now. That's why some videos aren't uploaded yet. This product launch is still in progress you could say.
  2. Hello Fellow BuckeyeReef members, Last summer I finally solved the mystery behind this new patented technology unlocking the designs full potential and decided to create a new brand name OTTOMEDIC because it operates a thousand times better with new features and new abilities never seen before in this new model OTTOMEDIC EVO 7000Z1 now available for purchase in the U.S. This new Protein Skimmer is 23" tall and 6.75" wide footprint. To own on of these means you will Never Have To Tune A Protein Skimmer Again and always have your Skimmer working at peak efficiency 24/7. The EVO 7000Z1 works in any water level between 1"-10.5" flawlessly even when the water level is constantly changing within that range as you can see for yourself in the newly released YouTube movie imbedded on ottomedic.com's home page and linked here. Not sure how to imbed the video like Muttley000 did on an older post so members don't have to leave BuckeyeReef to watch it? Maybe he can help with that? This video shows a side by side comparison of this new technology versus the Classic Skimmers you are so familiar with already. I apologize in advance for the length in advance, and felt it needed a fishy intro to help make it a little more entertaining. This movie is so new, only 3 weeks ago, YouTube isn't making it easy to show up in searches yet due to the lack of People knowing about it, watching it, and clicking the Thumbs Up Icon, People clicking SUBSCRIBE to the channel, and the limited places there are links to this video on other sites. If any of you can help with this that would be very, very much appreciated! Please share your thoughts here...... I am happy to answer any and all of your questions about this new Skimmer! Never Tune A Skimmer Again! The new OTTOMEDIC EVO 7000Z1
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