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  1. Frag cups are a must. I don't know how many times I've been handed a stony coral in a super thin ziploc bag. They will immediately leak as soon as you set it down and the skeleton punctures it or it gets crushed by another container. On a side note of you don't listen and don't bring your own come see me if you need one or two I'll set you up.
  2. The room looks great. Good luck keeping your mind off seeing everything up though.
  3. If I were to separate the XR30s from the T5 hybrid the process would be $425 each for the XR30s and $300 for the 48" Aquatic Life hybrid with 4 ATI Blue Plus bulbs with about 15 hours on them.
  4. I was just thinking about donating mine to the club the other day then I realized that whoever borrowed it last kept it.
  5. Here's an awful pic of mine and it needs cleaned but it's accounted for lol. Cord management yet to come once I figure out everything that I'm going to have running through it.
  6. I still don't like how bare the rock is but it'll get there.
  7. Personally I don't see much of an advantage from have g5 over g4 but that's just my 2 cents. Plus the g4s are proven. But top each their own. The spread out leds on the g5s are nice but I haven't had a chance to see the optics in person yet where I know I love the optics of the g4s
  8. Sorry. I just took these offline yesterday. I've got a few brand new xr15 g4 pros I'm considering getting rid of also. I'm just trying to fund some coral for the new tank.
  9. I've done a lot of looking at them. I'm skeptical that they are so much better than the g4's but it doesn't really matter. All my xr15s are only a year old. Although I was surprised to see that the mounting holes are the same as older models instead of slightly moving them and capitalizing by selling new mounts too
  10. Radions have been used for approx 20 months at a max of 40% for 7 hours a day. Aquatic Life T5HO 48" Hybrid Fixture is 1 year old and only ran for 2 days before taking offline. Comes with 4 ATI Blue Plus bulbs with 15 hours on them. Everything is in great condition and never had an issue with any of it just don't need it anymore. Even with the Radions currently on clearance at 20% off this setup is still $1780 + tax new. $1100 Firm Willing to separate but prefer not to.
  11. Check this out. https://premiumaquatics.com/products/blue-life-safety-stop-instant-quarantine.html
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