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  1. nice. i've got one that i have yet to use. looking forward to seeing how you like it
  2. Just my $.02. The Bashsea products are well worth their cost. I have the 48" signature series II sump, 2x 6x24 skimmers, 2x waste collectors, and 2x 8x30 bioreactors. The sump is awesome. Every section after the filter socks is adjustable, cord management holes all over as well as various dosing line holes and probe holders, the 3/8" acrylic gives me a huge piece of mind in case I slip and bang into it. It's probably smaller than your looking for but I have a Ferrari red 36" signature series sump that's brand new that I am willing to part with at less than retail.
  3. buk

    My 180 upgrade

    Awesome. I looked at them a good while before getting my Bashsea sump. They seem pretty nice. Keep up the good work on the build
  4. buk

    My 180 upgrade

    Looking good so far. I'm interested to see how you like the Trigger Systems sump once you get everything going. Do you see any down sides as of yet?
  5. I finally got to use the club link for Marine Depot the other day and ordered a new net cover for my 100gal tank. It came in today and I'm really impressed. I haven't even cut it and assembled yet but I already know I'll never again will I struggle with the flimsy and twisty screen framing from Lowe's or BRS (same stuff). The frame sections are very rigid and the inside, outside, and center support pieces are top notch. All of the connecting pieces fit very nicely and continue the rib channel through them so no more unsecured screen corners. The one reason I decided to go with this cover even though I already have a BRS DIY kit is because of the mounting tabs. My aquarium is rimless and impossible to find mounting clips for that actually fit well. The RedSea kit has a second channel opposite the rib channel that hanging tabs slide into and suspend the assembly from the edge of my glass. The only downside that I'm seeing so far is the netting. There are a lot of reviews out that bash the netting and I have to agree. It's very thin and pretty weak. Good thing is that the BRS netting is much nicer and can be bought by itself if you decided you wanted to go that route. I'm hoping to get the time tomorrow to cut and assemble the cover. I'll be posting pics and my input on quality and ease of use as I get there. https://www.marinedepot.com/Aquarium_Lid_Net_Cover_Kit_48_inch_x_31_inch_Red_Sea-RS42082-FIAQAA-vi.html
  6. buk

    My 180 upgrade

    Congrats. You're going to love the overflow. Mine is silent.
  7. Sorry. DIdn't see this thread till now. I just got done using Fluconazole a few months ago. I was pretty nervous about the health of all my inhabitants but it was a last resort type of deal. Worked great. I did one treatment and all the bryopsis was gone and the tank has never looked healthier since.
  8. I'll be there. I was hoping to buy one there after it had been released for a while. Dang
  9. 599.95 is a far cry from 800. I'm tempted but i'd like to see the accuracy over time before i commit to that
  10. Did anyone hear an updated price at the expo? I could have swore I heard somewhere in the $800 range at MACNA last September.
  11. Some prices would help you move things much faster
  12. Nice ingenuity. I am constantly (at least weekly) finding myself trying to fabricate or modify things for this hobby. It's half of the fun for me.
  13. buk

    Salt sale at Liveaquaria

    Great deal on the salt I use. But it's really $37.49a bucket. Looks like they took 25%of the regular price off of the sale price. I'll take it
  14. That ought to hold a 180 and then some
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