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  1. So true! lol. I've got my front bumper, winch, light bar, and high lift jack to mount, not to mention the rear diff, a-arm, transfer case, and transmission skid plates that are just laying around. I'm in!
  2. Love it. You've got me inspired to finally get some more done on my truck so I can have some fun with it this summer
  3. Oh wow. You've got some real fire
  4. We all need to know. What did you get?
  5. What kind of egg crate is that? Does it interlock? Nice polyp extension btw
  6. why not just kalkwasser paste?
  7. Lol. I've still got the 30's. Can't even come close to beating them for $325.
  8. Sorry but no. Just the ones I'm using over my tank
  9. I thought I had all I needed and then some. Well I was wrong. Whose got an extra Aquabus cable or two laying around? Length doesn't really matter although shorter is better.
  10. buk


    Welcome. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the red sea. Never be afraid to ask anything you're wondering about here.
  11. Ok I thought about it and will accept $325 each for the radions and $225 on the t5 if anyone is interested.
  12. I watched 1 eat 7 5" purple tangs in a week once.
  13. The good thing about melafix and hydroplex is that they treat a broad array of issues. Best of luck. I hope everything turns around in that tank. Keep us updated.

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