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  1. Sorry i don't have the radions anymore but i do still have the t5 hybrid fixture if you're interested
  2. I'm slowly going through some of the things I don't need anymore and as I do I'll post them up here for sale To start with: Apogee SQ-520 LED PAR sensor. Requires laptop or something to run as a readout and run software. Works great and recently recalibrated by Apogee. $375 Hanna Alkalinity checker with 3 bottles of reagents and 3 and a half bottles of reagents that expired in February that are still reading good tests results $45 Hanna Calcium checker $40 Both rarely used
  3. buk

    USPS fail

    I'm going to when USPS gets their heads removed from their anuses. For now I just got a refund. I do like them and have never had an issue from reefcleaners
  4. buk

    USPS fail

    My new phone is on 10 days shipping from Detroit. It's driving me insane.
  5. buk

    USPS fail

    Are nerite snails the hardiest of them all? My stink up crew finally arrived yesterday after 8 and a half days in a box and traveling from Florida to Portland, OR then Cleveland, OH, then finally to my house. Everything smelled like a por-a-potty that's been abandoned in the summer sun for three years but somehow every nerite snail was still alive.
  6. if you decide changing tide give them a heads up as they're open by appointment only right now.
  7. buk


    Very cool. Thanks
  8. buk


    I was thinking the same thing. Where is the container from @Sevitz5?
  9. And hello not having to test for anything but phosphates lol. Do I need anything else If i purchased the IOND standalone set to make it function and give me testing results?
  10. Yeah I did. Apparently the IOND isn't working with the sale
  11. I got that message when I copied and pasted from the original post. It's still not working.
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