Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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  1. Where are you located? I'd possibly be interested in the blue trumpet coral, frogspawn and yellow or gold lepto. Depending on price obviously. Thanks.
  2. Yes they did. I will try a few more from a different company this time.
  3. I have an Orchid Dottyback and Azure Damsel in there currently, I plan on adding a Bangaii Cardinal for my last fish along with a few more corals and rock anenomes.
  4. This is my new 20 gallon Waterbox, its been running for about 1 week now. Lighting is a Kessil a160. Only coral I have in there is a toadstool that hasn't opened in a week since placing it into the tank. I also purchased 3 rock anenomes but unfortunately only 1 survived the shipping process.
  5. I set this up for my son in his room 6-7 months ago so he can have his very own nemo that hosts an anenome. For ease of maintenance the filtration is live rock only. I just recently started dosing nitrates and phosphates so I'm hoping the corals start to grow a little better. You can see the acan in the front and how it receded due to lack of nutrients. So far after a few days of dosing the corals seem to be perking up and 2 mushrooms look like they are splitting already. First 3 pics are right after cycle when tank was new, the last 2 pics are most recent but before I started dosing the phates/trates. We're also dealing with a flatworm and aiptasia problem at the moment so that is next on the list to be taken care of. I didn't put many corals in there because it was supposed to be mainly an RBTA tank but so far it has shown no signs of splitting even with regular feedings. I'm still deciding if I want to risk fragging another RBTA I have and placing it into the pico on the left side or just putting more corals in it. We also need to upgrade the flow because the current powerhead isn't cutting it but we're unsure of what to go with. I tried my spare Jebao pp8 at lowest settings but it was still way too much for the coral.
  6. Newbie to this forum and first time hearing about this frag swap. I'm glad I didn't miss it and will hopefully attend when it's back on.

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