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  1. I just bought EHEIM compactON 2100 after reading the reviews.. I read should be between 3-10x turnover ratio. I am guessing the 2100 will give me around 300 GPH at 4ft. I cant find the chart however. I Am hoping this be sufficent. I have a MP 40 as well.
  2. I have a Red Sea Max E 170 and they recommend 2700l/h or 714GPH for return. That sounds like an awful lot. I see the Sicce 3.0 is what they recommend. I think need new pump its acting weird. I have currently a jebao DCP6500. Anyone? I want something good and may want to be able to hook it up to Profilux if possible
  3. I don't see why Conductivity probe is necessary and ORP. I can see needing ORP if using ozone unless I am missing something. Can someone clarify this for me?
  4. I am trying to figure out what I need in order to switch. I have 3 optical sensors for my Apex through FMM. Sump Low/Sump High and Ato Low I have a floor leak sensor as well. I also have a fan hooked up to 24VDC port. Does GHL support that? I think need a leak sensor interface; Y split cable I am guessing for Low/High Sump; Probably need to buy expansion card for my level sensors that is a guess though. Thanks
  5. I guess this no longer will you have another one?

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