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  1. Thanks for all the info, I'm going to start ordering everything I need. And you're right $120 to ship 7.5 gallon ughh. I'll be sure to post a new thread when it's done.
  2. When you tested your tank and had the 1/4" bow were baffles installed and how high was the water. I don't plan on adding any baffles to the sump so I'm hope bowing wont be an issue. I was going to throw a 40 gallon breeder into the sump but now that I think about it, I could break apart the glass from the numerous empty tanks I have lying around and caulk that into the sump. But I don't think I'll have a baffle fully across the short side of the tank, so no added strength. I am going to use the white pigment as well, but I'm way out here in Northern California. I really appreciat
  3. Thanks for the Info. I’ll definitely post here when I start. My sump will be 25”x60”x18” with a 40 gallon breeder inside for refugium and filter pad chamber. The water level in breeder will be at 12” and only 8” in a the plywood sump. With that being said it seems like I wouldn’t need to brace the tank and 3/4” plywood should do the trick without much bowing. 2 more questions and I think I can start. Did you pour the 45 filets in one pour? And how much left over material did you have? I’m hoping I can get away with three gallons. But after calculating surface area I’m about 70% of your
  4. I was wondering if this sump was still going strong? I'm having a custom tank made and I really want to build a sump using this method. The only problem is I've never worked with epoxy. It looks like you epoxied all of the wall layers before starting on the bottom of the tank. Did you have to sand the bottom of the walls before adding the bottom layer of epoxy? Does it hurt to make one thick layer instead of three thinner coats? And finally, can I add bulkheads after the sump is epoxied; would drilling be a problem after epoxying the box?
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