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  1. Hello all I hope you are having a great day. I’m looking for high end bubble tip anemones. I’m interested in all so just let me know what you have. But I’m especially looking for yellow variants.
  2. Ok thank you, I will hopefully sign up soon.
  3. Hello i remember reading that this forum now has a par meter rental. How do we access this? I’m in need of a rental to figure out if I need to add t5s.
  4. Aidanj


    Cincinnati Dayton area
  5. Aidanj


    Hello, I’m setting up clownfish harem in a few weeks and I’m trying to find some people that are interested in selling btas. I’m interested in the lower priced color morphs like rainbows and maybe a black widow. Please let me know if you have any you want to sell and what your interested in getting for them.
  6. What is the price on that, and where are you located?
  7. Hello do you still have the radions and the t5 hybrid Im really interested.
  8. Are you keeping the tank up cause I would love to buy a few nems once mine has cycles and stabilized
  9. I know this is a old thread but I have a maxspect razor R5-200 with hanging kit and controller for sale for 500$. It has never been used except to test that it all works. Let me know if interested.
  10. I decided to do a larger reef than I was originally planning. The light and controller are both new and in the box. I have a hanging kit that will go with it but I don’t have photos. They have both been tested to make sure they work but other than that they have never been used. I am asking 500 for all of it. I am located in the Cincinnati Dayton area but I am willing to drive to meet someone for the sale.
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