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  1. i look foward to that. i havent really done swaps and stuff in years, but i would really like to get back into that.
  2. wow, kentucky is quite a haul. my family are from catletsburg over near west virginia. well, my mom's side. my dad's family is from the Bronx.
  3. thank you Waffen. Is that a history nod, because i love history? Anyway, enough about the past. Right now Tina and I have had our reef nine years. She can tend to it if I can't for some reason. My wife knows the basics, and together we really love this stuff. We grow corals, and offer frags of those. They range from 15-25, and cover everything from gsp, xenia to oregon tort and bonsai. We usually have a few fish that have been through a full 6 week qt for real, not just us saying so. our frags as a whole are healthy and pest free. The only pest we have are asterina stars and some hair algae. I
  4. well Birdman, i hope it ends well. Tina and I did a quiet close. We didn't just quit. We sold down our stock, and stopped talking of facebook and advertising in any way. Slowly, i got it down to 2 of the 35gallons, our 75 and a 50 gallon rubbermade i used as a frag tank. people we knew would still come and buy frags off me, so i never completely stopped. I just didnt do the shop any more. our next big project was the upgrade to a 150. frankly, i love this shit, and i love meeting everyone and helping when i can. it has never been about the money for me. it is my passion. with the shop don
  5. There are no good hobbiest shops on the west side of columbus, and after getting bad advice, bad livestock and losing thousands, we decided to open our own shop out of our basement. We bought 12 35 gallon commercial tanks from a store that was closing in Lancaster. Then Phishy business was changing to needle wheel skimmers, so we bought a 48" geo becket skimmer from them. I built stands for 8 of the tanks, plumbed them into the big sump and we got out license. Lincoln Village Reef was borne. All of that went fairly well. There was a bit of a learning curve with all the water coming and going.
  6. Thank you. Our first tank was the 75 that is on the back wall. It ran for a few months, but our house isnt insulated well, and it kept getting too hot. the uneven temps just weren't cutting it, so i got this brilliant idea that the basement temps were cooler, and if i did the sump down there it would help keep the tank cool. about 8 years ago i added the sump in the basement. with the bigger pump, the in sump skimmer and pumps for the reactors, it really didn't solve the heat problem. plus i was still shopping the big box stores, and getting sold at everyone of them. by that i mean they will s
  7. thank you. i am thankful for the room, and even more thankful for a wife that hasn't left me yet
  8. I am actually just coming out of my last issue. I had some hair algae getting too carried away in our nem tank. Treated with flu on. It killed the hair, but also my caluperra. By the time I was noticing cyano kicking off my nitrates were thru the roof. Needless to say a bunch of water changes over about 3 weeks until my fuge could catch back up.
  9. Thank you bird man. I posted an overview of our reef, but I am sure more will follow. I am always doing something
  10. I love Xenia. I couldn’t keep it for years, and all of a sudden it started growing for me. I read an article where places use it for phosphate control. I just love it because of the pulsing.
  11. i do have both waving hand and pulsing xenia down there. waving hand i can let you have. the xenia i try to get 10 bucks for.
  12. Our display is a SCA 150. It is plumbed into the basement/fishroom. The main system is about 600 gallons, and I have a 55 set up for QT. The Sump is a 100 gallon rubbermade tub, and I use 3 Jebao DC pumps as the returns. I bought a 4 foot tall Geo skimmer when a local store closed, and have two 1/2 hp chiller/heaters from Ecosmart. Our 150 usually runs 2 CP90 crossflow fans for movement, but in that pic they are down soaking for cleaning. I run a maxspect razor for lights, supplemented by a reef brite ho blue led. all the grow out tanks are lit with the black boxes. I dose my own two part. A f
  13. Thanks for the welcome. My wife and I have made many trips down that way. James Brown, our powder brown tang came from the petland down there.
  14. my name is Jeff and I am from Columbus.
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