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  1. I installed it on the 19th of this month, so far I am about a day away from changing out to my third roll. I am hopeful after a few adjustments that maybe the roll will last longer, Price wise weekly roll changes will not work. My tank has large fish so I know I will never get to 6-8 week they claim. I am hopeful to maybe get a month out of a roll sometime. The difference since running it has only been no more build up in the reactors or sump with is a plus. The water is a little clearer and hopefully will have less floating around the longer I use the roll.
  2. Added a filter roller to the tank. . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have been running a carbon doser for over 10 years without issue. Not sure what % fail but I know mine has been great!
  4. You are ready for a CA Reactor when you feel you are spending to much on dosing supplies. How much is to much is up to you. I run a Precision Marine 6 X 24 Calcium Reactor W/Eheim Pump and feed from a line from my return pump. I have a carbondoser electronic co2 regulator and a 20 or 25 pound co2 tank, I can not remember now what size it is. The bigger the tank the less you have to get it refilled. I have no controller, I just go with my ALK tests to make my adjustments. Been running it this way since July 2004, The setup works other than the Eheim pump is glued to the reactor. To me this was a mistake Precision Marine made in the design. I have no way to rep[lace it other than break it off, I have found several videos on how to get it off. The pump is just now seeming like it needs some work done on it. I am currently waiting on a new reactor to be built. I ordered an 8" Automated Calcium Reactor from Aquarium Engineering.
  5. Some of my fish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. They get big fast, personally do not think a 300 gallon will hold it long.
  7. I need one with its own controller. I do not currently run one.
  8. you may be able to get away with less, one light will cover 36x36" area. I have 6 over my 375
  9. If I remember right they cover a 36 x 36" area per light
  10. 96x30x30 I could have gotten away with 3 but I felt the need to push it a little and get more PAR.
  11. For lights I would go Ecotech, hands down the best lights
  12. 6 Ecotech Radion XR30wG4PRO LED Lights for my tank, love them, they are the best lights I have ever used hands down!
  13. I was hoping to get there this weekend for the soft opening but did not make it. Looks like a place I will stop in and check out soon! Thanks for the pictures!
  14. Acrylic can be sanded even with fish in the tank. I have scratched both a glass and acrylic tank. I buff my tank every few years with an underwater kit that works with my magnets.
  15. I highly recommend https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/carbondoser-electronic-co2-regulator-aquarium-plant-life.html
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