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  1. BRS RO unit, 70 GPD, will likely need new filters. Asking $100.
  2. Super nice 250 gallon (24"x30.5"x74") 3/4" thick acrylic display tank with 120 gallon (20"x23"x59.5") acrylic sump. $2800 for the pair. Bought and decided to go another route. Be a dream setup. Includes custom light support made for 3 radions. Tank has few light scratches but in very good shape, could use good cleaning.
  3. Looking for 150 or 125 gallon aquarium. Needs be 72" long x 18" deep. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  4. Well.. here it is. Still looking for lots other stuff but it's a good start. Any one got a skimmer, rock, lights (led), controllers, wave makers or any other equipment and looking to sell or trade let me know.
  5. myreef55

    RO unit

    Looking for an RO unit. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  6. In the market for reasonably priced tank and equipment. Looking for 6' tank. No need for stand or canopy. Also dry rock and large skimmer. 300+ gallon. Also anything else might have cheap. Brute cans, stock troughs, let me know what you got.
  7. Starting to gather in the Hope's of in near future. Looking for a good deal on a 6' or longer tank and decent size skimmer. Also good dry rock.
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