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  1. Scopas tang- $60 2 chromis- $5 each Yellow head jawfish- $20 Black storm and black misbar snowflake clowns, captive bred, frequently spawn. Will not separate! Love their anemones. $90 pair. Black cardinalfish-$10 All fish eat pellets, flakes, and frozen. Tang will eat nori on a clip 4 gorgonians- $10 for the big ones and $5 for a small one rock with 5 bubble tips- $50 Green long tentacle toadstool frag-$5 rock with rock flower anemone and lots of sponge-$30 large green long tentacle toadstool attached to rock-$25 5lb rock with two green long tentacle toadstool frags and Xenia -$15 5 lb rock with red favia-$15 ~60 lbs live rock-$50 ~40 lbs live sand(cannot be sold until livestock and rock is sold) -$35 Located in Columbus just outside of Westerville.
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