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  1. Amy R

    sea hare

    Hi there, We are really struggling with a green hair algae problem in our reef tank. We would be super interested in "borrowing" someone's sea hair for a bit? The tank belongs to my daugher and she doesn't not want her own sea hare, but we thought if we could get ahead of it, we might be able to keep up. We have 3 urchins who are helping and we plan on adding a tang in the next month or two, but just wondered if this might be a possibility? Thanks!
  2. Amy R

    Frag Swap 2022?

    Does anyone know if there is a frag swap happening in the Perrysburg area this summer?
  3. Amy R


    Ah, good to know. Thank you! And obviously, I meant Oct 2021!;)
  4. Amy R


    No, it's a new tank and all new set up in October 2022 and we use r.o. water/saltwater from our fish store, still everything else: fish, seastars, shrimp, and crabs all seem fine. Maybe they were just a bad batch? We got them bc our hair algae is getting out of hand. We scrubbed a bunch off, and assuming everything else stays well, we're going to add an urchin to tackle the algae.
  5. Amy R


    Hmmm, we are not sure about that. Where would it come from?
  6. Amy R


    We still don't know what happened-the water tests are perfect, no phosphates, water temp is right, but everything else still seems fine. They reported no issues with the other snails at the store
  7. Amy R


    We had 2 snails before the new ones, and one has died and one seems fine. Everything else in the tank seems fine. We're going to the saltwater store tomorrow to talk about. We acclimated them in the bucket and added a scoop of tank water every 10 min for 1 hr 50 min.very strange
  8. Amy R


    The Halloween crab has begun to eat it now
  9. Amy R


    We just added a few snails to our tank, and one by one, they seem to just stop sticking to things. They have each died, seemingly peacefully, but we can't figure out why. Shrimp, fish and snails all seem fine, water test came out great
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