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  1. Update. Still some nice stuff here.
  2. Everything u need for a Q tank. Just add water
  3. No problem, that pH probe is newer probe. Better of the two that they sell. Let me know if u need any else. Maybe if u buy enough I will include shipping if it is worth it on my end.
  4. Updated list, prices coming soon. Just pm me for now.
  5. Sold a couple things. Updated list. Will try and get some prices listed. Been busy with life since I decided to separate. In the mean time send me a pm.
  6. Parting out! First come first serve!
  7. Will decide next week if I part out. Out of town for work, then Easter this weekend which I will be out of town also. Let u know.
  8. Back on the market! 135 gallon (72"x18"x24") tank, oak stand, canopy and all the equipment you will need. Everything is cleaned up and boxed and ready to go. Asking $2500 for the package. If no one is interested in package (I will be giving it some time) then I will part out. Tank and equipment are in good condition. The tank has no scratches and is a custom tank, so glass is a little thicker than usual. Tank is around 3 years old and I am the only owner. No time for hobby, only reason I am getting out. I am located in Walbridge. Any questions , ask. Thanks for looking
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