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  1. I went to culinary school and worked in several nice restaurants, and then ran a small family type one a friend owned where I was the GM. Got tired of dealing with all the bs from employees, suppliers etc and working 90+ hours a week and not having a single day off for almost four years so I left the industry. Still like to cook, bake especially. I've started making it a sort of tradition I cook breakfast on Sunday mornings, varies every week, might be omlettes one week, specialty pancakes another, once in a while I go crazy and make a huge spread.
  2. Is there a list or map of all the vendors who will be here?
  3. Is this still going to happen? I saw earlier that the venue is closing at some point in spring 2019
  4. Can you give me some measurements of the three tier tanks? Is it set up for a central sump underneath? Thanks.
  5. I think Chris has been focused on his aerial photo and video business.
  6. We hatched out some Pekin ducks a couple weeks ago.
  7. ach6175

    T5 bulbs 24"

    I've got plenty of blue plus, purple plus and coral plus. I'd be interested in the daylight bulbs if you do have some.
  8. ach6175

    T5 bulbs 24"

    Looking for used or new 24"T5 bulbs. Particularly daylight or white bulbs as I have a bunch of actinic and blue plus. Any brand.
  9. Should have a buckeye reef night at the races one Sat night!
  10. I was checking out some YouTube videos early this morning and saw this video on the Mote laboratory that all the proceeds from the raffle at the expo went to. It's not very long but shows quite a bit. I figured most on here may not see it since it's on a guys channel that does African cichlids.
  11. ach6175

    local tank makers

    Aquatica over in Valley City which is near Cleveland does custom acrylic tanks and sumps. Acrylic creations was at the expo in March and had some nice tanks, I believe theyre a sponsor
  12. The city I grew up in had several cars like this they confiscated. One was a practically brand new Corvette, they'd use it for parades and show off at schools
  13. I have bother the jebao pumps you got there. Mine are on a 40 breeder, the pp8 I use on else mode where it randomly switches between different wave modes. The dcp6500 I'm only running at about 40% and have a ton of flow.
  14. That's the reason I stay off the two big reefing forums and use buckeye reef.
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