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  1. Welcome to BR! Awesome looking setups!
  2. Man that's sweet! The seahorses are awesome
  3. That's what mine are
  4. Also, looking for a skimmer rated ~100g if anyone has one they're interested in trading for coral. One quirk, I need one with no red acrylic on it.
  5. Running a sale - frag tank is overflowing so slashing prices. Here's an instant letpo collection ready to go. Left to rightTop row: RR Klepto, CC Mr Freeze, WWC Disco ball, 24K Gold.Bottom row: AOA Molten Lava, JF Klepto, WWC Hulk, JF Funny farm $150!!!
  6. I got lucky with that one. They don't always color that nice.
  7. Sold the one pictured at lear last year. Sold quite a few of its babies too thru the years
  8. I'd say whenever you're up to it! Won't take long to pay for itself
  9. I have had the opposite experience, mine seems to be bullet proof. Is doing well and deep red lower (bottom 1/4) in the tank. Probably moderate flow.
  10. From what I've read they do their job well, but may leach aluminum into the water. Lots of debate on whether that's true and whether it affects anything.
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