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  1. With a 12" deep tank, t5 bulbs (assuming 4x) are probably plenty of light, the leds would essentially be color control. The lights listed are awful powerful and expensive to accomplish that task. Might be better suited looking into some of the led strip lights out there.
  2. Dr.Fraggenstien


    My 4' 120g runs 2 mp40 pretty close to directly across from each other. 100% reef-crest anti-sync
  3. Dr.Fraggenstien


    I'm not 100% on the technical terms, but the "path of flow" on these things is really wide, meaning the water is moved over a larger area and 4500gph flow has way less velocity than any other 4500gph pump. It's less focused for lack of a better word. The angle doesn't really matter because its moving water at all angles (or a big swath of them anyway) Long story short, ime, these are by far the best powerheads on the market. They have the best programming and best options too.
  4. "Since most of us are not running modern LED lights at full intensity, the reduced PAR from using an accessory like the 3DReefing light diffuser shouldn’t be too much of an issue"
  5. I did once upon a time, but felt they trapped to much dirt and got rid of them
  6. That reverse superman (aka mystic sunset, etc) is a nice one. Very fast growing and suprising aggressive for s monti. What it cant grow right over it holds it's own against
  7. When I was a kid my nurse mother took care of a surgeon's fowlr setup when he was out of town. Long story short he got an infection in his finger so bad from working in the tank that he almost lost his hand and wasn't able to operate anymore.
  8. I honestly can't say I'm ever annoyed to talk about my tank. If anything its probably the other way around :/
  9. I have those 3 and about 20 other montis
  10. It's cost/benefit situational to me. Depends on the situation whether it's worth it or not
  11. Like the guys said tho, they only look nice if you keep them looking nice. I'll be leaving this one open for access. It's going in the "fish room" so can be noisy and dirty and no one cares much
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