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  1. Yes ma'am, about half of it. The other side is just as full hmu sometime and come have a look!
  2. Seen this setup when Mussin had it up. Great tank and really nice dimensions. Looking forward to seeing it come together for you
  3. I have not, but feel like I've seen quite a few for re-sale. Not sure if just coincidence or not. I'll pay the extra $100 for the vortech just to not have the cord in tank
  4. Wave action may calm down at night, but that doesn't really mean less current. IMO, there's more potential for bad than good. For coral specifically, flow is critical for respiration, and that activity peaks at night. Cutting the flow is like cutting their air supply. As for fish, even in the highest powered tanks, there will be plenty of low flow nooks and crannies for them to seek shelter in. IMO night settings are a gimmick based on a misconception that because there may be less waves, there is less current/flow.
  5. Nice. There should be a nozzle where the inline hits the skimmer body, and that's where all the action happens. You have to run a wire brush thru that every so often to keep it running right. That's how it was on the hobs I'd used anyway
  6. They're different. Not as efficient as a modern day needle wheel, but pretty effective back in the day. Spray-induction I believe they call it. No air line or anything, just a regular pump
  7. I feel like there is an optimal distance between the siphon/main drain and the water level/second drain, for the siphon to work best, but can't remember the specifics.
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