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  1. Jim is correct, DA is dead and there is no support. I do not know if that has impacted the ability to update, but it has broken the net-module compatibility, and it is also damn near impossible to get new temp probes. I would recommend a google search to see if updating is still possible before spending any money. Not being able to get temp probes is a big deal, and I will be switching to apex or another controller as soon as my goes out.
  2. I tend to buy frags, because they're cheaper, and usually if they do well it doesn't take long to grow a colony. if they don't do well, I wasted a frag instead of a colony. Unless we're talking slow growing LPS, then a colony makes sense if you want a nice show piece.
  3. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Grafted SPS

    Boy the tip looks rough.. Wonder if it's actually a graft or a green pigment infection.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if that's impossible. Relatively new release I believe
  5. SBB Heizenburg.. SBB is Shane Baker I believe. Stupid high end stuff. Good score!
  6. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Invert QT

    I apply the same to coral. Favia are not going to bring in acro eating flatworms or monti eating nudis. Those pests associate with what they eat.
  7. Dr.Fraggenstien

    Invert QT

    I would only mess with QTing things that are vectors for common issues. Can a shrimp get sick? Probably. Do you need to worry much about it? Likely not.
  8. Dr.Fraggenstien


    The radion diffuser is claimed to be 75% light transmission, so it's not a crazy number. When you're diffusing light, you'll lose intensity but most people aren't running 100% and can just up the intensity to make up for the loss to the diffuser
  9. Dr.Fraggenstien


    I've heard of people using this stuff... https://www.acrylite.co/satinice-optimum-light-diffusion-white-wd008-df.html
  10. I'd be interested in the 15's, especially if there's potential for trade/partial trade
  11. If you're feeling like coverage and blend is good I dont think you'll have too much to worry about. Dial in you intensity and watch the coral grow

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