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  1. Sounds like you should be in good shape
  2. Big Gatoraid bottle I believe. The wider mouthed bottles worked for me without much modification.
  3. I put my magfloat in my DIY bottle trap, so it pins it to the glass, allows me to adjust to the level the fish frequents, and when the fish goes in the trap, I can spin the bottle to the water surface without getting wet. You might not catch it first, just make sure you put whoever you do catch to the side (a bucket or something) so you don't keep catching the same fish over and over.
  4. No reason to be afraid. I've tried them several times, never had much luck, but they're not very big. Them "poisoning" a tank is a stretch I think. Every one of mine died in tank. Never any issues. I'll probably give them one last go next time I get a chance.
  5. Key with a trap is patience. Don't bait it on day 1, leave it a few days so the fish aren't scared of it. Hold off on feeding for those days too. Then when you bait on day 3-4, they're good and hungry and in the trap.
  6. Wonder what the damage on that whole outfit is... I'm guessing there's 5 figures involved
  7. I've got six or seven different flavors. They're an underrated coral, as most encrusters are. Oh well, more for me
  8. You'll definitely see some shadows on the sides.
  9. Wow! Good deal. I might grab a few bags I don't even need
  10. I'd probably be in. For those looking to scratch the itch, there are also swaps in: Columbus in Dec Cincy in Jan Cleveland in Feb And Perrysberg in Apr?
  11. Sweet! My new frag swap tank is arriving Friday
  12. The main problem is keeping them out of overflows, powerheads, pumps, etc, otherwise they're ok. In my experience, the best, hands down and by far, maintenance animal for hair algae is a plain old yellow tang. A good one will tear chunks right off the rock in one bite the size that any common mollusc predator will eat in a day. They can still only do so much tho, so getting to the source of the nutrient is necessary for most situations
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