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  1. The main problem is keeping them out of overflows, powerheads, pumps, etc, otherwise they're ok. In my experience, the best, hands down and by far, maintenance animal for hair algae is a plain old yellow tang. A good one will tear chunks right off the rock in one bite the size that any common mollusc predator will eat in a day. They can still only do so much tho, so getting to the source of the nutrient is necessary for most situations
  2. Looking great! The orange PVC is sweet
  3. Different kind of carbon, but worth changing/cleaning if it's been a while. Those other are a food source for bacteria (organic carbon). Active carbon is not
  4. Are you using carbon (bio-pellets, vodka, vinegar)? Too much can cause excess bacteria growth which presents as pink slime
  5. I recognize a couple of those. Looks like they found a good home. Nice meeting ya! Andy
  6. I'd rather have dirty glass to clean when I get back than stressed coral from the light changes. If she doesn't usually feed, consider measuring out daily rations for her. A common problem in these scenarios is overfeeding by someone who doesn't know any better.
  7. Pretty awesome, but also really simple.. I like it but think it'd get boring quick.
  8. Dr.Fraggenstien

    SPS ID

    If it came from me, it probably has a name. Just don't recognize it yet.
  9. Is your salinity where it should be? If you are adding more fresh top off recently, make sure it's really evaporation and not a leak. If the salinity is dropping the alk will likely be lower as well.
  10. One of the biggest problems I see people having with their chemistry is balance. The levels of the big 3 (alk, ca, and mg) are all dependent on each other and need to be in balance. In other words, dosing carbonate will not only change alk, but will affect ca and mg. The take away here, is it is important to always dose equal amounts of two part. These are formulated to replace exactly what the corals are consuming, and the ratio that corals consume alk/ca is consistent, meaning it does not change tank to tank or coral to coral. If indeed a drop in alk is consumption by the coral, then they have consumed an equivalent proportion of ca as well. Alot of people will dose each part differently to try to acquire the "perfect" parameter. Instead of doing so, they throw their tank chemistry out of whack and struggle to keep things where they should be. As such, I only test alk and dose equal amounts of two part accordingly to keep the alk stable. The ca will fall in line. Every two months or so, I check the mag, but that is almost always replenished and stable due to water changes.
  11. Welcome aboard! Nice looking tank!
  12. Yes ma'am, about half of it. The other side is just as full hmu sometime and come have a look!
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