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  1. Didn't know there was one. What am I missing?
  2. I'm going to be in Cincinnati this afternoon/evening. If any of you southerners are interested in anything, let me know by noon or so
  3. Yes, basically running pumps on timers. I like the BRS 1.1 mL dosers. And yes, plastic jugs, just got to make sure you have a seal on the tubing all the way down into the liquid.
  4. Good call. Any time we add fresh real estate to our systems, algae will be the first to colonize. This certainly plays into it, but I think there are other issues that cause one system to have algae over another. I've seen this with systems with no plastic - one tank grow algae, others don't. Same system, same water, same lights.
  5. This is what I do for anything but sea stars. Those I usually drip.
  6. They usually come connected, but yeah, you'll have to open up the controller box and reconnect that to the board
  7. If you want them I do. Not necessarily at the moment though, many would need to be fragged and let heal a week or so.
  8. Oh yeah, it's pretty common. I don't know that I've every heard why, but for some reason they can act as an algae sink. I keep a small yellow tang in mine, and haven't had any algae problems since.
  9. I don't know of anyone who uses one on a reef tank
  10. They're playing on the "instant reef/have it now" desire, and yes, regular pruning will likely be required. There are not too many corals that will naturally coexist. They are constantly battling for territory, and if left unchecked, the dominant coral will dominate. This is the case for normal rockwork too, but generally the coral are spaced out further and have more time to grow before they overlap.
  11. Sorry guys, I found what I was looking for a while back. Got an 80g deep blue rimless. Still working on setting it up.
  12. I'd trade you some guaranteed 2019 coral frags..
  13. Purple skin and green polyps. Some of these I'll have to work on better pics
  14. Rmf the last dragon CB the thing Tyree Lime in the Sky Jf Fox Flame Walt Disney WWC Yellow tips AV99 Green Aspara Pacific Rim table Jf Solar flare
  15. I keep a yellow tang in every tank. Best algae eaters in the business! And as a bonus, they are gorgeous:)
  16. I can get to the casino in right at about an hour. As far as traveling or shipping, I'm usually willing to try to work it out as long as its reasonable. Just shoot me a pm and we'll go from there.
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