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  1. Trick

    My first anemone

    My lights are at max 30% blues and 20% whites for 5 hrs... ramp up and ramp down before and after
  2. Trick

    My first anemone

    Ok been away from home the last few days and came home to this. Seems like it’s inflated in the shady area. Normal or not? I’m leaning towards the not good.
  3. Trick

    My first anemone

    Thanks guys! Yes whenever I get something new in this hobby I’m always trying to cater to it and I don’t know when that has ever paid off for me!
  4. Trick

    My first anemone

    After 3 years of my tank being up and running I bought a anemone, it’s been 1 week and it seems pretty happy. All tank parameters are what they should be but it seems like one area of the nem won’t inflate its tentacles. Is this normal? I do have a pair of clowns that took to it right away, so I’m not feeding it anything. Let me know if I’m worrying too much or if I’m doing anything wrong. Thanks!
  5. Trick

    Sick fish?

    Ok, sounds good, I’ll try to round them up tonight.
  6. Trick

    Sick fish?

    ya I thought so, ok setting up a hospital tonight. I have 2 clowns, 1 pajama cardinal, 1 lemon peel angel, 1 red firefish goby. Any advice on medication?
  7. Trick

    Sick fish?

    So last night when my blues came on I noticed lil white pin sized dots all over my clown. These pics really exaggerate the spots so keep that in mind. I haven’t added and fish in the last month and every one is eating, swimming and not acting strange at all. Any help?
  8. I bet there is! Too busy today.... again
  9. I figured that you'd have one lol. That's a good thing tho. send me a pic of it I'd like to see
  10. Thanks! Just need to find someone with a bta
  11. Ok sounds good, any investigation I did led me to that answer, just wanted to check here too
  12. Just as the title says, how long? I have no problem waiting but I'd like to add a bta before I add much coral. My 46 gal tank has been running for about 3-4 months.
  13. You better be, I'm gonna need some coral pretty soon! Lol
  14. Looks like it will be nice!
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