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  1. My current live stock would not go with the tank however I do have several corals I could frag for you. I have a custom Bosnia reef scape by west mariculture that I could include along with a few filtration upgrades that I havent put in the tank yet that include a small skimmer and a new media basket that should make it possible to use the skimmer. The current one in the tank is too big to fit the skimmer. I also have the wave pump with controller I can't remember the brand and size rn. I can post pictures of everything if your interested in it. Located in Toledo, will be moving to Oregon soon tho.
  2. If you sell the live stock I'd be interested in the tank setup! And if your thinking about down sizing I have a 32gal bio cube I would be upgrading from. I could do the tank and some cash if you are interested in it.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us, tank looks great so far!
  4. If your not gonna use it, could you measure it? If its small enough I may buy it off you!
  5. Damn that sucks, what chamber did the media rack go in it looks smaller than the one I have?
  6. Every other day, I hate being skimmer less in my biocude the algae growth on the glass is so annoying!
  7. Very good write up on hitchhikers!!
  8. I'm skimmer less right now on my bio cube and hate it, the algae growth on the glass drives me insane!
  9. This looks great so far cant wait to see it full of life!
  10. Oh well guess it saves me some money
  11. I should be able to make it with my girlfriend and her daughter. We have a zoo and aquarium pass so we go quite often it's really nice and I'm definitely interested to see behind the secnes!
  12. Travis

    A few Palys

    These have put on quite a few new polyps if your still interested?
  13. Probably the best series ever made! And sundays episode was dope!!
  14. Travis

    Feather Duster Worm

    Lookin good!!
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