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  1. Sold the big chalice and added a few new pieces. And my toadstool is fragging itself! The scoly showing skeleton I got for free to try and save and it's doing great! The green I got for 25 was showing a little skeleton, doing great! The orange and the mini I traded for and are both doing great!
  2. A betta will do well in that tank, they actually have glow bettas now As for the glowing tank, my experience has been its best to keep them at odd numbers. I'm not sure how to identify male vs female I just always just to keeping an odd amount of each kind
  3. Gotta say the difference surprised me, took these with my phone. Glad it's water proof I stuck just the camera in the water for the top down pic. Can't wait to get a lense/filter for my phone so photos are even better but I'm pretty happy with this!
  4. Brains, torches and bounce mushrooms no particular ones and sadly I only have 1 so far haha
  5. If you need any freshwater equipment or decide you want to do live plants let me know! I have 6 planted tanks, 3 have shrimp colonies in them, we're also getting ready to breed our betas
  6. Everything is still available, if I remember right your in the toledo area. Shoot me a text and let me know when you want to meet up. 4197055706
  7. Added a yellow tang, pink goni, Neon green toadstool and a trachy yesterday
  8. They are more of a light purplish red, truthfully I think they are just normal shoots. I appreciate the input!
  9. Also if anyone who sees this knows if the blue spotted mushrooms are supermans or just regular spotted mushrooms. Thanks!
  10. RBT Anemones- $40-50 Purple and green Hammers- $25 single head, 2+ 20 each Purple and green Candycane-$20 single head, 2+ 15each Teal candycanes- $5 per head Green Monti- $10-15 a chunk Mint green zoas- $10 per 5poylp Armor of God's- $5 per polyp Mycedium Elephantotus- $20 frag $300 colony Blue spotted mushrooms- $10 Radioactive dragon eye zoas- $5 per couple polyp **Northwood Ohio**
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this!
  12. Here's some shots from today
  13. Thank you! The misses definitely wasn't happy with the clutter buy likes the way the new tank looks, so I'm forgiven for now lmao
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