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  1. Can you guys post a pic of your double drains, like do you make the backup smaller or taller or same? And then what did you do for your return to look good.
  2. Your funny haha unless your paying the 1k for it
  3. When you frag it I want a piece!!
  4. I looked at the mag drives, what size would you go with? Any particular reason with using both ad drains? This is my first time actually plumbing instead of using what they already had setup
  5. I'm going to have a 75gal tank lps dominated some soft and a few sps, plumbing is 1" and the sump is a trigger 26 sapphire. I want to stay under $200
  6. Travis

    Return pump

    It's about 5.5ft from pump to tank
  7. Travis

    Return pump

    + or - 200 would be fine
  8. Travis

    Return pump

    Somewhere around 1000 I think
  9. Travis

    Return pump

    Looking for a return pump for my new 75gal build, it has to fit in 5"×12.5"
  10. I'd love to get some of these from you as soon as I'm out of quarantine!!
  11. You could say that I'm somewhat in the dog house with the new build going on, especially since I haven't sold the old tank yet.
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