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  1. Probably the best series ever made! And sundays episode was dope!!
  2. Travis

    Feather Duster Worm

    Lookin good!!
  3. Travis

    Feather Duster Worm

    Awesome! Glad to hear this!!
  4. Travis

    A few Palys

    Ya I still have them if you'd like them just text me 5673567038 I'm in Toledo.
  5. Travis


  6. Welcome, glad that you joined!!
  7. Thanks guys! I love them, in the store they weren't showing the blue highlights as much. Haha I wish!!! They weren't bad priced tho I got them for $100.
  8. I picked up pair of clowns today from the fish doctors!
  9. Featuring my new clowns, a pair of Premium Bullethole ocellaris clowns!
  10. Travis

    Feather Duster Worm

    In my old tank I had a coco worm that would shed its crown and regrow it every 4-6months. I've read this is really uncommon but i never had an issue with mine. Its actually the one in my profile pic!
  11. Travis

    BuK's dream tank

    This build is amazing! I love how everything matches so perfectly!
  12. What @Muttley000 said is correct. Most if not all treatments in a reef tank are bandaids. I'm sure the parasite is still alive in my system which is why I continue to dose my food in order to try and keep it under control.
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