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  1. Joe I'm a bit closer if you need someone to check on the new venue at any time I'd be willing to do it, that way you dont have to make several trips.
  2. I almost bought that wrasse Friday night! Good looking fish
  3. How much would you be asking per head? I may be interested in a few
  4. So today I lost my blue hippo tang today, he seemed perfectly healthy this morning but I'm wondering if he got curious about the new anemone I added to the tank a few days ago. The stomach was discolored and bulged slightly. Really upset I had this tang almost 3 years now.  Has anyone else had this issue before. I dont believe anything else in the tank could have caused the tangs death.

    1. crimsonvice


      Ugh sorry to hear this. I havent had anything like this happen. 

  5. Tank is looking great Bear! Love the setup!
  6. Awesome, sounds good! thank you so much!
  7. If you are coming on Sunday that would be perfect! My number is 5673567038, I'll be free most of the day just let me know where you'd want to meet! Thank you, I appreciate it!!!
  8. anyone near the Toledo 43619 area have some chaeto I could get??
  9. Sorry to hear your going through this, good luck with the sale! I wish you were closer! I'm sure things will sell fast!
  10. If your available this weekend I should be able to meet up either Friday or Saturday
  11. Little late, but I got the light hung on the new tank last night!
  12. Thank you! I'm so happy with her, and the new tank lmao!
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