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  1. Thank you! I've only read the first page so far but it looks like so much info!
  2. I cant wait to see this come together and hear how the equipment choice works! Im picking up one these tanks used on Friday. So the last week or so I've been trying to figure out what to do and what equipment I should look for.
  3. What are you going to run in the back of the tank?
  4. Glad you guys are ok! Falling with any size tank is scary! And as muttley said, I think you'll be ok just silicone the outside for astectics and safety and then id throw a little extra inside to just to be safe.
  5. Symbiotic relationships?
  6. when do you have to move it? And where do you have to take it from Cincinnati?
  7. very happy to hear you get to keep it setup! If you need any help in the future just let us know what we can do to help. Even if you just need someone to come over and help with maintenance because your too busy!
  8. I hope everything is OK, and i know it's been said before if you need any help or someone to hold onto a few things for you i can do that. I don't have much room but I could house the one of the two tangs and the wrasse. Plus any corals. I don't have room for anything else.
  9. I live in northwood, and would love to come check your tank out and get a few frags! I may have a couple zoas I can give you in trade!
  10. Great looking piece!
  11. My bad haha, been working overtime and watching the kids. Its kept me pretty busy.
  12. Travis

    Freshwater molly

    When I acclimated mine I did it over an 8hr period. I believe I started with 5 and only lost one. They are pretty resistant to the change. I just did a medium/fast drip acclimation in a 5 gallon bucket. I think I started with half a bucket of fresh and just let the salt drip in, dumping some out whenever it got close to the top. They actually bred in my tank several times with a fairly high survival rate of the babies
  13. I'm in Oregin/northwood area and actually need to do a water change soon anyways. Your more than welcome to as much water as you want
  14. I guess it's not for the faint of heart, it's all my mom and her boyfriend drink. Guess it rubbed off on me, but I still usually just pick something cheap!
  15. Are you able to post a pic of the leopard wrasses and the marble wrasse?
  16. Red dog if you can find it haha
  17. Then I'd definitely go with the 60, you wont regret the extra water volume!
  18. Travis

    24k torch

    When its grown out let me know this torch is definitely on the list of ones I want.
  19. I would either go with the 60 or keep looking for a longer tank. Only reason I say that is because With my 40breeder I have 3x the space my 32gal biocube had.
  20. Joe I'm a bit closer if you need someone to check on the new venue at any time I'd be willing to do it, that way you dont have to make several trips.
  21. I almost bought that wrasse Friday night! Good looking fish
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