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  1. Tank is looking great Bear! Love the setup!
  2. Awesome, sounds good! thank you so much!
  3. If you are coming on Sunday that would be perfect! My number is 5673567038, I'll be free most of the day just let me know where you'd want to meet! Thank you, I appreciate it!!!
  4. anyone near the Toledo 43619 area have some chaeto I could get??
  5. Sorry to hear your going through this, good luck with the sale! I wish you were closer! I'm sure things will sell fast!
  6. If your available this weekend I should be able to meet up either Friday or Saturday
  7. Little late, but I got the light hung on the new tank last night!
  8. Thank you! I'm so happy with her, and the new tank lmao!
  9. I plan on making a new build thread for it, I just need to take a few minutes to take some better pictures and make a list of the current equipment that I will be running. I'm not entirely sure how long it usually takes Dr. Tim's to cycle a tank and have it ready for fish and coral so I have a little bit of research to be done too.
  10. Well the time has come for this tank to be broke down, I will be listing it for sale along with the custom bonsai structure as soon as the new tank is fully cycled and I am able to transfer the live stock. I put water and dosed Dr. Tim's to help boost the cycle. the new tank is a 40gallon breeder with a 20gallon sump. In addition to the new tank, a new reefer joined my family Miss Sophia Lynn on 9/9/19 and I couldn't be happier!!!
  11. Welcome to the group!
  12. I used to have a few mollies in 90gal back in highschool, I only acclimated them over a 6hr period with a steady drip tube in the tank. I had 3 of 4 survive, and they ended up reducing and some of the young even survived.
  13. Travis

    Lps help

    I really hope so too, the torch I got from you is the last one alive. I'm really upset, I loved the way my torch garden looked! I really hope that I'm able to upgrade tanks within a couple months of moving, but it's going to be hard between work, school, and the baby coming early September.
  14. Travis

    Lps help

    So far I have 5 heads of torch floating around but still alive and 1 head of hammer. The rest of the hammers appear to look ok, however the last torch and the plate coral appear stressed.
  15. Travis

    Lps help

    I've already tried the series of water changes. Thinking about doing another round. I'm just worried about the corals because I will be moving next week and I'm not sure how they will handle the tank being moved.
  16. Travis

    Lps help

    I have several types of Lps all are not doing so hot. 1 torch, 2 hammers (20ish heads), 1 grafted favite, and a green plate. I've already lost 3 torches (heads detached and are still living in the back of the tank) and an acan. Everything was growing and opening up fine till about 2 weeks ago, I havent noticed a change in parameters. My soft corals are going crazy and the spa seem unaffected. Would anyone in the Toledo area be willing to give my remaining lps a new home until I get things situated or figured out what is wrong?
  17. My current live stock would not go with the tank however I do have several corals I could frag for you. I have a custom Bosnia reef scape by west mariculture that I could include along with a few filtration upgrades that I havent put in the tank yet that include a small skimmer and a new media basket that should make it possible to use the skimmer. The current one in the tank is too big to fit the skimmer. I also have the wave pump with controller I can't remember the brand and size rn. I can post pictures of everything if your interested in it. Located in Toledo, will be moving to Oregon soon tho.
  18. If you sell the live stock I'd be interested in the tank setup! And if your thinking about down sizing I have a 32gal bio cube I would be upgrading from. I could do the tank and some cash if you are interested in it.
  19. Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us, tank looks great so far!
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