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  1. Looking for some LEDs to replace a couple of lights over my 125. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
  2. I had an SB Reef light over the left third of my 125 and the blue channel took a shit. Looking for something (LED) to replace it. I've got halides and T5s over the other two thirds. Worst case, I've got three spare 400w halide fixtures so I could use one of those but I'd really like to keep experimenting with LEDs. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for putting on the event, it gets better every year. Due to work this year I wasn't able to get there until 4 but I was still able to pick up some great sticks! I know it takes a lot of work to put on an event like this so thanks again guys! Looking forward to the BuckeyeReef August Expo and Frag Swap! (Hint Hint)
  4. Yeah, I found one on eBay for $65 shipped. Looks like the best deal so far.
  5. Have an Apex JR and I want to screw around with some LEDs and DC pumps. So I'm looking for a VDM. Not gonna lie, price is a factor. LOL!
  6. Little blue cooler, Cleveland Browns hat, green jacket standing by the middle raffle table. Jeremy
  7. I could use a sandwich bag full, just started the Triton method. Fuge light came in yesterday, perfect timing!
  8. Does anyone have some interceptor I can buy? From my research it doesn't take that much to treat a tank so I figured if someone has bought a whole package they didn't use very much and would have some laying around that they want to get rid of. Thanks!
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    Why? You can't use your phone browser? I don't use Tapatalk so I'm curious why that's the only way you can access the forum.
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    4.2MB Sump cleaning day by the way. My 5 year old likes to do the cleaning! Lol!
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    I've never had a photo rejected. Chrome browser Android Pixel phone
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    This photo is 3.2MB
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