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  1. I also have a stock tank and a 40 breeder ... in st marys ohio
  2. RapidLED makes aretrofit kit for the coralife bio cube http://www.rapidled.com/non-dimmable-1/ can also get dimmable but more $$
  3. Don't need this LED light anymore since adding the T5's to my tank. It's not going to grow SPS, but for Zoas or a fish only tank, it would be fine. I mainly used it to supplement my other lights and for the blue LED's which worked good as moon lights. https://www.petsolutions.com/C/Aquarium-LED-Lighting/I/Marineland-Advanced-LED-Aquarium-Strip-Lights.aspx The one I have is the 48 - 60" size. Asking 50$, works fine
  4. Here is the tank with the LED's on and the T5's
  5. that is with just the T5's on. When the LED's are on in the front it has a much brighter look. overall in the evening I may just run the T5's so that its no so hard on the eyes. Time will tell how well they grow coral, but from what ive read it seems like t5 = stupid proof... so we shall see. I already will have a SHIT load of Zoas, and birdsnest frags for the spring swap. Might have some red and green monti as well and maybe even a few SPS frags.
  6. I like it a lot, so far i have just two actinic and two "power spectrum" fluval bulbs in it. It's all i could find at 7pm last week. I did order two coral plus and two purple plus from BRS and they should be arriving today. I suspect those bulbs will give the water more of the "windex" look that i like.
  7. I agree, seems like a pretty short photo period. I typically run my lights 12 hours... with about a 1-2 hour ramp up and ramp down. (with the LEDs) When I ran a MH it was on at 8am off at 7pm My new T5's are on at 8am off at 7pm.... they are about 8 inches off the water (6 bulb fixture)
  8. If you compare the picture above this post to this one you can see the growth in 6-8 months Here are some new shots too after adding more coral
  9. I moved some of the new monti's around ...
  10. 200 gallon deep dimension 48x36x27 l x w x h
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