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  1. Could you meet closer to Columbus area I would take him for sure
  2. Still have listed above but catching them will be fairly easy as I have removed all rock and willing to transport to public place
  3. Willing to make trades with cichlids and flowerhorn as well for items listed above or for mating pairs of cichlids
  4. I am in Columbus Ohio by osu downtown I have 5 ocellaris clown fish they are 25$ a pop at local stores at the cheapest I have one small misbar mixed in as well one has already established herself as female and they all do get along. I want to go in a different direction with the clowns they all have been stung by the bubble tip anemone and are starting to come around to the idea of hosting but with captive bred as we all now takes a while if at all to host the anemone. And visa versa.. They are all IN NO WAY related each one was obtained at separate times and are no older than a year old. I
  5. My urchin thinks he's a onion...he stole a piece of fake leaf from my plant His name is shrek...
  6. Hey I'm looking at reefs to go right now I'm sorry for not getting back to you guys sooner but I have been cleaning a 265 gallon and it's been tedious. I'm wanting to get a mandarin dragonette And copepods pack they are $9.99 right now on reefs 2go .com also they have a great reputation especially on the doa's. I'm a full time stay at a home parent so I can be home for a delivery if no one else can. Please check out the reefs 2 go site if you would like to jump on this order. Please get together so we can find a meeting place for the order pickup Thanks Tonya Again I am in Columbus by crew
  7. Hey wanting to hop in on like an order fr saltwater fish or reefs2go need to get a few cheap things orders are at 100 bucks for free ship let me know I am in Columbus ohio
  8. Hey all I got some things for sale or trade I'll add my number so you can call if you in the area I got 4 starfish ( 1 traditional chocolate chip 1 all white chocolate chip and 2 red and black chocolate chip 1 medium and one small). $5 da 1 2-3" purple psuedochromis $5 1 6-7" sergent major damsel $10 Or $30 for all Or willing to trade one item listed above for one item listed below. 1 false perculA clownfish 1 lemon peel angelfish Male and female mandarin dragonet pAir Zoanthid frag M&m Multicolor bubble tip anemone frag PonApe birds nest frag Cardinals Purple stylophorA frag Green styl
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