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  1. I thought it was a pretty good deal...should of seen some of the offers I was getting tho. Lol
  2. Edit...one eb8 sold Rest of system 325
  3. Neptune Apex Classic with orange label. Comes with brain, display, 2 eb8's, neptune auto feeder, good ph and temp probe and a variable speed cord to control up to 2 jebao wave makers. $450 Sylvania, Ohio
  4. Sold pending pick up next weekend.
  5. Sylvania near southview high school
  6. 180 gallon duel overflow tank stand and canopy, led lights, 40 gallon breeder sump, all filter media, return pump, two heaters, two jebao curculation pumps, sand, couple large pieces of driftwood, and all plumbing. Currently running herbie method. Tank is not perfect but in pretty good shape. $600 takes everything. Plug and play system here. Currently running fresh water but was set up for salt water. Can run either way. Note: lights are not reef lights and I already sold my skimmer.
  7. Who's in the market for a kick butt barely used skimmer. Been holding onto to this thing for awhile in hopes of starting something back up. I've moved on to overstock cichlid tank that I'm really loving so don't think I'll be needing it. Only used for a few months before shutting down when I moved. Asking $300 obo
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